SO @red-x-bacon and I have a small little thing going on with one of her characters where they are roommates in a F.O.E style Vault and here is the scenario! Koko can’t eat pizza because his body doesn’t like to digest anything that does not have blood in it…So Lilly decides to use her special cooking talent to treat him to the wonders of blood pizza!
#Best Roomies 2017
Also, I legit got a nosebleed from excitement of the drawing (she know’s this) and it was really weird but all in all, Thank you death for spoiling me way too much ashhhsnshsbva ;//u//;

Dear sofiagirl121,


What… Argh, Chie, what is wrong with you!? That wasn’t the move our leader asked you to do! C'mon, you can’t rely on your Main Persona all the time!!

Y-Yes, I can! This is a free country… Alternate Dimension… Whatever!!

Guys, I already told you, the enemy is weak to Fire!! Could somebody please stick to the plan already!? I think Fuuka-chan is going to cry over here!! We’re going to be the laughing stock of the Gekkoukan Group at this rate!!

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  • me: "so... will you do it?"
  • them: "i-i don't know..."
  • me: "DON'T BE A COWARD!"
  • them: "but this is dangerous...! it's a bad idea...!"
  • me: "don't be chicken! do it!"
  • them: "okay, okay!"
  • them: *proceeds to cry as they purchase an etrian odyssey game*
  • me: *a giant flame bursts into light behind me* "THE RITUAL IS COMPLETE. THE PACT IS SEALED!"

(More from the artbook ~here & here~)

Here some Full Moon Shadow concepts from the P3 artbook!

It seems they used some of the scrapped ideas for Persona Q  =3=

I guess this is all I’ll be posting for now… unless anyone has a request?