QuickTypes: Power Rangers (2017)


Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger: ISFP

Probably the most under-developed of all rangers character-wise. One thing is for sure is that she is a hardcore Fi. Very tough, independent and stern but when she finally opens up, she says she hates her family for not understanding who she is and forcing her to become something she’s not. Like 4 of the 5 rangers, she shows prominent Se as well.

Zack Taylor/Black Ranger: ESTP

Zack lives for action probably more than the rest of group, for one thing, immediately riding his zord against all restrictions (Se). He is a bit cocky and smart-mouthed (Ti). He is very close to his mother and acts as her sole caretaker, he openly professes her love for her to others (Fe).

Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger: ESFP

Yet another SP ranger, Kimberly also gets off on the excitement of her new found powers, grabbing Trini and throwing themselves off a cliff in sheer exhilaration. She commands her pterodactyl zord effortlessly. Like Jason and Trini, she internalizes her angst and pain (Fi).

Zordon: ESFJ

Zordon’s entire purpose is to find a new group to defend Earth, work their potential and rally them to defend Earth (Fe). He gets really impatient when they don’t abide by his protocol (Si) Zordon is still really affected by his past failure even if it was no less than 65+ millions years ago, he’s afraid of the same events repeating themselves. He constantly draws parallels between Jason and himself, being the former red ranger. When he thinks the new group of teens just don’t seem up to the task, he figures he should just go out and confront her himself against all odds (Ne/Inferior Ti).

Rita Repulsa: INTJ

Rita is obsessed with one thing: Gold. She gathers all the gold in Angel Grove with one goal in mind of summoning Goldar (Ni). She will destroy anyone in her way to accomplish this (Te) She is also known to be opportunistic, turning her back on the other rangers millions of years ago for her own benefit. She still harbors hatred and resentment towards Zordon to this day (Fi). She seems completely lost as she stumbles down the streets in the present day and prefers not to face the Rangers head on herself, rather leaving the dirty work to Goldar (Se). 

The Americans: Elizabeth Jennings [ENTJ]


(Minor spoilers.)

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Elizabeth unflinchingly follows orders from the center. She is a spy machine. She is almost always loyal to the cause and she executes her instructions perfectly. There is no margin for error as far as Elizabeth is concerned, and if there is she has a backup plan or two anyway. Plus, she never lets emotion get in the way of what she needs to do.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Elizabeth would not be such an effective spy if she didn’t have high intuition. She’s constantly scanning her environments for all sorts of information (Se), and uses her Ni to tell when she’s being followed, gets “feelings” about people and their intentions, and is able to discern when people are lying or telling the truth. She often needs to readjust in situations that go differently than planned and that means acting purely with her instinct–and if her instincts weren’t good she would get killed. However, she defers back to Te to decide what to do with the information that she gathers with her Ni. And usually, it goes back to following her original orders.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Elizabeth really likes people and enjoys having fun when she’s not taking life so seriously. She occasionally has friends who she genuinely enjoys. She absolutely loved Young Hee, and although she was told to betray Young Hee and her husband, she deeply misses spending time with them. She watches her from afar and wants to be her friend again, and have fun with her and her family. Her friendships with women who she spies on don’t feel forced; it seems to be a part of her job she really enjoys. (Until she’s forced to destroy those friendships for the “greater good.”)

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Elizabeth never lets her emotions get the better of her. It can be hard to gauge what exactly Elizabeth is feeling at times. She has pushed them way down and can be brutally cold. It benefits her to keep her emotions down when she’s killing people in cold blood on a regular basis. And unlike Philip, she doesn’t often question her moral code. Her beliefs about what they’re doing are pretty much set and she doesn’t really review them (until her character develops more in later seasons). She’s so set on what she’s doing that she even betrayed Philip to the center in season 1. They are here to do what they are here to do and that is all she wrote.


So we laugh about “it’s high noon” but listen. Matt Mercer voiced Shigure from Fire Emblem Fates, and I don’t think you guys realize how lovely his singing voice is and how well it fits Yusuke.

Akira is tortured every day.


She drew herself up with as much pride as she could muster. “I am an independent operator, scavanger of the metal lands, free of debt and beholden to no one. Least of all to a small-time trader named Plutt.

You are… you are…” The merchant tried to control himself. “You have nothing. You are nothing!

On the contrary,” she shot back, “I just told you who I am. As to what I have, that would be my freedom and my pride.