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merchant-of-aegis  asked:

Bucky, Peter Quill, Stange

Bucky as my trainer! He’d be pretty chill with training and not get mad if I made a mistake. Also, he wouldn’t be afraid to put customers in their place if they became impatient or rude. As someone who has had to train a number of employees, I can confidently say that is an important skill for a trainer to have. 

Dr. Strange as my lab partner. He’s knowledgeable and he clearly enjoys science if he became a doctor. He’d probably be a pain as a lab partner, but at least he’d get the job done. 

So that leaves me in the elevator with Peter Quill. Honestly, I had considered him for lab partner as well, but of the three, Peter really is the best to be stuck in a elevator with. He’d keep calm and have awesome music we could listen to. Plus, we could talk about movies and stuff. 

bellamy and clarke’s relationship is so emotional at this point and in my opinion they definitely need to ease some of that tension, if you know what i mean 

          ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) 

                                i think that the bed in the lab would be p e r f e c t for that


20170514_NikonFM2_Roll22 (31) by Josh Larsen
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He doesn’t know how long he’s been in the hospital, and he honestly doesn’t even know where he is. Half his skull was wrapped in gauze, a portion of his skull still removed to relieve any pressure on his brain. Blinking he heard the door opening, Harry slurred out. “T–time again f–for labs?” 

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Tony, T'Challa, Peter Parker?

Honestly, all three of them could be my lab partner, but alas, I must assign them each a different role. 

T’Challa as my McDonalds employee trainer. He’s smart and sassy, so he’d be fun to work with, but what makes him that best choice for trainer is that he is the most patient of the three. If there was something I didn’t understand, I would trust T’Challa to be able to explain it thoroughly to me (without any sass). 

Stuck in an elevator: Peter. Peter is a geek and I’m a geek. We could talk about geeky things for a while. 

So that makes Tony my lab partner. Honestly, I’m concerned about him ever letting me get a chance to participate/whether he’d actually show up to class, but at least he’d know what he was doing whenever he did show up, and on those days that he doesn’t show I’d get to work on any projects by myself. Both are preferable to what I had to go through with actual lab partners.