If you are looking to make a living in comics, I highly suggest you listen to this Tell Me Something I don’t Know podcast featuring Dustin Harbin. I’d wager that there are few people who know the business of comics from all sides better than Dustin. I’ve know Dustin for a few years, and before I started Out of Step Arts, I drove down to Charlotte to get his input about it to see if it was really something I should/could do. He was full of information and raised questions that I hadn’t really thought about. Ultimately, we agreed that there was a place for OOSA. I then asked him if he’d be interested in signing up and he declined. (PLOTZ!)

Anywhoo, Dustin imparts some of his wisdom on that podcast so you should really check it out.

The picture of him at SPX shows the table display that gets referenced during the show.

And since we’re talking about Dustin, I also posted a bonus piece that I asked him and Guy Davis to do years ago do since they were both winners of Sam Hiti’s Fist-a-cuffs art challenge.