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I just finished gekkan shoujo nozaki kun and I can't stop thinking about how it's a perfect ushiyachi crossover and about them sharing an umbrella on a rainy day and oh my goodness these children are too much for my heart to handle

THAT’S SO CUTE ???? (also potentially hilarious)

ngl i’d watch gekkan shoujo ushijima-kun


And lo, Butch Deloria learned something about himself that day.

Click each row for high-res! And @kuramineko-chan? I tried, I really tried!

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  • Fitzgerald: Who thinks I am pretty??
  • Akutagawa: I do.
  • Fitzgerald: !!!
  • Akutagawa: pretty PATHETIC

I swear that this wasn’t supposed to happen, that this was supposed to be a senpai frisk only au but @aworldofcrossovermuses made me weak because they mentioned yandere chara, so hello, this happened.

I’m calling this Underyandere, you all aren’t going to stop me. These drawings took me two days to make, and I still need to draw Drama Club Mettaton and other rivals that will attempt to claim frisk’s heart.

So the cast me and @aworldofcrossovermuses made… obviously Chara as Yandere-Chan, Frisk as Senpai, Asriel as Rival-chan, Toriel as the teacher, Sans….I’m not sure yet…, Papyrus cooking club leader, Undyne is the martial arts leader, Alphys as the science club leader??? There’s still more but meh this all I could remember for now.

I’m trash, bye.