All shall love her and despair.

Nacho? The modest one? You jest! Hahahaha~ These three posts were so sweet, thank you! (Being compared to Undyne is a great compliment!)

That would be Nacho!

(Ellipsis, I think they are flirting with you.)

THANK YOU! We’re really proud to have made it this far! Thank you for reading!

Isn’t it more fun that way?

I hope you liked the Jojo poses! I just finished sketching the wedding dress one (spoiler alert: it’s super cute).

Such a heartfelt compliment. Thank you so so so much! Keep drawing and practicing, you will get really good in no time!

We don’t have the time to manage a fan server, but I’m flattered you asked!

Tsunanon… doki doki….

You take Chara yourself too!


We should make Nacho draw Asriel more often.

Th-thank you…?

  • Lizzie: I've had a pretty serious week. I could sure stand to do something stupid.
  • Wickham: I'm something stupid.
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dreamskya submitted:

I’ve been re-looking at the latest page and here’s some stuff I thought of.

Firstly, as everyone knows, Recording #3 is the tape involving the buttercups. But we can’t forget the title!

“Autumn 2013, REWRITE" 

What could this possibly mean?

Here’s what I think. Autumn 2013, this could be the year in which the whole Chara-Asriel dying fiasco was set in. At least, in Caretaker universe. This could have been the “original” plan, and by that I mean the one that involved Recording #3.

But Rewrite? I have an idea but I have no idea if this makes sense. Bear with me on this one. Rewrite could possibly mean that whatever’s happened in this Caretaker AU, it’s not gonna be the same thing that happened in Undertale canon. A rewrite of the events that took place in tape #3 could be the possible events planned for this new chapter, and if this is true, we might be able to find out what the heck happened in the past to bring us to this odd play of events in the present. As the trusty mods have answered in the FAQ, this is not a swap AU. Meaning something’s gotta have happened to bring us to well, this. Ammirite guys?

But of course, I’m just inferring and speculating. We’ve all gotta wait till the next update to find out



                          a Drawing of the fresh king of hell. i kno it’s the same drawing twice, i just can’t stand how much tumblr ruins the quality of pics if u only post one. smh, @ tumblr…………. rebloggable, if u want. i d c ! kiss.