f. e. olds

  Like the s t a r s chase the sun, over the glowing hill I will conquer. Suddenly, I am overcome dissolving like the setting s u n, like a boat out into oblivion. Oh, THE QUEEN OF PEACE, she always does her best to please– but is it any use? somebody’s got to lose

Indie Alex Benedetto of the series GANGSTA. ♥

                                                                        Penned with love by, Merchant.

     Got a job that needs to be done? Call BENRIYA!


Welcome to cornet country… The trumpet’s lesser known sibling, the cornet was Louis Armstrong’s weapon of choice, and continues to be used in jazz, popular, and symphonic music. It’s also a popular instrument for newbie brass students.

The brass finish is an old ‘50s-era F. E. Olds cornet, made in Fullerton, California. The other is a late '70s Getzen 300. Both are excellent student cornets, and the valves and slides move properly on them.

$250 for either. The Getzen has more goodies with it, though.

[draws art for a dead fandom] mm :^)