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Happy 100th Birthday John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

“There’ll be great presidents again … but there will never be another Camelot.” - Jackie Kennedy 


charmed sistersprue x phoebe

“i can worry about my little sister, can’t i?”
“don’t ever stop.”

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trying to give nick ur love but bethesda is the biggest cockblock of the century

(Sort of a) Acorn Press Acrylic Charm Review

Yoooo~~~~ my acrylic charms came today during a snowstorm and I totally did not expect it XDDD I thought the storm was going to delay it for sure. Kudos to USPS delivery guy (stay warm and stay safe man). It really made my day ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here are the references for my Yuri on Ice and Overwatch characters charm set. I will be selling these at future cons and events. So check out my con schedule if you’re interested in purchasing them! I will probably sell them online for leftovers. I don’t have a store yet (as of 2/9/17) so check back on my tumblr or other social media (or you can message me) for updates!

Also, I find it super funny that overwatch and YOI characters came during a BLIZZARD, COLD and ICY day (no pun intended lol) 

They look super nice thanks to @acornpress ! I would highly recommend them if you are interested in selling acrylic charms for cons/online in the future. This is my first time ordering acrylic charms so take my words with a few grains of salt. Also I’ll be rambling all over the place and spamming run-ons so be aware :P

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charmed sisterspiper x phoebe

“we wanted a normal, happy family; that’s just human nature.”
“[phoebe] is my baby sister, and i let him destroy her.”

Charmed: Phoebe Halliwell [ESFP]

UNOFFICIAL RE-TYPING by hannah-elizabeth-j

Extroverted Sensing(Se): Phoebe is so focused on what is happening in the now. When she comes into the show she is the only one of the sisters who follows witch craft with no risks even crossing her mind. Why? Because it is fun, she can try new experiences and all of them are focused on the here and now. Her and Piper want to meet guys No problem, here is a spell they can try out that will give Phoebe a fun fling. She has a premonition of the lottery numbers? Great! Time to buy a ticket and then go shopping for a new dress then flirt with guys at the bar. It bugs her to no end that her power is not active and tangible because she can’t kick ass in the moment, but instead of looking into all of the different ways in which she could have an impact with magic what does she do? Martial arts. Quick and most impactful in the moment. She is very in tune with her environment and is more prone to think on her feet than plan before, it takes Prue and Piper even Paige to get her to do so. She can be very reckless and is prone to making bold moves in a way that none of her other sisters do something which often serves them well when in difficult situations. She likes to have proof in front of her before acting and it takes her a minute to trust her intuition.

Introverted Feeling(Fi): This is a very easy function to see in Phoebe especially since there is such a large focus on her love life in the show. When her Grams dies, she needs time to deal with her emotions alone so she moves to New York. Another reason she goes? Because she really wants to find her Dad even though Piper and especially Prue really didn’t want her to look. She didn’t care that they didn’t trust Cole, she knew him, she loved him and that was enough.  Her morality is so strong and totally her own, we see what could have been in the episode where Phoebe “gets killed” in a future for using her powers to punish a murderer. It didn’t go along with the morals of being a witch but since her Fi is so strong she was the sister most prone to breaking that to do what she thought was right.

Extroverted Thinking(Te): When Phoebe finds a career she  is passionate about her Te is very clear. She keeps to deadlines (unless there is a very serious witch problem), is effective and gets the job done. And when being a witch gets in the way of this, it really gets to her. She also has a massive Te door slam with Cole, despite her feelings, he had done too much wrong and once he was out, he was out. She has the ability to give advice that is really quite blunt. She gives the bottom line to people, more gently in “Ask Phoebe” but with her sisters she can be almost rude with it.

Introverted Intuition(Ni): When Phoebe comes into the show Prue complains she has no sense of future thinking and this is true. She has no idea what she is going to do with her life but it is not a high Ne problem of having lots of ideas and having a hard time settling on one, she just has no clue.  She is also BIG into the one solution thing, she wants an active power? She does one thing to solve it and only that until one day she can just…levitate. But it is very clearly seen in her premonition of her getting married to Dex and she just follows it completely, it surprises her sisters because it was a bit full on but she doesn’t question it even though she knows her premonitions don’t tell the whole story.

Note: This is a re-type from my previous submission. I have re-watched the show and have a better understanding of cognitive functions now and Phoebe just doesn’t use Ne…at all. You want to see real Ne look at Paige because comparing the two Phoebe is just way to grounded, she is idealistic yes, but ESFP’s can be and Phoebe doesn’t make the connection, live in a world of ideas or think outside the box as Paige does. She doesn’t spend a lot or really any time looking at what could be there as well as what is, she just wants to believe the best in the people she loves. Phoebe is a colourful personality who is fun and idealistic so gets typed by most people(including myself in the past) as an ENFP, but when re-watching I was surprised when I saw…or didn’t see any real Ne in her. 

a prequel to dirty daydreams!

It started with a charm.

A little ladybug charm, dangling from the corner of Adrien’s phone. The charm was a simple replica of her yo-yo and earrings, five black spots on either side, with a black band around the edges, smaller than a euro cent coin. The fastening and handles were a nondescript black, simple and functional.

Marinette had been dying to ask about it ever since Adrien had gotten it.

Did this mean Adrien was a fan of Ladybug? Marinette desperately wanted to know. Did he just like the color red? Was it given to him as a gift and he was just wearing it out of obligation? Was he wearing the charm in some great stand for justice against the red-haters of the world? Or maybe he’d been instructed to wear it as some sort of secret code that marked him as a chosen one when the time was right—

Marinette was going just a little bit crazy.

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