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You’re beautiful inside and out. You deserve to be happy, to find someone who loves you with every heart beat and breath. You do not deserve whatever is hurting you, so do not let yourself think negatively. You are human, so it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s not too late to reach for your dreams, even if you feel like you came to a halt: just brush it off and keep going. It’s fine if you’re tired or hurt; sometimes the pain will get to us. Just remember that you have someone who is thankful for you and someone who loves you, that you have someone who can’t wait to see you and smiles whenever he or she thinks of you. 



Click here to support Help Me Pay Rent and Move by Raelyn Estelle Kelly Tims
Hello, my name is Raelyn. I'm a queer, nonbinary girl who's just recently moved away from an abusive home. It's taken me a long time to get back on my feet, and even though I'm employed now, I'm still struggling to keep up, as I'm very behind on rent. When I first moved to Illinois, I was suppo...

Hello, my name is Raelyn. I’m a queer, nonbinary girl who’s just recently moved away from an abusive home. It’s taken me a long time to get back on my feet, and even though I’m employed now, I’m still struggling to keep up, as I’m very behind on rent.

When I first moved to Illinois, I was supposed to have a job set up to work with my roommate, but that never ended up going through, so I was unemployed for a few months, and unable to pay rent. As a result, I’m very behind, and I don’t think I’ll be able to pay it all off on my own with the amount of hours that I’m getting from my job at RGIS.

I’m making this to help out so that in April, when my lease ends, I can pay off rent, and find myself a cheap single apartment to live in so that I won’t struggle with paying rent anymore.

While I’m doing my best to pay it off, I just can’t afford to sink my whole check and still have enough to buy food for myself. I’m so fortunate to have esaped my abusers, and for that, I’m grateful, but I’m still having trouble getting on the right foot.

Any money donated will go straight towards rent, or feeding myself, in the event that I need to tide myself over a couple of days until I get my next paycheck.

My lease ends in April, but I’m not sure when. I’ll have a couple of weeks into May to find a new place to live, so at the moment, we’re looking at 12-14 weeks from 1/21. Any donation is vastly appreciated. You can donate here on my gofundme, or to my paypal at raeraetims@gmail.com

TLDR (too long, didnt read):
I need help to pay off my rent by the end of April. Donation information is right above.

So I think I need to upgrade information. There are enough fakes, so please be careful, I only have accounts on list below. I used two nicknames - dantelian/lavlien. 

w e i b o: weibo.com/dantelian666/
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Also I have FAQ post

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Confession Is Good For the Soul

Author: Anna Fugazzi | Word Count: 28,000 | Rating: M

Summary: Confession may be good for the soul, but Draco learns that it’s also hell on the nerves and libido. 

Review: The plot and setting is quite different and creative. Harry is a mediwizard and Draco is a healer in a remote village hospital. Though they get along well, Draco starts falling for Harry so doesn’t let himself get too close. But things change after Harry experiences an accident, resulting in Harry needing to be quarantined and Draco becoming his healer.

The way things played out in Harry and Dracos relationship is surprisingly natural and realistic feeling. I also loved how despite technically, the motivation behind them sharing intimate details about their life was in a forced situation, it didn’t feel like they were too put upon when speaking to each other, relaying the feeling of ‘being in love with a friend’ very well. Their feelings were very well written in this, and the originality of this fic was awesome.

Sequel: Cool Has Left The Building, Estranged

Content/Warnings: Caring/Nursing, Pining, UST

Mood Music: Stuck On You - New Politics

         * …whaddya call a comedian’s guilty pleasure ?

Kiss with a fist || England Dolly + Russian Owner@FB

“Frannie não sabia quanto tempo estava treinando. Seus braços doíam um pouco, mas a menina parecia extremamente energética e parar não era uma opção viável a seus olhos. Precisava tirar aquela raiva de dentro de seu corpo. Era difícil, ela tinha muita raiva acumulada, porém a cada vez que batia no boneco de treinamento parecia que tudo se aliviava. O som da porta lhe fez largar o que estava fazendo e olhar quem lhe interrompia. - Viktor! - Um sorriso apareceu no rosto da menina, mas logo desapareceu ao perceber o semblante de Viktor, seus olhos continuavam fixos aos dele, porém seus passos foram lhe guiando para o tatame. - Quer treinar? Conversar? - Deu de ombros sem saber direito o que fazer na situação, faziam semanas que Viktor só falava com ela se extremamente necessário e nestas ocasiões as palavras eram diretas e escassas. Frannie não sabia o que havia feito, mas também não deixava transparecer o incomodo, apenas continua com seus joguinhos usando o menino da forma que entendia. Afinal, Viktor não precisava falar com ela para lhe dar o que queria.”      

Count Vidian - p l u c k   t h e   m o o n   o u t   f r o m   t h e   s k y

I could talk about Star Wars: A New Dawn all day.

By the end of the book, I’d already grown super fond of everyone in it, this guy included. He’s a perfect cheesy parody of an evil manager, a little bit violently disturbing and surprisingly made me honestly, legitimately scared for the secondary protagonists. I do value that in a villain. He also somehow manages to be entertaining and full of character. Plus he’s got a backstory that briefly touches upon some pretty hard themes about dehumanisation in sickness and disability in a way that, to me at least, left a strong impact.

I love Vidian a lot.

     the male smirked at the others words about never doing drugs, letting the SMOKE from his newly rolled joint  s p i l l  from his lips. the two were on his tour bus after a SHOW one night —- he never really  l i k e d  having anybody on there with him, but, this was  d i f f e r e n t.  he gave himself a MINUTE to think of the right words to say,  w i s h i n g  that he could be ENCOURAGING to them instead of the bad influence he always ended up being. which was why, he mentally  k i c k e d  himself when he DIDN’T say that’s good, keep it that way. and instead, said,   ❛   — you wanna try ?   

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Name: Hannah 

Nickname: Han, Hannie, H

Star Sign: Leo

Gender: Female

Height: 5′6

Favorite Colours: Green 

Time Right Now: 10:08 pm

Average Hours of Sleep: Around 8 but it depends 

Lucky Numbers: 13 and 7

Last Thing I Googled: long distance relationships 

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: two 

Favourite Fictional Characters: Frankenstein’s monster, pretty much any Stephen King character, Hermione Granger, Padme Amidala, Princess Leia 

Favourite Books: The Phantom Tollbooth, The Green Mile series, One Hundred Years of Solitude, anything by Maya Angelou, Hoot, anything by Chaim Potok 

Dream Job: Nonprofit Fashion Designer 

What Am I Wearing Right Now: Pajama pants and a sweatshirt 

When Did You Create Your Blog: I’m too lazy to figure it out 

Current Amount of Followers: 427

What Do You Post About: Things that I like to look at and things I think are important for other people to see and know about 

Do You Have Other Blogs: nope 

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: Definitely last year 

Who Is Your Most Active Follower: according to tumblr it’s @xweia

What Made You Decide To Get A Tumblr: I don’t remember

Do You Get Asks On A Daily Basis: Never :(

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I haven’t changed my URL in a while because I love that I chose what I chose. I chose it because I am a vegetarian and my uncle used to call me a veggiesaurus and I wanted to use something along those lines because it represents me so well 

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1.  Instant Crush - Daft Punk  /  2.  See You Again - Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth  /  3.  Hello - Chase Holfelder  /  4.  Say Something - Tanner Patrick  /  5.  Love the Way You Lie ( P2 ) - Rihanna, Eminem  /  6.  Animal - Chase Holfelder  /  7.  POV - McFly  /  8.  Amnesia - Tanner Patrick  /  9.  Just Give Me a Reason - P!NK, Nate Ruess  /  10.  When We Were Young - Tanner Patrick  /  11.  E.T. - Katy Perry  /  12.  Poison - Alice Cooper