H E Y                            g u  y s       a n y   o n  e     kn o  w                               w  h y    t h  e   f u c  k     m  y          k e      y   b o   a r d        i  s                d o  i n  g    t h i  s     ?      t h   a nk  s                                               

dear girls,

this is all of you. the feminine girls who wear dresses, the punk girls who wear leather, the tomboys with their baggy jeans, the girls who dress like it’s another decade because they like that style, and the girls who are just “normal”. the girls life is easy on, the girls that had to fight, the girls that are still fighting. the girls that read books, the girls that tackle others on the football field, the girls that are incredibly smart and the girls who show nothing but kindness. the girls that love boys, the girls that love girls, the girls that love both and more. the girls that people say aren’t girls.

i love you so much. all of you. you are beautiful- even if you don’t think you are. please don’t tear yourself down. others already do that too much. you might not be the smartest, the prettiest, the most liked, but nobody can be all of that. what a boring world that would be.

you might not love yourself, love your body, but I do.

dear girls, i hope you all have a lovely day and that you smile at least once. it looks great on you.

v (a fellow girl)

another piece of chocolate won’t kill you

@thehylianpotmurderer replied to your post “Yuri on ice dub is actually really good! English Yuri is perfection…”

i’m laughing so hard when i read this i was like “oh josh grelle’s voice would fit him” AND JOSH GRELLE IS ACTUALLY YURI’S VOICE ACTOR (that means armin and yuri have the same english va omg)—-

RIGHT?! And he does a  P E R F E C T  job of it too! He’s really great as Armin too but the directing in Yuri is a lot better so far (my only real complaint in general is Viktor’s actor is a little too gruff, it’s too easy to see through his facades, but that may be the point, they actually emphasize the fact that he’s getting old better than the original does lol)

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But anyway yeah I thought the same and the second I heard it while watching I was like YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

P L A T H  A C A D E M Y

We lie beneath the STARS at night
Our HANDS gripping each other tight
You keep my SECRETS hope to die
PROMISES swear them to the sky

F O R  T R O U B L E D  T E E N S

Plath Academy is a brand new original character roleplay revolving around a boarding school for teen struggling with emotional or behavioral problems. We encourage multiple characters and highly rely on connections, events and character development!


  • More wood for their fires, loud neighbours
      Flashlight reveries caught in the headlights of a truck
      Eating seeds as a pastime activity
      The toxicity of our city, of our city ”

anonymous asked:

how surprise you be if you found out your mother used to dress you up in dresses when you where an kid since she wanted an daughter?

                  ( ✡ ) — Gyrates around DRAMATICALLY, flipping locks of a spiked
                   ebony in the p r o c e s s as glimmers of an illuminous shine radiate
                   from his body, glaring their dazzling shine into deepest corners of
                   raven hues as lips of the s o f t e s t texture came to part. 

                  ❝ Either way I’m gorgeous, so It doesn’t really matter, don’t you think


A:ย Gรถzlerinย รงok gรผzel

B:ย harikasฤฑn be

C:ย BloฤŸun bir harika dostum

ร‡:ย Kokunu iรงime รงekmek isterdim

D:ย Seni yiyebilirim

E:ย Sana birazdan mesaj atฤฑcamย 

F:ย BloฤŸun รงok kรถtรผย 

G:ย Seni gรถrmek istiyorum

ฤž:ย Bence รถpรผลŸelim

H:ย ร‡ok iyi bir insansฤฑn

I:ย Egoist birisinย 

ฤฐ:ย Sana aลŸฤฑฤŸฤฑm

J:ย Seni seviyorum

K:ย BloฤŸun tam benlik

L:ย Seni hergece รถpebilirimย 

ย  ย  ย SORULAR ?

M:ย Kitap okumayฤฑ severmisin ?

N:ย En รงok gitmek istediฤŸin ลŸehir ?

O:ย KonuลŸabilirmiyiz ?

ร–:ย SevdiฤŸin biri var mฤฑ ?

P:ย Seks yaptฤฑn mฤฑ ?

R:ย Boyun kaรง ?

S:ย YaลŸ kaรง ?

ลž:ย Favori ลŸarkฤฑn ?

T:ย En son ne zaman aฤŸladฤฑn ?

U:ย Hangi takฤฑmlฤฑsฤฑn ?

รœ:ย Sarฤฑlabilirmiyiz ?

V:ย En รงok yaptฤฑฤŸฤฑn spor ?

W:ย HoลŸlandฤฑฤŸฤฑn biri varmฤฑ ?

X:ย Hiรง biriyle yattฤฑn mฤฑ ?

Y:ย Gennelikle saat kaรงta uyursun ?

Z:ย Kaรง sennedir kullanฤฑyorsun tumblr ?

marina and diamonds albums according to tumblr

The Family Jewels: never happened
Electra Heart: ♡  I    K N O W     S I X    O F    T H E S E     S O N G S     ♡    I     W I L L    Q U O T E   T H E    S A M E    T H R E E     L Y R I C S    O N     P I C T U R E S    O F     H O U S E S   ♡      I     W I L L     N O T    S T O P    U N T I L    I ’ V E     D O N E     A L L   T H E     H O U S E S    ♡   T H A T   I S   A   L O T   O F    F U C K I N G    H O U S E S    ♡

FROOT: never happened

First I descended back into Vlad hell, and now we also in dating sim hell.,, Where next??

I absolutely blame @ghost-chicky and @promsien for the sudden inspiration outburst. Have this mock unlockable character art. @handern and @jidashia bless u for encouraging my sinning,

Counterpart here (x) / dual (x)


Mulan fan art finally done! I really love this movie, it’s my most favorite! A courageous girl who pretended to be a boy to save his father and saved the country! 

My first batch of Disney Princess series is done, next theme will be the princess are looking away instead of looking at the viewer. ❤️

I’ll draw Rapunzel, Tiana/Merida and Belle next 💖

P A I G E E  |  D E V I A N T A R T |  P A T R E O N  |  S T O R E  |  F A C E B O O K  |  I N S T A G R A M  |  Y O U T U B E |  T W I T T E R