Piano concerto N°2 in F major Op.102 - II. Andante
Paavo Berglund, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Cristina Ortiz
Piano concerto N°2 in F major Op.102 - II. Andante

Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (1905-1975).

Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in F major, Op. 102, was composed in 1957 for his son Maxim’s 19th birthday. Maxim premiered the piece during his graduation at the Moscow Conservatory. It is an uncharacteristically cheerful piece, much more so than most of Shostakovich’s works.

This concerto is sometimes dismissed as one of the composer’s less important works, especially in comparison to some of the symphonies and string quartets. In a letter to Edison Denisov in mid-February 1957, barely a week after he had finished work on it, the composer himself wrote that the work had “no redeeming artistic merits”. It is suggested that the comment was actually meant to be tongue-in-cheek. 

Despite the apparent simplistic nature of this concerto, the public has always regarded it warmly, and it stands as one of Shostakovich’s most popular pieces.

Best Thing I Ever Bought

Hey everyone!! How about some more Dean fluff??

Warnings: mild nudity, but no SMUT

Word Count: Around 570

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Ok. This was it. Undoubtedly, this was absolutely the best thing you’d ever spent your hard earned, fake credit card limit on. The boys were out on a hunt a few states over, you staying home with a pulled back muscle. You’d decided to take advantage of your solidarity and pulled the trigger without so much as mentioning it to the Winchesters. As Dean constantly reminded you, this was your bunker too. You’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission anyways. But, come on, you were pretty sure he was going to love it. Sam too.

It had been installed and set up yesterday and you were just now getting ready to try it out for the first time. You stripped down in your room, wrapping yourself in a fluffy white robe, also a new purchase, and headed down the hall nearly bouncing with excitement.

You opened the door, the sound of the electrical pumps causing an eager shiver to run down your spine. You untied your robe, stepping out of the soft fabric and hanging it on one of the hooks you’d mounted on the wall for just this purpose. The tingle of the slightly cool air on your naked skin felt incredible, your nipples hardening at their exposure. You were so incredibly ready for this.

After struggling with the buckles momentarily, you were able to get the cover off. Goosebumps covered your bare skin as you climbed the two steps to the edge, the moment of truth finally here.

You let out a sinful moan as you slid in, groaning in contentment as you sank all the way down, up to your neck in the perfectly steamy water. You closed your eyes, relaxing against the headrest, finally getting to enjoy your brand new hot tub.

You’d been to heaven. This was better.

When your muscles were sufficiently loose, you floated over to the control panel to check it out. The temperature was hovering around 102°F and you fiddled with the settings, turning the heat up a couple degrees. The LED lights and Bluetooth speakers were pretty badass. You’d have to connect your phone and play music next time you got in, but you hadn’t even thought about it in your haste to test out your new purchase. You found a jet setting that massaged your back in just the right spot and settled in, getting comfy.

You left the ceiling vent fan off, steaming up the room, letting the warmth numb your mind and your body, thoroughly enjoying your new purchase.

“Babe??” a confounded voice from the doorway questioned. You moved over to the side closest to the door, your bare breasts resting against the acrylic edge.

“In here, honey,” you replied to the shadowy figure as he stepped into the room.

“What in the hell… what is this sweetheart?” Dean asked, examining your remodel as he approached you.

“What does it look like?” you teased smugly, a grin plastered on your face.

Your boyfriend leaned down to kiss you briefly. “A hot tub? Really?” he raised his eyebrows at you.

“Trust me, it’s totally worth it,” you dropped a sweet kiss on his cheek before pushing backwards away from the side.

“Y/N… are you naked??” Dean inquired, voice low with lust, trying to get a good look at you through the steam and jet bubbles.

You giggled, ignoring his question before purring, “You gonna stand there all day, Winchester, or are you gonna come get in?”


Smutty part 2 here

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forehead kisses are the best medicine

yoonjin | sick fic | pg | fluff | 1,538 words

Despite Yoongi’s various adamant protests, Jin knew when his boyfriend was getting sick. Other than the obvious coughs and sniffles he heard coming from the other male, there were a few other less obvious signs.

His already lethargic roommate began sleeping more. Whether it be in their room, on the couch, or even at the kitchen table, it became harder to find Yoongi conscious in the dorm. He also started coming back from the studio earlier. Instead of 6 or 7 am he would come back around 4 or 5 am and sleep like the dead until lunch time or maybe even miss lunch claiming he had no appetite. That was another thing. Yoongi already missed meals because he was too focused on what he was doing, but now when he did eat it became a smaller and smaller amount. Jin knew for sure he was getting sick, when one night Yoongi opted out of going to the studio all together because he fell asleep right after dinner and didn’t get up to go to the studio with Namjoon that evening.

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anonymous asked:

hi, how are u? so i saw your answer to the question about your sidebar icon on my timeline and, curious as i am, i came here to see it and i absolutely loved it! could you please make a tutorial of how to make this icon? i suck with texturized/brushed graphic stuff (mostly with textures, when i apply them, they ALWAYS change the background color tone), thank you very much! ❤️

hi, I’m good thank you, how are you? This icon is kind of an anomaly because I was just messing about when I made it but I’ll give you a run through of how I did it anyway!

A. Base colouring.
B. Removing the background.
C. Colouring and removing gaps around the cut out (colour fill layers).
D. Creating the fade out/splatter effect.
D. Textures and gradient fills.
E. Final colouring and sharpening.
G. How to use textures without having them change the background colour!

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Timothy “Mickey Mouse Man” Hughes:

      Saturday, July 23, 2016. It’s a hot day in Midtown Sacramento; a high of about 102° F. This was my first experience of this historic neighborhood that was so close to Downtown Sacramento. Luckily enough, I was accompanied by an amazing friend of mine that had grown up around the area and was planning on showing our friend and me around. We strolled around the district while passing by Victorian styled houses and charming small businesses. Even when we stopped to have lunch and cool down, there was unique art all over the quaint restaurant. The entire time I was in Midtown, I was captivated by the aesthetics of the alluring neighborhood.

      Though the art scene was intriguing and the urban nature had a comforting feel to it, neither of these are my most treasure memory from my time visiting. What really impacted me was my meeting with a homeless man named Timothy Hughes (shown above).

     My friends and I were walking around and got enticed by the graffiti art on many buildings and a few abandoned warehouses. After viewing the inside of a particular warehouse, we exited and were stopped by a homeless man that the locals know as the “Mickey Mouse Man” due to the stuffed Mickey Mouse doll he carries with him in his backpack. The man introduced himself as Timothy Hughes, and said he was amazed that kids our age could see graffiti more than just vandalism. He then told us about a spot where there was extremely detailed graffiti because he thought we would appreciate its beauty. I immediately felt a very kind vibe from this man. We said thank you and began to part ways when he stopped us again, this time to tell us his story. 

     Hughes had made his own path and started his own business, but it eventually went bankrupt. He had a high school diploma and further education (I’m not completely sure of the exacts so I won’t say), but ended up on the streets nonetheless. Despite the fact that he now was on the streets, Hughes had not resorted to drugs. He admitted to us that he was an alcoholic, as it runs in his family, but that he had been clean for 14 years. This shows a tremendous amount of strength. 

     When my friends and I met Hughes, he had not had any labor in 4 days. This could mean a couple days without necessities such as food ad water. The fact that the United States produces enough food to feed 10 billion people, yet about one-sixth of the country face hunger. That would mean that in 2014 around 53 million people were at risk of going hungry. To add to that, in January of 2015 there were 564,708 homeless people and there are 124.6 million households currently in American. These are issues that we need to shed light upon and spread awareness for. These are problems that we need to think about when it comes to fixing the economy. Focus on keeping your citizens alive and healthy, not on pointless aircraft and missiles that we won’t ever use. 

I know I still have some asks to address, and I do have answers lined up, but I’ve been feeling a bit meh. Works’s been stressful, and it’s been hot for the last couple days (it’s 102 F right now! I didn’t move to the Pacific Northwest for this!)

I was farming Expert Golem for dev armors today… between Golem summons and mech boss summons, I opened like 65 bags today and no dev armor. Come on.

Anyway, all the power cell farming made me feel like drawing my take on a Temple Lihzahrd.

Heat Spell

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 7,375
Summary: In the midst of an intense summer in Sahara Square, Judy and Nick are both college students working as lifeguards at a local pool club. One-Shot.[AO3]

[A/N]: This was just a fun little one-shot I wrote to take a break from Something That Finds You. Very fluffy, very casual – hopefully it isn’t as scattered as I feel it is. Once again, many thanks to everyone who reads this, and any of my other works! Happy Summer!

Her feet burned against the asphalt of the parking lot as she hurried into work, the ends of her fur practically singeing in the heat. No one had arrived yet, other than the other employees, but the club opened in less than 10 minutes, which was cutting it far too close for Judy. She whipped her keycard out of her tote bag as she entered the lobby of the main building, grateful for the brief welcome of an air conditioner.

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Ken Block’s Terrakhana: The Ultimate Dirt Playground

At 4,300ft of elevation with an ambient temperature of 102° F, it took complete protection and top engine performance to push Ken Block’s 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 to the limit in Swing Arm City, UT.