On Sunday KSMT (Kishimoto) took my photo with a Deardorff 5x7! This was such a cool experience, especially since I minored in photography at university. I got really excited when I saw him in the street, so I was really flattered when he wanted to take my photo!  

Camera: Deardorff 5x7
Film: Shanghai Seagull 100 5x7
Carl Zeiss Jena No 57693 Planar 1:4 F=205mm D.R.P. 92313 Serie Ia, No 12 (1902)


near black diamond / alberta / i.m. ruzz

this fuji x-t1 combined with my takumar 85mm f/1.8 is just a deadly combo for landscapes. 

I feel like i’m finally capturing the scale and size of some of these spaces. 

I’m also buried in photos. I haven’t even got through my mountain trip shots and I’m onto my southern trip shots. 

summer. oh sweet sweet summer.   

  • nerd:these pictures were taken with my 1979 nikon slr with fujifilm 800 speed f/12 1/1000 second exposure
  • me:nobody asked
Porque todo o que é nascido de Deus vence o mundo; e esta é a vitória que vence o mundo, a nossa fé.
—  1 João 5:4

Invisible Craftsman

Featuring a bit more of the gorgeous rock formations found on the edge The Roaches. This was a second attempt at the composition; I was about to walk away after grabbing my first attempt but then the sun burst through the clouds and illuminated the gritstone formations I were shooting, so I quickly nabbed another exposure!

The Roaches, Peak District, Staffordshire, England.

ISO100, f/8, 130sec at 16mm (full-frame equiv.) using a soft 2-stop ND Grad filter and circular polariser on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 using a Nikon D7000. This is another case of Getting It Right In The Camera as the processing was literally three clicks of the mouse in Rawtherapee. =)

I have some free video tutorials that you should look at!

Full-res versions of the photo for personal PC/mobile wallpaper use, as well as enquiries for prints, are available by request, just ask me.