I’m not a Krystal fan, but I can feel people bitterness in this fandom. The girl hasn’t promoted a lot this year and here are this f(x)’s fans who always seem to want her to disappear because she has more lines or is in the center. I’m just saying that she is talented and people are jealous that she gets everything she gets. And by the way, getting work in magazines and CF is because people love her talents as model. ;) (anon)

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Pizza Doodles
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written by DLanaDHZ and read by JessicaMDawn Reads (JessicaMDawn)

rating: G
category: M/M, F/M
pairing(s): Merthur, GwenxLancelot
length: 00:07:51


“It would be funny, she said, if they put something weird in the ‘additional instructions’ section.” Merlin’s accidental relationship with a stranger working at the pizzeria.


This was so funny! I especially liked the girls’ voices, and JessicaMDawn reads with such sass.

I hope with new comeback Victoria’ll get more lines or screentime. She’s the leader yet she always had the least lines in honestly every song. I know that she’s a dancer, so at least SM should put her at the center of the dance. (anon)

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[150902] [V] INFINITE ? SHOW #1 - INFINITE F

cr: HelloFlora

I know that Amber loves the tomboyish look and image, and I love her like that. But really, imho she’s just too gorgeous to only dress up like that. It’s none of my business I know but man, I wish she’d occasionally dress up more feminine. Bc I know she’d slay! (anon)

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