f*cking young!

me: *manages to survive the spontaneous release of Young Forever*

me: whew now that all surprises are out of the wa-

BigHit: throws out concept photos out of thin fucking air 

me: *eye twitches*

No smokes for you!

So in the convenience store I work in, I am only allowed to sell cigarettes to anyone 19 and older. And of course I need to check ID now and then. So one time this 25 year old looking guy comes in and asks for some smokes. Obviously I ID him.

Now for some reason, too many people take that as an insult. At least twice every shift a customer would either sigh really loud or actually tell me off and complain that they’re 24 or something. (P.s. I look young so one of their most used lines is “hehe can I see your ID? Or "whatever you aren’t even 19.”)

So one time “dick” comes in and goes

“Give me a pack of (name of smokes)”

“Can I see your ID?”

“Are you kidding me??”

“Uh, no”

“Stupid kids these days, how bout showing me YOUR id huh?” He says while grudgingly pulling his ID out.

I take the ID and check his age which is old enough, but I’m angry now. Like how hard is it too take a plastic card out of your wallet? So I go, “why do you want to see my ID?” ( Some people don’t know that minors are allowed to SELL smokes but not BUY smokes.)

Dick goes “cause you’re too f*cking young to sell the smokes.”

Usually I would say “actually..” and inform them of the rules.

But this time I said “you know what? You’re right. I shouldn’t be selling smokes to you. Have a nice day!’

I know this isn’t some huge revenge but I felt satisfaction in knowing this guy had to out his wallet back in, get in his car and go find a another store in town that sells his smokes.

TDLR: Guy wanted to buy smokes but was being rude, got mad that I checked his ID and so complained that he thought I wasn’t old enough to sell smokes. So I didn’t sell them instead of telling him I could.

Edit: ok so 1) where I live I am allowed to sell smokes at my age 2) the guy didn’t just walk away all pleasantly, he said some more things, I just ignored, so to the people saying this didn’t happen because no one would just leave, I just didn’t add all the details to the story, I thought just the back story and the revenge part would be enough

You Get Caught - Ethan

“y/n your to f**cking young to be having sex with someone!” My dad yelled at me. “You were also when you got mom pregnant!” I yelled. “That was because we loved each other! Plus we made love with each other! We didn’t fuck like you guys did!” he yelled


I moaned loudly as Ethan banged against me with his d**k. He laid kisses down on my body. He kissed my lips licking the bottom of my lip asking for an entrance. I allowed him him as he explored my mouth. I moaned against his lips digging my nails into his back.

“Ethan!” I moaned loudly. “Moan my name louder.” He said with his sexy voice. I moaned his name even louder. He smirked kissed my nipple. He came in me without a warning as i did with him. He pulled out of me and kissed me before going back inside of me.

He caused me to moan loud as i heard a loud knock on my door. “S**t” I murmured. “I thought you said no one was home?!” Ethan asked. “I did!” I yelled getting up putting a rob on and throwing Ethan his clothes pushing him in the bathroom. I heard another loud knock. I answered the door being my dad.

TV Shows about Teachers - Ranked From Best to Worst

Lately, there’s been a lot of TV shows about teachers. In less than one season we’ve had “Get Educated,” “Mr. Robinson,” “Teachers,” and “Those Who Can’t.” I’m a fan of this because we have a surplus of shows about the F.B.I, doctors, superheroes, C.S.I. etc. and not enough about the profession that makes the biggest difference. Sometimes TV shows get it right  and sometimes they don’t. This is a list from Best to Worst of TV shows about Teachers. 

#1 “Get Educated” - “ Take “Modern Family” or “The Office,” but replace the cast with a group of teachers and teenagers. Jokes that punch you in the face and make you gut-bustingly laugh. The show doesn’t try to be funny by having the teachers be outrageous. Instead, it’s genuine, clever, and it really shows how teachers can make a difference. And how students can make a difference to the lives of teachers.

#2 “Boston Public” - Some serious sh*t happened on “Boston Public.” It was a drama like no other. At the time, it was groundbreaking and sent chills down your spine with the conflicts these teachers had to deal with. It scared many of us who wanted to become teachers, but it was great TV. 

#3 “Welcome Back, Kotter”  - How could you not love the hero of this show?  Gabe Kotter, a compassionate teacher returns to hit roots and teaches the troubled class called The Sweathogs. And look how f*cking young John Travolta was. 

#4 “Teachers” - TV Land just got a whole lot more vulgar. Let’s see if it works out for them. “Teachers” is based on the webseries of the same name and it has some pretty crazy jokes. It feels almost like “South Park” at times with a bunch of teachers. And I like both those things.

#5 “Mr. Peepers” - A lost gem of the 1950′s. Mr. Peepers was a science teachers who faced a ton of funny problems, but he was never outsmarted. He was the true definition of a nice guy and a nice TV show.

#6 “Glee” - The show started off strong and the teacher storylines captured your attention and you really rooted for Emma and Will to be together. The one problem with the show (and also why it was successful so this is just my opinion) was it was just too much singing.

#7 “Mr. Robinson”- This show had some potential, but it just wasn’t enough to last. Craig Robinson is a super likable guy, but I feel we just want to see him in an ensemble comedy.

#8 “Those Who Can’t” - The most likable character on this show is the librarian. She also gives the best performance and she’s not even a teacher. Does anyone else find it weird that “Teachers” and “Those Who Can’t” came out around the exact same time and “Teachers” is all about female teachers and “Those Who Can’t” is all about male teachers. The show has potential and it feels a lot like “It’s Always Sunny,” but it has to find its groove. It would help if it had more female main characters. Tru TV already renewed it for a 2nd season, so hopefully it gets better.

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