Ok yeah but why don’t people talk more about America canonly being 19 years old?? I mean that’s pretty frickin great. Just imagine this dorks voice cracking in the most awkward way, imagine the acne struggle, imagine the raging hormones. Imagine him coming in to one meeting all lanky and string-beany looking and the next he walks in looking like a damn fine man. All muscled and hell yeah looking like an adult.

Dear lord y'all need to think more about APH America.

i had a nightmare that the demigoogoo from stranger things was trying to take the son i don’t have from our bedroom last night and some lady kept trying to give me christmas lights while the demigordo was dragging the kid on the floor behind her and i had to yell that i didn’t have time to decorate


f*cking…. captivating……..

Don’t mind me. I wanted a post with all those rolling hips in one place.

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