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I get so much secondhand embarrassment for Larries when other fans start to point out their hate. 😭 I have got anon from Cillian Murphy's fandom who asked me to explain this "fake baby thing" because they don't believed such a crazy conspiracy could exist, they thought it's our inside joke 😭

Don’t we wish it was a joke! But nope. We genuinely have people in this fandom who think Louis Tomlinson is out there fake fathering a baby doll. This is an actual thing, it’s happening. And of course it makes us all look like a bunch of unreasonable fools.

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I hear what you're saying about April's growth, but in many ways I feel like she regressed. In later seasons, she smiled a lot less, seemed more bitter, whiny and negative with far less reason to be, and seemed to go out of her way to be meaner to people without any provocation. People kept going out of their way to be so kind and helpful to her when most in real life would have told her to f*ck off, and yet she was only OCCASIONALLY grateful. I found her more likable and relatable in S2-S3.

Really?  That’s interesting that you see it that way.  Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Mine just happens to be the opposite.  I still believe she had so much growth as the seasons progressed.  Honestly, the whole smiling thing?  I feel like she smiled more and more as time went on and she found purpose and dedication within her life.

I love her as a whole, so while I mentioned before that there were a few things she said/did that I definitely disagreed with, I felt as thought she was a solid, likable character who grew and matured in amazing ways.  Thank you for sharing though.  I’m always interested to hear different opinions.


f*cking…. captivating……..


episode 64 - the frigid doom | percy “thanks” scanlan for trying to “improve [his] life”

Manchmal ist es besser Menschen loszulassen als sie festzuhalten. Es ist schwer und schmerzhaft, weil einem die Menschen wichtiger sind als das eigene Ego. Derjenige ist einem so wichtig, dass man ihm alles verzeiht, nur um ihn nicht zu verlieren, aber irgendwann muss man einen Schlussstrich ziehen. Nicht jedes "es tut mir leid" ist ernst gemeint und wenn es sich häuft verliert dieses Wort an Bedeutung, ist nichts mehr wert, sondern nur gesagt anstatt gemeint. Dann ist es Zeit loszulassen und genau dann verstehen sie möglicherweise was sie verloren haben, für nichts.