30 Questions 😊

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I was tagged by the beautiful modesthijabi

How tall are you? 5′1

What color and style is your hair? All that matters is that I wish it was purple but my mom won’t let me dye it 😓

What color are your eyes? dark brown

Do you wear glasses? Yup

Do you wear braces? Nope, not anymore!

What is your fashion style? hijabs, oversized sweaters and shirts, skirts, vans… Pretty much everything from dresses and flats to hoodies and vans… Depends on my mood 😁

Full Name? Mariam Eissa ?????? (I don’t want anyone to know of my tumblr lol)

When were you born? February 4, 1998

Where are you from and where do you live now? From Iraq, born and raised in Canada ❤️

What school do you go to? high school

What kind of student are you? Depends on the teacher and class.

Do you like school? No, I can’t wait to be done with high school and go to university!

What are your favorite school subjects? Math, art and computer science.

Favorite TV shows ? Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Bones, How I met your mother, SpongeBob

Favorite movies? HARRY POTTER series, White Chicks, Alice in Wonderland

Favorite books? HARRY POTTER series, The mediator series, Mister Deaths Blue Eyed Girls, The Maze Runner, The Alchemist…. I could go on for days

Favourite pastime? Reading, drawing, hanging out with friends

Do you have any regrets? YES

Dream job? Successful writer or artist. Or have a successful business.

Would you like to be married someday? Yes

Would you like to have kids someday? Yes

How many? 2-4 (I really want twins)

Do you like shopping? YES! I’m a shopaholic!

What countries have you visited? Canada, Kuwait, Iran.

The scariest nightmare you’ve had? It’s a long story…

Do you have enemies? I don’t think so?

Do you have a s/o? significant other? Nope

Do you believe in miracles? yes

So I don’t know 20 people lol so I tag: zaytuuna dont–survive–live fashionable-hijabi intergalactic-fuckup viyanaxelat and the NEXT 15 PEOPLE who see this!!!

hi there everyone! it’s been nearly two years since my last follow forever, and since then a lot happened, right? there’s no special reason for this one tbh lol i just want to thank everyone for sticking with me over the time! (it’s been like 4 yrs since i joined this hell of a fandom lmao)

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i wore a crop top outside yesterday for the first time ever and i felt so powerful. people stared at me and im sure they laughed but i didn’t even care because i felt so free! this blog has been a big part of my self acceptance! 

jeans: size 18 f21+

shirt: xl h&m 

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