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Yes, I’ll explain this Catalan Christmas tradition every year

The Tió de Nadal is a pre-Christian tradition that basically consists on a log that   poops presents for children on Christmas. The log has a face drawn, wears a barretina (the traditional Catalan hat), and is covered by a blanket so that he doesn’t get cold.

We place him in a visible place, such as the living room (if it’s close to a fireplace better), at the beginning of December, and children leave food (usually fruit peels, nuts…) to feed him.

Then, on Christmas Day (or, for some families, Christmas Eve), children hit him with long sticks while singing a song that asks him to give them presents. At the end of the song, the blanket is removed, and it reveals all the presents that were hidden under it, representing that he “pooped” them.

And it doesn’t seem weird to us until we have to explain it to a foreigner.

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Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

The cashier at the Daiso today told me she “liked my aesthetic”. I was caught off guard because I was in IRL at the time. Macintosh Plus begins to play in my head but I shake it away. “What was that?” I asked, and she clarified: “I said your aesthetic is on point.”

*Favourite character dies*

Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people how I simultaneously love girls so freaking much but also have internalized lesbophobia that makes it harder for me to view myself in a loving and committed relationships with a woman because of society’s fetishization of lesbians and wlw to the point where being with a girl just feels like I’m part of some kink to get straight men off

Guys, Crazy EX GF keeps surprising me.

  • Keeping the characters with an age difference together, instead of just using a brief relationship as character exposition, and actually having them be the most functioning, sweetest relationship on the whole show. And oh yeah its a relationship between a gay man and bi man!
  • Leaning into the love triangle but then hardcore pulling out of it in a pretty realistic, uncommon way. 
  • A character happens to be adopted. Which is like not a huge deal, but I feel like I don’t see that happen so nonchalantly. And most importantly, this made things super funny, not b/c they made fun of the characters, but b/c the actors they were able to cast were just really funny?!
  • EDIT: Technically the character isn’t confirmed to be adopted I just headcannoned that. But either way, yay for nontraditional tv families.
  • More Indian American representation, but that’s just a personal fave always.
  • Actually leaning into the “the main love story is between the two Best Friends” showrunners love to throw around in interviews by creating realistic tension.



[ End of Fatherhood M!A. ]

“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We are all different. If we all sang the same melody how can there be harmony? …To put it simply, love and help one another. And for people who are struggling, always be yourself. Being true and real to who you are is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. Love life, work hard, and chase your dreams.”

- Amber Liu