f*** problem

Mycroft being purposefully cruel to Sherlock about John in order to make it easier to shoot him.

Mycroft reiterating to John, when he tries to argue, that they’re soldiers today - soldiers die for their country.

Mycroft being willing to die for them.

Mycroft trying to be a hero even though bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity.


i love Babbage’s, that’s my f**kin’ problem

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England: What exactly are you doing with all that power, America?

America:… my best.

England: Tsk. At least when I owned the world I handled it. 

America: By leaving all the problems you caused up to me?!

England: Well, let’s presume, in my world, that you weren’t in the plan-  

Because liking stuff about your brother being dumb if he’s not with who you want him to be with is definitely the way to make fans believe this is genuine . There is so many things wrong about this I don’t even know where to start.

types of people in a f/f ship tag during a ship war

the multi-shipper with feelings of superiority

  • they ship both the m/f and the f/f ship. this makes them more intelligent, more sophisticated, obviously. they can’t understand the lowlifes who don’t enjoy the m/f ship. we are simply beneath them.
  • us, who might enjoy f/f ships only? they don’t care. maybe one day we can hope to advance to their heightened mental states and ship the m/f ship as well

the unhelpful “add a man” negotiator

  • forcing f/f shippers to add a man into their ship? perfect! they just solved all ship war problems!
  • aren’t they a genius?
  • us f/f shippers should thank them they have graced us with their wisdom

the reacher

  • this just in: what happened in the canon doesn’t actually matter. 
  • the reacher knows that when it comes to finding problems in f/f ships, they aren’t limited by the actual events that took place in the story. you want to make people feel dirty and guilty for shipping a healthy, consensual relationship between 2 adult women? well, just grab hold of something vaguely canon and manipulate it until one woman seems like an abuser! 
  • probably ships the m/f ship
  • what is a double standard?

the “can’t we all just get along?”

  • they have zero stakes in either side, but that doesn’t matter! they still have an opinion