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CURRENT TIME –  9:30pm ; LOCATION – Hotel-Gallery Hallway 

Darkness consumes the gallery with dull lit lights. The paintings and sculptures nearby seem to gawk & sneer from the distance, as if beckoning you to continue forward. Whether they want you to gaze at pure art has yet to be decided. Despite how wide the halls are, you feel as if you’re cramped & squished together with no breathing space ( how unfortunate ).

Other members seem uneased, some excited, others neutral. You’re unsure which one you fit in, and perhaps you’ll decide right when the time is right. Whispers gnaw the air in hushed tones, many anxious, trembling ( you could practically FEEL the FEAR!! ) & again others, feel as if they are going to be the hero for the day–feeling they would acquire a discovery, or be capable of fending off what was unknown in the darkness of the night that continued to grow more & more by the minute.

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