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The staff and players met today for dinner in the restaurant Casanova Beach Club of Castelldefels. The reason for the meeting was the celebration of the victory against Manchester City and Luis Suarez’s Golden Boot award.Many of the players, coaches and staff of the first team have come accompanied by their partners.The only not present so far are injured Gerard Pique and  Aleix Vidal.

Playing the fool...

So I was going through some old posts again, and found this quote from 17 August 2014.

“ Bands don’t stay together for ever. I think [One Direction] will at least make two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now. ”
— Simon Cowell

If you read it as Simon meaning the band had 2 more total albums left, and they were in the middle of one of them (Four) at the time, then the second album was Made in the A.M.

He was setting up the the hiatus/break-up articles that came almost exactly a year later in August 2015. 

I was just struck by the foreshadowing in the quote, especially now, 2 years removed. He’s always getting ahead of a story, positioning himself strategically to look like he’s never surprised by anything.

Now, consider that strategy when you read the quotes about the solo albums:

On Liam:

“I was slightly surprised to read that Liam signed to another label…I wasn’t expecting it. But you know, that happens." 

- Simon Cowell on ET

On Niall:

“A source said: “Simon has made no secret of his expectations for Niall to stay loyal to him and has been desperately trying to keep him as a solo act with plans to turn him into a JUSTIN BIEBER style artist…Simon’s likely to be so frustrated Niall has gone to a rival.” 

- Dan Wootton Exclusive in the Sun

Just another in a long list of examples of Simon Cowell playing the fool to fool the world into thinking he’s a lovable, loyal victim of greedy clients.

Reminds of of Jay’s post on Instagram from last year…


A while ago some of you were requesting I make some simple one-crystal copper pieces, so I did! These range from $22- $30 and will be up in my shop tomorrow when I have my update! The stones are amethyst, smoky quartz, clear quartz, tangerine quartz, and chlorite included quartz. All on an 18" oxidized copper chain 💙


I Wanna Fuck You Like An Animal. - Bucky x Reader

Just a lil post here for y’all :)


Inspo: Nine Inch Nails - Closer (song HERE)

Warnings - Shower, wet-nakedness, lil kinky, some shower lovin’ (shower sex), not my best writing I must say.

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