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For months I’ve been waiting to see something about them: a voiceline, anything, really. I would have never expected a video where they fight together, though! I’m so happy I can see the two characters I ship the most helping each other into a fight! This is really a great gift for me even if it’s just a promo ;__; <3 thank you Blizzard! I made this sketch because I’m so fkin joyful


A/N: Hannah’s Criminal Minds Quote Challenge! @hanny-bananny @coveofmemories My quote for this challenge, that I had to work in, in some way, was Come near my team, and I will end you.” It won’t be worked in during this piece, it’ll be worked in later on.

P.S. If I have enough interest in this, I will likely continue it. If you want to be tagged in future pieces, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know ;)


I’m not that person anymore. I’ve worked so hard to leave that life behind. Starting at the BAU, after scratching my way up the ladder…this should be one of the greatest days of my life…

Two days after earning your long-awaited spot on the team, he approached you. “Sierra Cheverie,” he said, holding his hand out to introduce himself. That wasn’t you - not anymore. “I know all about you.” He wanted revenge. And he knew every sordid detail of your past. All of the things you did because you felt you needed to, all of the people you associated with because you had nowhere else to go…He knew it all.

Threats were made. Not on your life. “Of course not,” he said softly, taking either side of his suit jacket in his hands and pulling them closer together. Adjusting himself. After all, he had people he needed to look good for. “Someone else. Many someones.” 

What does he want with me? Who does he want to hurt? No one can know what I used to be.

His bodyguards had come up behind you, all black suits and sunglasses, like a bad movie, ushering you into his home. “You’ll have to excuse the size,” he said, taking you off guard. It was an enormous house, but apparently he was used to even loftier and luxurious accommodations. “Since I was released from prison, I’ve had to downsize a bit. I have to crawl my way back up…just like you.” His tanned skin and thin lips spread to reveal an abnormally white set of teeth. Unsettling. Despite the smile, something sinister lay underneath. “But I’ll get there eventually. And with your help, I can have my revenge on the people that ruined me. Took my wife and kids away. My money. My reputation.” 

The man stared off into the distance, presumably thinking about the people that ‘ruined’ him. His handlers placed a hand on either of your shoulders, pushing you down to sit on the couch. “They need to pay for what they’ve done to me.” Reaching over, he grabbed a folder from his right-hand man and proceeded to pull out pictures. 

“Derek Morgan.”


“Emily Prentiss. Jennifer Jareau.”


“Penelope Garcia. Aaron Hotchner.”

This can’t be happening.

“David Rossi. You’re dating the other one, so that would be too obvious. He’ll be left out, but the rest…”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and clutched at your chest, before looking up into his ice cold eyes. “Who are you?” you asked, realizing you didn’t even know his name. “What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?” All of the strength you’d built up since leaving that life behind, vanished like a wisp of smoke in the air. Again, you had been reduced to a cowering child. Instead of quaking and shirking away from the wide, calloused hand of your ex-boyfriend (Assaulter? Pimp? John? You didn’t know what to call him anymore), you were quivering in front of a man with more money, power and pull than anyone you’d ever known. 

“My name is Bentley Ashton and I’m a patient man,” he said, crouching down to meet your astounded gaze. “Over the next few years, I will give you instructions on how to destroy or kill a member of your new team. If you do it, at the end, I will allow you to destroy every piece of information I have on you. If you don’t, I will release everything I know about you out into the world, and if you tell them of my plans, I’ll kill him.”

The tang of copper filled your mouth as you realized you’d been biting your tongue hard enough to taste blood. Not him. Anyone but him. Kill me instead. “Stay away from Spencer,” you gritted through clenched teeth. It took every ounce of courage to threaten this man with no backup and no gun on you. “He’s done nothing to you. None of them have. They were just doing their jobs.”

“Their jobs cost me my life,” he said coolly. “I’ve waited a very long time for this, and I’ll have my revenge with or without your help. But remember, if you’re not of use to me, I’ll dispose of you.” Make yourself useful, bitch. That’s what he used to say to you. “Don’t worry. As I said, I’m a patient man. I’ll give you a week to decide what you’re going to do.”

His men came back from the marble-tiled kitchen with files in hand - a bright red folder, filled with information Mr. Ashton had dug up about your past. “This is what I have on you. I think it’s more than enough to get you thrown off of the team you worked so hard to join and into prison. Remember all of this when you make your decision.”

Without another word, he waved his hands to his men. Pressure was put on your back, and with a few clicks of your heels, you were out the door and on the steps - alone again. Ten years of freedom…and now this. 

Now, it was two days into your supposed deadline and you were starting at the BAU. I should be happy. But you couldn’t get yourself to smile. “Woah,” Penelope said as you walked in. “What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours? You look miserable.” Oh great. Maybe I should just quit this before I even start. If I can’t convince Penelope, who although a genius in her own right is no profiler, that I’m okay when I’m not, then how am I supposed to convince an unsub I agree with him when I don’t? Fucking hell.

“First day jitters, I guess,” you said with a strained smile. 

Light footsteps snuck up behind you and the man attached to them snuck a kiss in the crook of your neck. “Good morning, babe,” Spencer said. You couldn’t help but smile. He was everything you’d ever wanted in a man. The complete opposite of the man that held you captive while still giving you the ability to walk around and ‘do what you wanted.’ “Are you nervous? You’re going to be amazing.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine,” you said smoothly. Outwardly, you’d actually managed to sound convincing, but the voice in your head was screaming, I’m a fuck up, I’m a fuck up, I’m a fuck up. “I just need to get going and find my footing.” 

“Oh sweetheart,” Penelope said, looping her arm in yours without realizing that the gesture was ripping out your insides. “Anyone Boy Genius over here recommends is good by us. You’ll be fine. Let’s head in there, shall we?”

Spencer followed behind but reached in front of you to hand you your normal morning coffee order - large, milk, sugar, espresso shot. What the hell were you supposed to do? Should you run and change identities again? Should you risk telling the team of your past, and in turn risk their lives anyway? Should you take a completely different route and end your own life so your past didn’t have to be revealed? A cough brought up bile, stinging your throat and leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

If there was anything you knew about yourself, it was that you were a coward. There was no way you’d be able to end your own life. But you were too ashamed to tell the team of your past? Maybe if you “tried” to do what Ashton wanted and “failed” he would find another way to go about his evil plan and you could work on the side that you were meant to fight on. Feeling in your pocket, you crumpled the card in your hand, running your fingers over the raised text of the burner phone number he’d given you.

For a weakling like you, there was no other way out.


Before he’d had a beautiful wife, two boys he’d been raising in his image, a loving family, and a reputation as an esteemed businessman and governmental figure. Now…this. He barely had enough money to support his lifestyle. Even had to sell a few of his prized cars in order to buy his way out of prison. He had no misconceptions about what this new life plan would bring him. His wife wouldn’t come crawling back to him. His boys would still look at him with disdain. His family wouldn’t ever acknowledge his existence again. He’d never have a career in politics. But he could build up his fortune again, and he could have his revenge on the scum that ripped all of his hard work away and ruined his life. If he got his revenge, that would be enough.

As he looked in the mirror, he pulled his lip down to examine his teeth, make sure he didn’t have anything in teeth before adjusting his suit again. “She’ll call today,” he said to his reflection – amazed that he still looked so handsome after all that time in prison. “Luck’s about to turn around.”

Save Me

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Title: Save Me

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader (kinda), Sam, Rowena (mentioned)

Rating: NC-17 for angst, attempt at humor and explicit sexual content. Also some reference to the effects of drugs.

Summary: Something’s wrong with Sam and Dean calls someone he’s been trying to forget for help.

A/N: I’m trying to get used to writing in third person again so I’m sorry if this is sloppy. Constructive criticism and comments are highly appreciated! (Also, sorry for the ginormous gif, but it does things to me.)

Click here if you want to hear the Queen song I used. Dean made up his own lyrics, but it might help to hear the tune.

This is based off a prompt given to me by @therealdeanwinchester13 from the super crafty “Writing Box Challenge.” Thanks for allowing me to participate! The prompt is, “On a scale of zero to Australia, how dangerous is it?”

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Harry Potter/Darcy Lewis

All right, I’m more than a little rusty at writing HP, and I’m certain this is entirely AU given the way the books ended, but oh well.  I think it’s fun. ;)


Darcy had thought that the strangest thing she’d seen while in London was when the Dark Elves staged their invasion, leading to her getting attacked by said aliens, almost flattened by a car, and teleported through whatever portals Jane had concocted to defeat the convergence.

Watching the scene playing out in front of her, Darcy has to admit that her previous conclusion was entirely incorrect and that maybe reality was a little stranger than she’d been led to believe.  

The man standing in front of her, with his glasses that highlight oddly green eyes, messy mop of dark hair, bathrobe like garment hanging askew off of one shoulder, has got what looks like an honest to god wooden magic wand pointed past her head in the direction of the uncomfortably evil gurgling noises coming from behind her that Darcy is too wary of to turn around and see for herself exactly what it is.  “Look, Miss, I can explain exactly what it is that’s going on here, but only after we get clear of whatever’s coming down the alley at us,” he says, holding out his other hand to Darcy.  

It’s a split second decision, because the noises behind her are getting louder and closer and she sure as hell isn’t sticking around if she doesn’t have to, so Darcy grabs on to his outstretched hand and says, “let’s get out of here.”

The man nods, waves his wand past Darcy once more (she’s not sure, but she’d swear she saw a flash of electric purple light out of the corner of her eye), then he spins, tugging Darcy after him as they run straight at and then right through the brick wall, leaving no trace behind that they were ever there.

12x15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1049

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

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“Talk about dramatic. Diner waitress Sara Deshenski has met an untimely and violent demise at the hands of an irate alien, so says her diner manager, Herb Nelson.” You shook your head and folded up the newspaper again, looking forward to this interrogation. “Not just any alien. An irate alien. This is gonna be an interesting conversation.”

Cas led the way toward the waitress at the cash register. Both of you withdrew your FBI badges from your coats. “Hello, we’d like to speak to your manager, if we could.”

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Request by @wayward-mirage Mark Pellegrino. Word Count: 1,739. Location: Las Vegas. Genre: Fluff 😃

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word Count: 1,739
Warnings: Fluff, foul language, and a twist.
Note: I don’t know where the inspiration for this came from but it’s written and I’m happy with how it turned out. Yes, I added my own name because I wanted to. Which is weird when I read it but it’s still a good read. I promise. 

It’s going to be a week-long event. The week that would change your life for the better they said. This week would end in you with a man. It was Amanda’s idea to do this. She’s always coming up with these crazy trips but somehow you all agreed. All being yourself and two other girls. Magically the universe was on all four of your sides because you all got time off work, cheap airfare, and managed to get connected bedrooms on the strip. The rooms Amanda paid for. How she will never admit to anyone and that was definitely questionable, but here you were waiting on her and the other two in the airport.

“Y/N! Is that you!” You turned to look over your shoulder to see a group of girls heading your way.

The middle woman with the high ponytail and uneven tan lines was the one who spoke and you knew that it was Amanda. She always complained about how her job was the cause of her uneven tan and that was the reason why you felt so at ease when you saw her and the other two.

“It’s so great to see you!” Amanda wasn’t afraid to be first to hug you and it was a pleasant surprise.

This was the first time the four of you were meeting in person and if it wasn’t for such a great friendship that you created over the internet you wouldn’t have been standing there. The other two hugged you as well and while you talked a man in a tux cleared his throat as he stood behind Amanda. She turned to him with a smile.

“Jason!” She hugged him tight and he laughed as he hugged her back.

“Come on guys. This is our ride.” You followed Amanda as she talked with the man.

“Who is that guy?” Trixie asked and you shrugged.

As the four of you made your way outside you had assumed you would be going toward the left where the sign read. ‘Taxi Lineup’ but no, you headed to the right and Jason had stopped at a Rolls Royce. Trixie and Danny let out laughs as you stood there with wide eyes.

“Amanda!” Trixie exclaimed and Amanda turned to the three of you.

“I told you girls that I had it covered. Jason here is a family friend.” Jason laughed and Amanda smacked his shoulder as he put her things in the back.
“So if this is our ride then where the hell are we going because I don’t think the La Quinta Inn is qualified to have these tires on its asphalt,” Danny commented as she walked around to the front of the car to admire The Spirit of Ecstasy up close.

“I forgot to tell you guys that my family owns the Bellagio, didn’t I? Dammit, I swear I told ya’ll.”

“YOUR FAMILY OWNS THE BELLAGIO!!” Trixie yelled and Amanda quickly covered her mouth while Jason looked around worried that something would happen.

“Don’t yell it to the world! I can’t be one another magazine cover or my dad will kill me.” You shook your head in disbelief and was suddenly feeling empty handed.

Jason had all the bags in the car and had the doors open as he looked around.

“Get in before someone sees you.” He demanded and Amanda pulled Trixie in the car as Danny and I laughed with one another when we got sat down.

“So you’re basically an Aris and didn’t bother to tell us.” You commented and Amanda shrugged as the car drove off.

“Can’t be an Aris if it’s my uncle who owns it. I just happen to be his only niece.”
“So a secret Aris who is struggling to pay her bills back home?”
“Exactly. But Jason doesn’t need to know that.” Amanda narrowed her eyes at Trixie.

“What struggling bills? Don’t tell me you aren’t using those checks that Greg sends you every month.” Amanda rolled her eyes and it started to sink in that this trip was definitely out of this world.

“Watch the road and roll up the partition.” It all started to blur.

The reality of what was happening and what you were secretly hoping was just a dream. Amanda noticed how you zoned out and waved her hands in your face.

“Hey, it’s not that big a deal. This week is about us. To our friendship and that is why I have decided to call it “Girls Night Week Night Extravaganza!” You laughed and that seemed to make things better.

“So what’s first then. After getting into the rooms.”
“The bar of course!” Danny announced and you all laughed.

As you pulled up to the hotel, Jason and a man in the hotel’s uniform started to gather the bags. Amanda had us follow her into the lobby and as you tried not to run into someone you did anyway. It was a man and he too was trying to avoid running into someone.

“I’m so sorry!” You exclaimed and he laughed as he placed his hand on your shoulder.

“My apologize. We were the ones who were trying to be polite and here we are. Running into one another.” He smiled and when your eyes met his your heart skipped a beat.

Clearing his throat he let your shoulder go and rubbed his hands down his jacket.

“If you’re staying in the hotel then I surely hope to run into you again sometime soon.” He left and you turned to watch him but he disappeared into the crowd.

You saw the girls heading to the elevator and rushed to them just in time for the doors to close after you got inside.

“What the hell happened to you?” Trixie asked and you turned to the three of them as you tried to hold back your smile.

“I totally just ran into Mark Pellegrino and he totally told me he hoped he would run into me again because he is staying here in the hotel as well!” You let out a breath and the girls squealed.

“No fucking way! We gotta know which room he’s in!” Amanda laughed and the other two joined in.

“No that’s crazy! I’ll just pray he ends up in the bar.”
“Don’t pray! He could hear you!” Danny laughed and you covered your face at her comment.

“No look he doesn’t think I’m a fan so I can’t be weird! You guys can’t be weird! No supernatural related shit until after I get his number!” You laughed out and the elevator doors opened to the floor you would be staying on.

“You’re seriously going to try and get his number and you just ran into him outside the hotel.” Amanda shook her head at Danny’s comment as she leads the way to the rooms.

“Why not? He’s recently single. Well, it’s been a solid month which means he’s going to be looking for someone else. What better way than to try and catch him in the hotel?” Trixie added and you smiled at her optimism.

“Thank you, Trixie. Look we will hand out in the bar three times this week. That’s all I ask. If something is there then I have to try. Right?”
“Yeah, but y/n he’s a celebrity. We have talked about this so many times before. The chances of something ever happening is like…” Danny stopped talking as you ran into someone yet again.

Trixie giggled and covered her mouth as she hugged Danny and Amanda pulled the two away as the guy’s hand came to your shoulder. You looked to his eyes immediately and let out a laugh at the fact that it was once again Mark.

“How is the hell does that happen? Not even ten minutes.” He chuckled and you did your best to hide your smile.

“I have no idea.” You giggled and he smiled which made you smile.

“How come I don’t recognize you? This is the VIP floor, isn’t it? Surely we would have met in the past.” You bit your lip and he didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that he was still holding your shoulder.

“We have but not because I’m a celebrity like you are. More like at a convention. Or two.” You knew your face was red and Mark’s smile grew wider at your words.

“You’re a fan. That’s nice but why are you up on this floor? I thought you needed a key to use the elevator that comes up this way.” He lifted a brow and you looked around him to see Amanda shushing the other two as she came up and cleared her throat.

“Mark Pellegrino is that you? Oh my goodness, it has been too long.” Mark looked to Amanda and you did too with wide eyes as he laughed and gave her a hug.

“Amanda I should have known. How have you been, kid?” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m not a kid so stop with that annoying pet name. Y/n is with me and my friends here. That explains her being up here. Now unless you plan on taking her to dinner in the next five minutes then I’d like to take her back.” You stood taller at her words and Mark glanced at you then looked back at Amanda.

“You trying to set me up on a date with your friend here?”
“If I am is that a crime?” Amanda crossed her arms and you couldn’t believe what was happening. It’s obvious that this was a dream.

“No, not at all. I’d love the company. Y/n. Would you care to join me for dinner?” Mark turned to you and you nodded as Amanda walked away.

Mark leaned in and you couldn’t help but stand still and hold your breath he chuckled softly and his nose brushed against your cheek as he whispered;

“I won’t make any promises that the other guy will stay quiet.” You giggled at his words and when your eyes met his he smiled.

“Y/N!” You shook your head of your daydream and smiled brightly as Amanda, Danny and Trixie stood outside in front of a Taxi Van with an overly decorated sign that had your name on it.


Title: Crush

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3109

Warnings: It’s a bittersweet ending, language

Summary: the result of a witch encounter has you questioning everything

Challange: Katie’s 1000 Follower Challenge @casbabydontgoineedyou  “Uh, that’s my face.”

A/N: This is the first thing I’ve written and posted in over a year and it is my first supernatural post so feedback would definitely be appreciated! 


Hunting with the Winchesters was always an experience. You had run into them on a wendigo case two years ago and instantly connected with Sam. From then on, you always joined them whenever you could. 

This time was no different. You had picked up a simple werewolf case in Maine and were pleasantly surprised when you spotted Baby within seconds of entering the Riverside Mirror Motel. You eventually met up with them while interviewing the local sheriff and teamed up with them for the rest of the case. 

To the disgust of all three of you, Dean especially, the creature ended up being a witch that needed hearts for a complex spell. Compared to some of your other cases, the kill was a piece of cake. You and Sam snuck into her lair and cornered her, while Dean shot her. The only thing that worried you was the fact that she cast a spell before he got the shot in. While it seemed to have no effect, none of you were amateurs and knew it would come back to haunt you, possibly literally. Choosing not to dwell on it for the night, you all went back to the motel and passed out almost instantly, the worry canceling the adrenaline.

~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You groaned as the light shining through the window woke you up.  You opened your eyes half way, silently cursing yourself for leaving the curtains open, before looking around the rest of the room. 

You yelped and shot out of bed, almost falling because you were unbalanced, when you saw Sam in the bed next to you. Your heartbeat raced as you specifically remember getting your own room and you know you fell asleep in said room. 

Because of your scream, Sam jolted awake, prepared to fight off whatever you were screaming at. When all he saw was your face, his face fell into one of confusion. “Dean, what the hell, man?”

Now it was your turn to be confused, “Dean? Who you calling-” as you stepped closer to Sam’s bed, you realized you had extra weight you weren’t used to and looked down to see a body that was definitely not yours. Instead of your usual sleepwear of a light blue V-neck and gray shorts, you saw a familiar black fitted tee and jeans covering the bow legs that you knew so well. 

It wasn’t until you looked up, worry and misunderstanding evident on your face, that Sam realized you weren’t joking around and began to worry himself and carefully inquired, “Dean, what’s wrong?" 

"I’m not Dean! That’s what’s wrong! It’s me, Sam, (Y/N)!” Your voice got higher as panic stirred in the pit of your stomach, “This must’ve been what the witch did! We fricking bodyswapped!" 

"Okay, (Y/N), calm down. Nothing’s gonna get solved if you’re passed out because of a panic attack. We’ll just wait for Dean to wake up and then we’ll try and figure this out, sound good?” Sam’s face was one of sympathy and care which caused you to scowl. He was treating you like he would a victim, he saw this as a damn case. 

Before you could curse him out, there was a loud, angry knock on the old motel door followed by your voice speaking through the door, “Sam? (Y/N)? We got a situation, let me in." 

While Sam went to let Dean in, the thought finally occurred that since you’re in Dean’s body, Dean would be in yours. You were about to see your own body, not in a mirror, and there was no way to prepare yourself for that. It was because of your, admittedly, slow, thought process that when Dean was finally let into the room, the only words that came out of your (Dean’s?) mouth were, ”Uh, that’s my face.“ 

Dean expertly utilized your facial features for the perfect bitch-face (only Sam could have rivaled that). "No shit, really? Wow, (Y/N), you’re slipping,” Dean with humor laced in his (your?) voice, his fist resting against his hip. 

You rolled your eyes before barking back, “Shut up, asshole, we gotta figure this out." 

Dean and you have always had a weird relationship. You spent most of your time barking half-hearted insults at each other. It always toys with your head because you’ve always crushed on the older Winchester.  It was mainly the reason you got along better with Sam in the first place; being around Dean you were relatively shy and kept to yourself because you were afraid he wouldn’t like the real you. 

"Alright, Sam, you got any ideas? I mean, you’ve been hit with something like this before, so,” Dean spoke while he looked at his brother in hope. That slowly depleted when Sam shook his head and sighed. 

“No, I got nothing. See, when I switched, it was with the witch. This… well, this is something completely different.” Sam’s eyes moved rapidly as he tried to find some solution to the problem. 

Dean gave a depressed sign before speaking, “Well, do you, at least, remember the incantation she said? I didn’t catch the whole thing.”

“Uh yeah I got it here,” Sam stated as he sat down on the bed and opened his laptop. He pulled up a word document with some possible translations under some of the words. “I started searching last night to try and prepare for what we might’ve been hit with. Now that we know the effects of the spell it’ll be easier to translate. I thought it was Latin at first but now I’m not sure. This is something that I’ve never seen before." 

"Of course, it is,” you said as you sat down slanted in the chair and put your head in hands. “When are our lives ever easy?" 

Dean sighed and nodded before speaking, "Well, while you do your precious research, I’m gonna go back to the lair and see if I can’t find any clues to a reversal spell.” He grabbed the keys to his precious Baby off the table and disappeared out the door. 

You turned to sit facing Sam and slammed both hands on the table. “Ok so while you guys are doing that, how about I make something to eat, eh? I got priorities and food is one of them,” you say as you stand up, and head towards the kitchen behind you. “You want a salad or something?” You looked over your shoulder to see Sam shake his head, engrossed in whatever he was reading. You turned back to the fridge ready to waste another day on research. 


It was about four hours later that Dean finally came home with a pissed off face and an attitude to match. He slammed the door of the motel room on his way in, catching the attention of both you and Sam. He quickly took refuge on his (technically yours now) bed and groaned. “I got hit on by at least twelve guys in the bar down the road." 

You smiled at his words. "Well, now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end,” you smirk through your comment and cross your arms over your chest. You frown when you see Dean shake his head and sigh.  "Dean, this isn’t actually bothering you, is it?“ He looked up at you with a mix of confusion and something you couldn’t quite place. Annoyance? Anger? Possibly… jealousy? You shook your head, clearing your thoughts, before speaking again, "Dean that happens all the time! It’s nothing, really, just ignore them… I learned to a long time ago." 

"It’s just, I didn’t even begin to show interest in them. Couldn’t they take a hint? I’m not that bad, right?” It was obvious through his words that Dean was thoroughly pissed off. 

You thought for a second before responding, choosing your words carefully, “No, no, you’re not. Dean, are you okay?” You were confused by his behavior. 

He pushed off the bed before heading towards the bathroom. “No one should treat you like that — they shouldn’t treat anyone like that.” The door slammed behind him. 

You turned towards Sam, looking incredulous, “What the fuck was that all about?" 

Sam chuckled before speaking, "you know how he is, he hates crap like that. And it doesn’t help that it’s your body." 

Your eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean? What do I have to do with this?” You sat down at the table as you spoke. 

Sam shot you an incredulous look as he began answering your inquiry, “you mean, you don’t know? (Y/N), he’s been pining after you for months. He actually cares for you, (Y/N), you know, more than he should." 

Dean Winchester pining after you? You couldn’t believe your ears. The man you’d been crushing on for months felt the same way? 

Your eyes shifted to everything and yet, you saw nothing. All you could think about were Sam’s words. Suddenly the room was too small and Sam, sitting at the table a good distance away from you, was too close. You felt trapped and so you quickly picked up the keys to your car before mumbling out a goodbye and ran to your Firebird, your haven. You had no destination in mind but you needed to drive, needed to be one with the road, it was your therapy. 


The sky was a dark blue by the time you returned. You had ended up just stopping on the side of the road for a while before choosing to turn back. Your mind was still jumbled with the knowledge that Dean, the Dean you’d been crushing on for at least a year, felt the same way. However, you weren’t an idiot and knew that with the life the two of you led, he’d been stubborn to ever act on it. You were at a loss on what to do. Do you make the move, or should you just leave well enough alone? 

Sam was still sat at the table when you entered the boys’ room. He looked up from his laptop when he heard the door open. "Hey! Listen, I finally found the language the spell was in! I’m almost done translating so hopefully you’ll be back in your body in no place okay?” He smiled after finishing before changing the topic, “You ok, by the way? You looked pretty off when I left. Did you really not know about Dean?” Upon mention of his name, Sam nodded toward the lump that was currently in one of the beds, asleep.  The sight of his preferred sleep position made you snicker. 

“Let me guess, ‘I’m sleeping till you figure this out. I want my body back and this day has been weird enough,” you mocked, still not used to the fact that the voice you used didn’t have to be altered to sound like Dean because it was Dean’s. You heard Sam chuckle and knew he was nodding. “And to answer your question, I’m okay. I just, I’ve had feelings for him for a while now and I couldn’t believe what you were telling me, I still don’t. And I hate that I found out now, of all moments. Not like I could kiss him or anything because I’d just end up kissing myself,” you laughed as you finished your statement.

You looked to Sam to realize he was looking at you with a thoughtful expression on his face. Sam nodded before replying, “Yeah. Hey, listen, I’m gonna check something at the local library so, if he wakes up, try to talk while I’m gone?" 

You nodded as you heard the shut close behind him. You sighed and chose to read until Sam got back, hopefully with something useful. 


Dean groaned lightly as he woke up from his nap. He blearily looked around his surroundings, still disoriented from his nap. Seeing himself (No, Dean, it’s (Y/N), you know that!) at the coffee table didn’t help clear his brain. 

"Where’s Sam?” Dean yawned before continuing, “He was here when I fell asleep and I’m guessing he still has jack since I’m still in your body.” He heard you giggle and saw the movement of a nod in his peripheral vision but you had yet to say a word. He turned to face your direction once more, “hey how ya feeling? I know you tend to reflex and build a wall when stuff like this happens." 

You smiled at his comment. He knows me. He’s got me all figured out, he probably knew I liked him this whole time so why didn’t he ever say anything? "Uh, Sam went to the library to see if he could have better luck there. As for how I feel, well,” c'mon (Y/N), get it together! “I’m a bit… conflicted.” You mentally slap yourself for your word choice. 

Dean chuckled and tilted his head, “oh 'conflicted’, huh? What about?" 

Maybe it was his tone, or maybe it was how much he knows you that you know he knows (he has to… right?), but you got pissed and began your rant, "Like you don’t know? Dean, I get it, okay? You know, you must know. Stop acting oblivious! It’s frustrating, I mean, even Sam knows, there’s no way you don’t know so can you just stop tormenting me?!” By now you stood up and your face has contorted into anger. Through your anger-glazed mind, you didn’t notice Dean extremely confused face. His lips were shaped into a slight 'o’ and his eyes were going back and forth, trying to process everything at the speed you were talking. He was failing and missed a couple sentences. “… so yes, I like you, okay?! Fuck, I mean, I hate it, but I do! There, I said it. I said it so just leave it alone, please?“ 

To say Dean was surprised would be a lie. She was right, he knew. He was never entirely sure, but it was painstakingly obvious. Hell, he’d be lying if he said he never felt anything for her as well, hell, he was kind of obsessed with her, but that was out of the question. The truth of the matter was that they were hunters, and hunters didn’t have the best track records for relationships. Before he knew it, (Y/N) was walking away and he stumbled to grab onto her arm before she closed in on herself, “Hey, (Y/N), listen, you’re right, I knew. But the only reason I didn’t say anything is because of how we live, (Y/N). I’m scared, I don’t wanna risk your life any more than I already do. Everyone I’m with gets hurt, I’ve kept quiet because I’m trying to save us both the hurt we both know will come.” Somehow, during his undeniably short speech, they’d come closer and he was now looking directly up at her (I really need my body back because, damn, I hate being short). She had tears pooling in her eyes, threatening to spill out. “I’d be lying if I tried to deny my feelings for you, (Y/N), but we both know this is gonna be more loss than gain.” Instead of speaking, she just nodded and looked away as a single tear slipped down the left side of her face. 

He reached up and wiped the tear, dragging her attention back to him. Their faces came closer (Dean had to stand on his toes) and their lips met in a hesitant kiss. It wasn’t magical, it wasn’t full of cheer; it was awkward and wrong. The lips were reversed, and dean could taste the dull taste of salt from the sole tear, and they both knew there wouldn’t be anything after that kiss, but all things considered, it was still a treasured memory for the two of them. 

It wasn’t until they were breaking apart that Dean realized his neck was leaning down instead of up, and he was looking down into (Y/E/C) eyes he knows very well. Similar looks of confusion fell upon the couple’s faces and they promptly drew apart, staring accusingly at each other. The two simultaneously let out an exasperated 'how’ at each other ready to freak out, but both were distracted with the sound of the lock of the motel door turning. 

Sam popped his head in, somewhat warily, “Dean?” The tall man grunted in response and Sam smiled. “I see you guys talked then." 

Dean and (Y/N) gave each other a look before turning back to Sam as if to say, "what did you do?” Instead of answering the obvious question of the others’ tongues, he opened his laptop and brought up a translated page. He pointed to the original text first: 

 Mo palaṣẹ fun awon ti ni ife lati siwopu ara fun ọjọ kan. Ti o ba ti won si tun fẹràn ara miiran ki o si fi ẹnu ki o to awọn ọjọ jẹ lori, ti won yoo siwopu lẹẹkansi. Ti o ba ti nwọn foju wọn inú, won yoo di ara wọn, lailai wa ni bi estatuas.

“It derives from Cuba. It’s an old spell, meant to draw to people together. The actual translation is 'I command those who love to swap for a day. If they still love each other and share a kiss before the day is over, they shall shift again. If they continue to ignore their love, they will become their own, ever to be like statues.’ Basically, you guys love each other but are too stubborn to admit it. I finished translating it about five minutes after Dean,” at this point, Sam nodded towards Dean, “fell asleep but I figured you guys need to work some of it out on your own.”

At this point, you and Dean shared a timid smile, still shaken from all that had happened in the past ten minutes. However, true to the Winchester way, you all decided to ignore the elephant in the room and had a couple beers while watching some show you never bothered to catch the name of before going to sleep. In the morning, you met with the boys to bid them farewell. It was then, that you shared a second kiss with the eldest Winchester, half against the Impala, but not quite. After, you saw them climb into the car and drive off seconds before you, too, took to the open road. You still cared about Dean, and you knew it would be a while before those feeling even began to fade, but you were okay. Just like Dean said, anything more would have just lead to pain so it felt right to walk away. Maybe the pain is why they call it a crush…

After the Storm - MISSYriver - Timeless (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Timeless (TV 2016)
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Wyatt Logan & Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan/Lucy Preston
Characters: Wyatt Logan, Lucy Preston
Additional Tags: Week 8, Timeless Weekly Challenge, First Dates, Adorable and a little nervous, Lots of kissing, Getting out of bed, Surprisingly no smut
Series: Part 8 of Timeless Prompt Weekly Challenge

Week #8:

Lucy notices the scar on Wyatt left by the gunshot during their trip back to Lincoln’s assassination. (submitted by anon).

A sequel to Out Of the Storm… Morning After / Date Night 

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Art challenge by @soupery:

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Get Into My Car

Title: Get Into My Car

Summary:  Dean and the reader are enjoying a night out, until someone ruins the evening

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Plus-sized Reader

Word Count: 1889

Warnings:  Body shaming, derogatory terms directed toward a plus-sized reader, drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, smut, nsfw

Author’s Notes:  Written for two challenges: @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge. My drink was Glenfiddich Scotch and my prompt was “What is everyone staring at?!” and @butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge. My song was Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean. Thank you to @feelmyroarrrr for the amazing idea. This wouldn’t have been possible without my bestie, @mamapeterson and her support, encouragement and words. Love you, T.

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“Dodging Incoming Hype Sleigh” or “MatriX-Mas” -?

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