I miss seeing Amber like this, all the shit that SM is putter her through. She dosen’t deserve this, no artist does. You would think after going through 7 lawsuits over contracts SM would learn how to treat their artist but no, all the shit with Henry earlier and now this with Amber. Ughh SM how about you give EXO or NCT a break and focus more on f(x), your soloist and underrated groups. But with the rest SUJU coming out of the army this year and SNSD’S 10th anniversary I doubt that f(x) will being making a comeback or if they do it will be promoted only shortly. Now don’t get me wrong SNSD should do something as they haven’t been in action since 2015 and it is their 10th anniversary but like instead of having every NCT unit comeback and EXO comeback focus on the lesser known groups and let them shine instead of shutting them away and just hurting them in the future. Rant over.


Amber we love you so much. Please stay strong. You are loved so much and have so much support from meu.

Thoughts on Amber’s Situation

These will be disjointed, simply ‘cause I can’t really make sense of how bad this is and why SM would let it get to this point (and I’m supposed to be sleeping now).

First and foremost, I guess now we know why Amber hasn’t done anything China-side. And why Victoria is sticking with China activities. Because nothing would “come in” for them. (Beyond any politics, especially since things have escalated only fairly recently.) The phrasing of nothing “coming in,” though, is really eating at me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it management’s role to seek out offers for their talents/artists? To say, ‘here are a bunch of projects, which one looks good to you’ or even ‘here’s a project; do it’? Victoria’s Chinese agency is certainly doing that. (Lunstal are technically in school, so I don’t know how much that affects their available job pool.) Amber said she even had to look for work on her own. This isn’t even bad management anymore. It’s no management; the absence of management. In which case — and not that I want them to do this — why even offer her a contract then?

The other thing that bothers me is the money argument. SM is a company, yes, which means they are really only looking at the bottom line. But with Amber doing most everything herself, it shouldn’t take much to gain something for the company, theoretically. Any profit should be better than no profit, right? And it could even be a negative profit situation right now, since presumably she’s still getting paid something, except they aren’t giving her anything to make that money back.

I’ve seen people talking about the quality aspect of this; that SM has a reputation to uphold. And there is truth to this, I won’t deny that. However, Amber has written 5 years worth of music, apparently including albums (plural!). I find it totally inconceivable that there wouldn’t be at least another mini-album’s worth of songs to be released. Yes, it may need polishing, but how is she supposed to do that if SM won’t even meet with her? (Assuming her quoted “we don’t have time for you” was told directly to her and not a summation of how they’re treating her.) If SM really is one of, if not the, biggest entertainment companies in Korea, how is it they don’t have at least one songwriter/QC person focus on what she’s giving them? And it isn’t like her compositions would be a total unknown, since they’re even included in f(x) albums. It really seems like, beyond neglect, SM just doesn’t want to work with her. And that’s the thing that rankles me most.

*In regards to f(x), I’m taking that group work as completely separate to the solo work she’s talking about in her Instagram post. Besides, it’s likely that group and solo is under different divisions, so I’m thinking that even as f(x) work on their comeback (assuming Luna’s statement is still true), her work as AMBER wouldn’t threaten anything but the timing of a comeback. (unless they use f(x) as a bargaining chip……………)

i mean? what the hell. the first time amber expressed her disappointment of not being able to do the work she wishes to do, she was able to catch everyone’s attention; all except sm apparently. she is expressing her disappointment again which means sm have not even tried to at least talk to her about this situation from the first time she posted two weeks ago. what are you doing sm? LISTEN TO AMBER 

I am disgusted with SM.

They have thrown away their groups. They have thrown away their fans. They have thrown away artists who have worked so hard just to be used for their own benefit.

If they can not manage the groups they have made then why are they debuting new groups? Super Junior, Girls Generation, F(x), Red Velvet, all just for a new group? Don’t get me wrong. I love all of their groups, NCT included, but they can’t just throw away the older groups. If they were going to just make them wait why not let them produce what they want? I am sure they have plenty of resources to make it happen. They are being lazy, neglectful, and utterly ignorant. It’s disrespectful to the artists, the fans, and the group as a whole.

Amber is fully capable of managing herself and making her own music. She has proved this. There are a number of talented individuals at SM who should not deal with their back and forth games. Stop pushing your artists when you won’t even give them the light of day. SM is so obsessed with their image and staying on top when they are already losing people they delved their time into. It is not a loss on SM’s part. It is a loss on the talented artists under they label. SM has wasted their time training, promoting, and their time. All for what? Just to throw them away.

SM, you will soon realize that creating all of these groups is useless if you are just going to neglect them. I guess that is their goal with NCT. To just dump all of their trainees in infinite groups until people can’t complain. It’s not hard to see that fact.

from a MeU perspective, more than anything, I am wishing and hoping for Amber to stay in sm and stand with f(x).. however, putting my selfishness aside and thinking realistically, it’s important to prepare myself for any type of future news that are to come regarding f(x)’s future even though it really hurts my heart to think about. Especially if sm still wanna act like imbeciles and ignore Amber’s continuous pleas…


On the left is Amber’s most recent post and on the right is the post right before it

Obviously she is going through something right now and feeling who knows what

Please just send her loving messages and give her your support

We love you Amber
We support you Amber
Whatever you’re experiencing right now please stay strong, and know that we’ll be right by your side