People are probably going to disagree with me on this one but one thing I really hate is kpop fans who romantically ship idols to the point where they overanalyse every single little thing and try and make every communication seem like evidence that two idols are in a secret relationship. I find it rather disturbing that some fans have genuinely convinced themselves that their beliefs are real because ‘idol X’ looked at 'idol Y’ and smiled at them. It gets to the point that when idols do start dating, their partners get attacked because the relationship ruins someones 'ship’. If you really respect idols don’t assume they’re in gay relationships with their bandmates until they come out and say they are, these people have often spent a long time together and are like family to one another, so stop imagining that they’re all having sex with each other, its gross.


Within the first two years of debut: “Look at these little buns.” “They’re so precious.” “Protect them.” “They deserve all the love in the world.”

Anytime after that: “This little shit.” “Stop. Doing. Aegyo.” “Fight me.” “Why do I stan you???” “Put you’re shirt back on.”