F(x) Reaction to: Breaking Up & Getting Back Together with Their GF

Anon: F(x) breaking up and getting back together with their girlfriend, thank you

a/n: I already have a breaking up reaction so this is a continuation of that! :) I hope you enjoy, anon ~

Victoria: Because she had kept everything in, it seemed strange to the media that someone so unaffected by a breakup would get back with their partner. Only those who know her, who saw the pain she tried to hide, understood the situation. And were happy for her, as the happy, fun woman they knew was back to herself.

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Amber: Although she’s glad to be back with you, the breakup left her insecure in the relationship. She’s afraid it may break down again so there will be lots of talking, about your feelings and thoughts and she hopes you can both move on from this situation, with a better understanding of each other.

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Luna: Enters the relationship without looking back. She doesn’t linger on the past, on the breakup and on her sad feelings during that time. It’s time to live in the present and now that she has you again, she’s going to enjoy it.

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Sulli: Makes you pay for the pain she felt. You have a lot of kisses to give, flowers and chocolates to buy and dishes to clean until she’ll forget but she forgave the second you came to her.

As she leaned on her friends heavily during the breakup, they were more alarmed at you getting together again than her. She has to assure them that it’s different this time, that you’re stronger now and they shouldn’t worry.

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Krystal: It takes her a while to let her guard down with you. Although she’s happy you’re back together, she can’t forget her pain during your time apart. Neither can Jessica, who resents you for it for months, until she can see you’re completely there for her sister and won’t leave her again.

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[ENG SUB] Luna’s Alphabet S3 Ep. 4 – Hot Summer Swimwear Styling 



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bride of the water god (2017) production updates:

botwg has been confirmed to air on tvn every monday and tuesday starting on july 3, 2017. it will contain 16 episodes. the plot-line has been updated: the drama surrounds a female doctor named soah (shin sekyung) who gets offered as a sacrifice to the reincarnation of the water god, habaek (nam joohyuk), and becomes his slave. lim juhwan has been confirmed to play the supporting role of hooye, habaek’s main rival. krystal’s character name has been changed from mura, witch of the chungyo mountains (the original name in the manhwa) to hyera. hyera is a goddess who has lived among human beings for hundred of years. because of her beauty, she becomes an actress. she has a one-sided love for habaek, and dislikes soah. hyera was previously considered to be human, but is now confirmed to be a goddess.

special guest appearances by kang haneul and yang donggeun have also been confirmed after some speculation! shooting for the drama officially began in march 2017 and should wrap up within the next few weeks.