Unless you can talk and read Korean perfectly, please do not mock idols when they speak English. Often they learn the language to better communicate with you and it is rather disrespectful when you make fun of them for making a effort. It is annoying to see intl fans being desparate for subtitles when idols make tv appearances but then when idols do speak English, unless it is perfect, it is not good enough. If you want to enjoy parts of Korean culture, please show respect to the people who make the content you consume.

since y’all love talking about big three privilege, here’s a look at their current status

sm - 

exo: given underproduced music for comeback album and repackage, relying solely on fan support to stay at the top because sm refuses to give them proper promotions

red velvet: having their unique sound butchered and losing fans to other 3rd gen girl groups because sm is hellbent on giving them cuter music so they can compete with the popular new groups (see: russian roulette and rookie)

f(x): where? all i see is amber’s vlogs

shinee: haven’t come back in over a year, somewhat due to onew’s scandal but at least taemin’s out here reminding people that michael jackson is alive and well, keeping shinee’s name alive so they don’t fade into obscurity 

snsd: nobody knows who’s still in the group, had one of the worst promotion cycles ever for their TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY. 

super junior: coming back but sm is doing 0 promo

nct: what even is their concept anymore? why is the seoul unit promoting in japan?? why are so many people still in the basement?

yg - 

blackpink: getting a reality show and apparently that’s supposed to make us feel better that they only have 5 songs???? why does yg hate women?

ikon: where?

winner: tbh i don’t pay attention to winner but i’m pretty sure yg’s fucking up somehow since i hardly ever hear anything about them

big bang: forever kings but after top’s scandal, we don’t know if they’ll ever come back as five again

jyp - 

day6: has grown in popularity this year but jyp still won’t give them the same chances and promotion as they give their idol groups

twice: overworked and need time off, no song between tt and likey ever happened why did jyp taint their discography like that

got7: had a comeback but didn’t go to weekly idol or after school club?? how can you have a got7 comeback and not put them on asc??? that’s their birthplace?? why did jyp have them drop a mini album and then forget about them two days later? why are they doing japanese promotions already? they just came back yesterday damn

yes. so much privilege. 


Within the first two years of debut: “Look at these little buns.” “They’re so precious.” “Protect them.” “They deserve all the love in the world.”

Anytime after that: “This little shit.” “Stop. Doing. Aegyo.” “Fight me.” “Why do I stan you???” “Put you’re shirt back on.”

I respect all groups and artist no matter if I ย enjoy their music or not because I know they all worked and trained hard to be able to release music and to follow their dream.
—  A respectable kpop fan that we should all aspire to be like