Jack and Bitty are so soft and in love with each other. Look how natural and comfortable they are with each other, how Bitty is tucked into Jack’s side, how Jack is curved slightly towards him, like he wants to surround him completely and hold him close. They look safe and happy and in love.

Bitty is leaning into Jack, the whole length of his body pressed into him, and Jack barely takes his eyes off of Bitty. 

Jack’s hand slides down to the small of Bitty’s back after he tells everyone that they’re together, like a little reminder that they’re in it together, holding him close. A little touch to tell Bitty “we did it!”. 

They don’t stop touching the whole time we see them. They’re so tactile and open with their affection when they can be, and it’s so beautiful. They’re glowing. Their situation isn’t perfect, but they have their best friends in the world sitting across the table from them, they can hold hands without worries, they can soak up each other’s warmth and laugh with their friends at the same time. 

I’m so happy for them. I’m so glad Jack and Bitty get to be this happy.