170629 amber’s instagram

Another normal day in the studio…
So proud of you my child @shannonarrumwilliams and thank you for letting me be a part of this with u. LOVE DON’T HURT out now!
또 스튜디오에 있는 평범한 하루…
우리 딸 @shannonarrumwilliams 화이팅!! 니가 짱이야! “눈물이흘러"와 샤넌 많은 사랑부탁드려용^^
📸: @maxxsong7 오빠사랑해요ㅋㅋ

Just realized Amber deleted something nearly the same time she posted something because the post count is still at 703. What in the world is she deleting 👀👀

I’m not obsessed enough to figure it out. Maybe another fan knows 🤔😗