[trans] luna: don’t worry. sm isn’t not letting us have a comeback, we’re just making sure we’re preparing hard so it can be perfect

[trans] luna: all the f(x) members are doing well. i spoke with all of them today

Some translations from the Luna’s Alphabet livestream yesterday. 

It may seem hard right now, but having a negative attitude won’t do us any good except drive fans away. f(x), especially Luna and Amber, seem to be fighting to at least give us hope, so let’s do what we can! Remember what Luna said about talking about f(x) all the time, too! 

(I’m singling out Lunber, because they’re the ones publicly saying stuff. I’m sure Krytoria are fighting, too, otherwise we would’ve gotten the D-word already.)


OMG, someone recorded Amber’s performance at the Asian TV Awards…. Doing heroic work!!!

It makes me worry thinking about how many times Amber has held it in or kept a smile on her face when talking to fans or updating us when she’s probably been in a mire for a lot longer than we think. I just hope recent events have a positive outcome and that her smile is genuine and her heart is light and her creativity is freed. 

I don’t think I’m being biased when I say Amber is doing really good in her role. She doesn’t draw focus when she isn’t supposed to, it doesn’t feel like they wrote in the American thing too much, just a few words here and there like boss and bro, it’s cute, and she has good timing with her lines. She also has good expressions and reactions. I don’t know if she’ll ever act again, but I really want to see her do so. It would be refreshing to see an actress who isn’t pretty much copy and paste of other actresses and roles. I was actually into She Was Pretty until they had her completely change her hair and makeup and she just wasn’t fun or relatable anymore. It would be adorable if she were some bada** character in a Taiwanese drama (many that I’ve watched have had pretty diverse female leads and character stories).