My favourite guys, I love you both dearly.

Seán, don’t be too hard on yourself, it was brave to speak your mind like that and people who know you well know what you meant! It’s sad to see though what people who didn’t get your point are causing and the amount of hate that spewed up… you don’t deserve that! Please know that the community is proud of you

Felix, stay strong, okay? It’s unfair how things have been being taken out of context lately and how unfair the media can be at times, you make millions of people laugh every day and I know that you’re not a bad person at heart, so don’t worry! It’ll blow over eventually, all the best to you til then, bro

We all make mistakes or do things that we regret later or wish we’d done them differently, but that’s just how it goes sometimes and that’s okay. Keep your heads up, guys!