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Krystal is actually dating Kai. Or was. She even posted a picture of his car on instagram. She's not a lesbian (she could be bisexual/pan but who cares it's none of our business) and SM aren't forcing them to pretend to date. What is a fact though, is that SM pays dispatch to release the photos they've taken of secret couples at a certain date. Kaistal aren't a cover up, majority of the couples in SM aren't, but their "announcement" is. Stop being so embarrassing with your conspiracy theories.

if that’s what you believe, believe what you want.  it is what it is, and we will never know the truth. like my friend said in this post, i’m going to repeat what she said (but credits to @propertyofmusicwhore)

kaistal has literally been non-existent after the scandal. they decided to release the scandal while krystal was in china, but she’s back. and where is kaistal? i’ll tell you where they are, in sm’s instant dating confirmation (shots fired). that’s where they are: instant. AN INSTANT and it’s gone. 

like sm confirmed that shit too god damn quick. for example with sulli and choiza? that’s sth THEY came out with. and pictures and rumors were out about them for forever with undeniable proof that they were in fact dating, and sm didn’t confirm that shit. sm took a thousand years to confirm sulli and choiza, and have you seen them after the confirmation? fuck yes! they’re everywhere! because it’s a real damn relationship. 

if you’ve been a f(x) fan before red light, you should know how much sulli suffered after her dating scandal. her being criticized for being with choiza and abandoning the members. she even took a break to discuss her future plans with sm. why is krystal not going through all that bullshit? because sm controls the situation, and sulli’s one was fucking unexpected.

to all the kaistal shippers (not towards all of them, just the ones that hate our ‘conspiracy’ theories) ship whoever the fuck you want. but can you actually hit me with some badass theory?

and you know, i’m proud of our theories. we actually analyze the idols, while kaistal theories are just a copy of sm’s statements. type kaistal on google, and all you get is that w korea photoshoot, their moment during sm town 2012 and photoshopped pictures. why? because they have no moments. “even if kaistal was trying to be less obvious, you’d still get some accounts of them being seen somewhere together, like damn!”

but hey soojung posted a picture of jongin’s car. you got me with that one. is baekyeol real now, because chanyeol posted a video singing with baekhyun in a car. please, give me some real proof. you’re the embarrassing one tbh

and i’m not hating the kaistal shippers who photoshop pictures, you are free to ship your own pairings. and to kaistal, kaisoo and kryber fans (or every other pairing), don’t fucking push others to ship your pairing. stop hating on idols you crying hoes.

and i bet if i wasn’t a soojung blog, the first thing you’d tell me is that i’m being like that because i hate krystal.

and i actually was not planning a long reply, but your last sentence changed that.

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