siwon1987: SUPER SHOW 6 that started from last September. Finale in Jakarta. SM performance team staff, Dream Maker, Dream Security etc, beloved E.L.F and members! It’s been hard work on all of you. We will meet you with a better look in SUPER SHOW 7 (c)
leedonghae: I love Indonesia !! It was a really fun and happy concert. We will quickly come and greet you again… World ELF, we will meet you at Super Show 7!! (c)  
kimheenim: Good Bye SS6!!!!😢😢😢😢 But, Coming Soon SS7!!!!😀😀😀😀#SuperShow6 #JAKARTA  
special_js1004 : ..Will you wait for me???^^..Now Yesungie is coming and regrettably there are members who have to go too but wait for us!!!^^..Because from now on it’s the real start..#Wait #Wewillwait (c)  
ryeong9:Super Show 6, until the last tour, thanks E.L.F.♡ (c)

hey look i just put different writing on the same pic as last time #photoshopgoals yeah anyways here are the winners and after the // are the runner ups :)

b e s t     u r l

cinderellas // allisvnargent & grifffins

b e s t     t h e m e

fieryoctavia // octaviasgriffns & bellatrixlestranqe

b e s t     i c o n

braveheartcas // maliasfur & montying

b e s t     t e e n     w o l f

savingsciles // isaaclayes & lydia-martns

b e s t     t h e    1 0 0

skaikruqueen // kyngbellamy & queensclarke

b e s t     m u l t i f a n d o m

ofdaredevil // montying, carkeblakemartxnski

b e s t     e d i t s   /    i c o n s

feralderek // skaikruqueen, carolineforbezs & queenclexa

b e s t     n e w c o m e r

isaaclayes // liamdunlbar & rockingstydia

n i c e s t     b l o g g e r

queensclarke // voidsmalia & brraveprincess

b e s t     o v e r a l l

montying // savingsciles & fieryoctavia

p e r s o n a l    f a v o r i t e

allisvnargent // maliasfur & michaelacastilo

congrats to all of you guys for having some really stellar blogs!

s e e    w h a t    y o u ’ v e    w o n