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i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk

I see everyone talking about Jimin getting hit with a Pikachu but not the fact that Tae literally became the mother of two Eevees that night


Alfred: Okay…How do I answer this without y’all trying to say I have a “daddy-kink”? Alright..technically speaking, Arthurs my dad, so growing up I’ve called him daddy like…three times…..but he’s not my “daddy”. And Ivan isn’t daddy either. When we dated I called him ‘Stargazer’.


rosemary more like rosemarries am i right??? am i ri

(also i take commissions jsyk)

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Please draw more horses in spirit-style! 😍

Aw I definitely will be! I’m hoping it’ll influence my style a bit, and with Spirit Keaton (LMAO it wasn’t on purpose i swear) from The Runaways being a shapeshifter…I’m going to be drawing plenty of horses :D gotta get the hang of it for the comic eventually

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Do you know about the end of Family Secrets cuz if not, Spoilers How would Ellen deal with all this nonsense in Andromeda between Scott and Alec with Reyes when/if she wakes up. I think she would just crawl back in cryo. " Alec i dealt with your crazy before but even i can't fix this. I thought it the biotic baby fight club was the worse but you proved me wrong" I bet if she liked Reyes she would spill all of Scotts embarrassing childhood to him. Just embarrassing Scott with some photos or smt.

WELL I KNOW NOW OH MY GOD (I don’t mind Ryder fam spoilers lmao- just major story spoilers. Have not gotten past Kadara yet. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS) I don’t even grab memory triggers if I run straight through them whoops

Take the Angst Train to Despair City. Ellen would attempt to kill Alec then hunt her baby down. Maybe kill Reyes too. She knows Alec’s decision was incredibly stupid, but she also knows he wouldn’t lie about a Reyes being a smuggler, and she just can’t handle the thought of Scott being with a smuggler.

Turns out that Reyes charm is a Ryder magnet though (Alec is the exception obviously). Scott’s reeling from the simple fact that holy shit my mom’s alive??? while Reyes and Ellen spend hours on the couch pouring over baby pictures and laughing hysterically over stories Scott doesn’t even remember (blocked because they have got to be so embarrassing)

Ellen assumes Scott and Reyes know who each other are- from kindergarten and everything. Nonchalantly says, “Funny how you guys got married twice! And I see Reyes got you something better than a ringpop this time!”

Scott freezes. Reyes gasps after a moment of thought. Both are struggling to remember kindergarten- and then they put two and two together and Scott’s sobbing. “Oh my god we got married twice that’s so fucking romantic don’t TOUCH ME. OH MY GOD!” 

After that Ellen really has to go. She’s crashing both their love life and their… “professional” life. One too many “Did you boys remember your lunches? And did you put sunscreen on? Kadara’s got a lot of sun! And I swear to god, Scott Ryder, if you threaten or kill one person today you will NOT come home to a happy mom.”

Scott thinks it’s a good thing she said one person. He took out about eighteen.

So she returns to the Tempest and Alec soon learns it’s not going to be a smooth forgiveness run. She likes Reyes. She really likes Reyes. Which is just another tick on the list of Reasons to Kill Alec. During the day, it’s pointed, passive aggressive, gushing about Reyes designed to drive Alec insane. And at night Alec has to sleep in the cargo bay or put up with HOURS of screaming, dodging objects, and being forcefully reminded of how badly he finally failed at being a father.

(Reyes also showed her the Biotic Baby Fight Club videos. Went on A LOT longer than she initially thought… There’s even a video where Alec teaches them The First Rule. Ohhh man does Alec hear about that one)

I wholly strive to meet the level of “extra-ness” of the Leverage team


Linctavia Week
Day 4: Octavia as Lady of Winterfell & Lincoln as a Wildling

Winterfell, 499 AC

She meets him for the first time when she’s out among the trees.

Her brother’s constant focus on her future gets to her sometimes and she heads out there to be alone, surrounded by the wild. It isn’t even that she doesn’t want to be Lady Octavia, because she truly doesn’t mind it too much; but sometimes she just wants the peace of the wood surrounding Winterfell. And then other times, she’s afraid. She’s not naïve, she’s heard the talk—the offers for her hand that her brother’s been declining for her without her knowledge, her part in the trade negotiations that Bellamy’s successfully been able to narrowly avoid agreement to.

But unless something drastic happens, Bellamy will have no choice soon. Her training on being a Lady will someday end, and he’ll have to give her hand to someone. Octavia doesn’t want to leave home, though. She’s not all that fond of the idea of belonging to someone else if she doesn’t get a true choice. More than anything, though, she just wants Winterfell.

So distracted is she by her thoughts, that she doesn’t see the boar charging after her until it’s too late. Her eyes widen, her mouth opens in a scream, and her body is telling her to run, to move out of the way, but it isn’t doing anything. At the last moment, a man comes out of the woods with a spear and stabs the boar.

“Thank you,” she whispers as she stares up at him, looking him over. “I’m Octavia, by the way,” she introduces herself.

“My name is Lincoln,” he answers. He’s not one of her brother’s men, sent to follow her. He isn’t even from around here, she’d presume. Her eyes widen. “You’re on our land!” she exclaims.

The Free Folk have been on peaceful terms with the rest of the realm for over a hundred years now. The wall opens for both sides now, and they roam free, just as anyone is allowed past the Wall now. However, house seats are thought to be off limits. It’s not an official limitation, but Octavia’s been at Winterfell all her life and never see a Wildling before…until now, that is.

The tall man shrugs. “No one lives in the wood between your border and ours,” he says. “It has long been free ground.” He bends down and takes a small knife to the boar, skinning and gutting it.

“Why are you here, then, if you don’t live here?” she asks.

He gestures with his knife to the boar on the ground. “Better hunting.”

“You steal our game?” her head tilts to the side, and the slightest hint of accusation appears in her voice.

“It’s free land.”

“So you say,” she says.

He stands and moves to another area. Octavia watches in fascination as he gathers sticks and fallen wood. It doesn’t take him long to have a fire started. She steps closer to it, grateful for the sudden warmth. “You should learn to protect yourself if you’re going to come out here alone,” he replies, changing the subject abruptly. Octavia doesn’t mind.

“I’m supposed to be a Lady,” she tells the stranger who saved her. “I’m not supposed to need to protect myself. And, usually Lya’s with me. She’d have taken that boar down for me.”

“A wolf is not a knife,” he answers, holding out his own for emphasis.

Octavia straightens and a chill runs across her back. “I never told you Lya was my direwolf.”

“I’m—here…often, I’ve seen you…with the butterflies. The wolf was with you. You called her Lya.”

She smiles and relaxes just slightly. In silence, she watches him tend to the fire and prepare the boar. The sun sets in the sky, but she’s not worried. Lya would alert Bellamy if she sensed that Octavia was in danger, and she’s beginning to become certain she’s not.

She continues to ask questions and he continues to answer, with short, but truthful responses. Octavia finds herself intrigued by him. Finally, once they’ve had their fill of the boar he’d saved her from she stands. “Well, I must get back. They’ll be looking for me soon.”

He nods wordlessly, and, not expecting anything further to be said, she starts walking back toward Winterfell.

“I could teach you,” she hears him say, after taking only a few steps. She turns back to face him. Realizing his statement was ambiguous, he adds, “How to protect yourself—I could teach you.”

Octavia smiles. “I’d like that.”