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Two Manics in Love (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: Imagine that you are sent to Arkham Asylum after killing your father since he was an alcoholic drunk, abusing for for no heck of a reason and him using you as his use of entertainment. It was then you meet him, the one and only Jerome Valeska himself. But will things go smooth or a total chaos with 2 Manics In Love… 

Pairing: Jerome Valseka and Reader

Warning: Swearing, mentions of murder, blood, rape, alcohol, torture and stuff like that. If don’t like then don’t read. Read at your own risk. 

Fandom: Gotham

Season: Season 2

Useful tips: F/L = favourite length (for your dress), F/S = favourite shoes, F/C = favourite colour, H/L = hair length, H/C = hair colour, F/B/M= favourite book or mag, E/C= eye colour, Y/N= your name, Y/LN= your last name 

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You are the newest rookie in Arkham Asylum. You’re the only girl since you haven’t found any yet or met any. You wear an F/L dress that was black and white stripes on it, F/S that were F/C that was reflecting off the dimmed lights in the cold old room. Your H/L H/C hair was down as you walked your hair would bounce up and then down. 

You had an expression on your S/C face that you were defiantly not in the mood for anyone’s shit today.


You sat in a wooden chair away from everyone in the cafeteria. You decided to read your favourite book/magazine F/B/M. Once you were starting to read the juicy bit you swore that you could feel someones eyes burning straight at you. 

You were starting to get irritated by the feeling and you looked up from F/B/M to see whoever the bloody hell eyes it staring at you. Your E/C eyes scattered across the room full of insane people that was all different shapes, colours and sizes.

Until… your eyes caught the person. He has red flaming hair that was combed back neatly only leaving a few hair strains in his face. His flaming blue eyes were staring right into your own. It felt like he was looking right through you with the gaze you’re getting from him. He had this little smirk on his pale face that drove you crazy, yet you already were. He wore a white shirt underneath his black and white button up shirt with the same colour/color pants. 

He looked… attractive and he look around about your age. 

You give him a death stare back and went back to your book/magazine. But what you didn’t know was, he got up and started to skip his way to your direction. He slid on the metal smooth bench and crossed one of his legs as a wide grin appeared on his lips. 

“What’s a gorgeous girl like you doing in a place like this?” He asked you curiously, as you looked up at him. You’ve seen him on the Gotham news but never learnt his name. 

You have decided to save the page you were currently reading and placed your F/B/M book/magazine on the table next to you so you don’t get distracted again and you looked into his eyes and smirked. 

“Not from mummy issues, like you… I know that.” You smirked as his eyes widen. But then a small laugh came from him. He grins at you while you rolled your eyes.

”No… not because from mummy issues… but maybe daddy issues… huh gorgeous?” He whispered the last part in your ear as his voice gave you shivers down your spine and butterflies in your stomach because of how close he was to you. He smirked as you were shocked and surprised. How did he know? “No comeback huh doll. Well I may as well introduce myself… hello gorgeous, I’m Jerome Valeska… and obviously you know my story but sadly… I can’t remember yours… mind reminding me doll?” He asked you as you gave him a curious look. 

”Fine… my name is Y/N Y/LN and you wanna know why I’m here? Well I guess it started when my mother left me behind with my alcoholic somewhat of a father. I was around five and daddy would abuse me with a beer bottle, he would normally bring home some sex partners home and I hid in the closet crying to myself asleep every night. And when there really drunk, daddy and some of his sex partners would abuse me by anything that they could find. But a few weeks ago he decided to toy with me. Ha! Big mistake daddy. I snapped, I found a kitchen knife and when daddy was asleep I tied his ass to a chair. He tried to escape but couldn’t. I slowly ripped his flesh opened as he screamed and begged for mercy. But I was having so much fun. My fun ended quickly in about a week as Jim found out that I murdered daddy and I was sent here.” You grinned as he laughed madly.

“Well gorgeous… you and me have something in common. And I love your style… Maybe when we get out of here we should team up and do some killing and torture huh, gorgeous?” He asked as a wide smile appeared on his face. You smiled too thinking about his offer. 

“Sure Valseka… just two manics go on a killing spree.” You smiled as you thought about when you two get out and kill for fun. It would be a blast. A wide smile appeared on your face as you looked over towards Jerome. He had a wide smile as laughter came out. 

You saw him coming closer towards you as you didn’t care. You felt his lips brushed against your own. You instantly kissed him back as you couldn’t care in the world. The kiss ended as you felt his forehead against your own. 

“Not just two manics… but just two manics in love.” He whispers against your ear as you felt butterflies in your stomach. And hopefully one day you will get to go on an killing spree with Jerome. 

 (A:N hey guys so this is an Imagine for any Jerome Valseka’s lovers out there. I’m sorry if he wasn’t in character, sorry for any spelling mistakes and grammar, sorry if this sucked since this is my first imagine).