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re: the potential James/Lena ship

people are allowed to be annoyed that the show is pairing Kara’s two potential love interests together. 

both James and Lena have a connection with Kara that’s been shown to be real and healthy, regardless of whether you interpret it as romantic or not. They’re the two biggest potential love interests for Kara. However, the show erased Karolsen consistently throughout season 2, and seemed to bait with Supercorp. Not liking James/Lena as a pairing doesn’t mean people don’t like James. 

It means we see through the transparency of the CW not wanting their lead character to have a healthy inter-racial relationship or a healthy f/f relationship, and it’s shoe-horning the two of them together to get rid of them as potential interests for kara. 

however, we as a fandom similarly have to be aware not to take this out on James, the black male lead of the show. it’s possible to like james, but not the ship, however some of the fandom’s reactions to him have painted him as predatory and ‘not good enough’ for lena, and it’s easy to border into racist territory. if you’re white or even a non-black person of color, this is especially true. lena doesn’t need to be ‘protected’ from james. we don’t need to ‘keep james away from her’. let them be friends. let them be part of the super friends. 

james has been screwed by the show more than potentially any other character. a forced ship with lena would do him a disservice too, even if it’s well-written in-canon, from the way s2 erased his relationship with kara it’s hard not to see if as the show wanting to get rid of him as a potential partner to kara, especially when season 1 showed him to be such a strong partner to supergirl and kara, both as friend and love interest. 

Two Manics in Love (Jerome Valeska Imagine)

Summary: Imagine that you are sent to Arkham Asylum after killing your father since he was an alcoholic drunk, abusing for for no heck of a reason and him using you as his use of entertainment. It was then you meet him, the one and only Jerome Valeska himself. But will things go smooth or a total chaos with 2 Manics In Love… 

Pairing: Jerome Valseka and Reader

Warning: Swearing, mentions of murder, blood, rape, alcohol, torture and stuff like that. If don’t like then don’t read. Read at your own risk. 

Fandom: Gotham

Season: Season 2

Useful tips: F/L = favourite length (for your dress), F/S = favourite shoes, F/C = favourite colour, H/L = hair length, H/C = hair colour, F/B/M= favourite book or mag, E/C= eye colour, Y/N= your name, Y/LN= your last name 

Part 2 Here

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You are the newest rookie in Arkham Asylum. You’re the only girl since you haven’t found any yet or met any. You wear an F/L dress that was black and white stripes on it, F/S that were F/C that was reflecting off the dimmed lights in the cold old room. Your H/L H/C hair was down as you walked your hair would bounce up and then down. 

You had an expression on your S/C face that you were defiantly not in the mood for anyone’s shit today.


You sat in a wooden chair away from everyone in the cafeteria. You decided to read your favourite book/magazine F/B/M. Once you were starting to read the juicy bit you swore that you could feel someones eyes burning straight at you. 

You were starting to get irritated by the feeling and you looked up from F/B/M to see whoever the bloody hell eyes it staring at you. Your E/C eyes scattered across the room full of insane people that was all different shapes, colours and sizes.

Until… your eyes caught the person. He has red flaming hair that was combed back neatly only leaving a few hair strains in his face. His flaming blue eyes were staring right into your own. It felt like he was looking right through you with the gaze you’re getting from him. He had this little smirk on his pale face that drove you crazy, yet you already were. He wore a white shirt underneath his black and white button up shirt with the same colour/color pants. 

He looked… attractive and he look around about your age. 

You give him a death stare back and went back to your book/magazine. But what you didn’t know was, he got up and started to skip his way to your direction. He slid on the metal smooth bench and crossed one of his legs as a wide grin appeared on his lips. 

“What’s a gorgeous girl like you doing in a place like this?” He asked you curiously, as you looked up at him. You’ve seen him on the Gotham news but never learnt his name. 

You have decided to save the page you were currently reading and placed your F/B/M book/magazine on the table next to you so you don’t get distracted again and you looked into his eyes and smirked. 

“Not from mummy issues, like you… I know that.” You smirked as his eyes widen. But then a small laugh came from him. He grins at you while you rolled your eyes.

”No… not because from mummy issues… but maybe daddy issues… huh gorgeous?” He whispered the last part in your ear as his voice gave you shivers down your spine and butterflies in your stomach because of how close he was to you. He smirked as you were shocked and surprised. How did he know? “No comeback huh doll. Well I may as well introduce myself… hello gorgeous, I’m Jerome Valeska… and obviously you know my story but sadly… I can’t remember yours… mind reminding me doll?” He asked you as you gave him a curious look. 

”Fine… my name is Y/N Y/LN and you wanna know why I’m here? Well I guess it started when my mother left me behind with my alcoholic somewhat of a father. I was around five and daddy would abuse me with a beer bottle, he would normally bring home some sex partners home and I hid in the closet crying to myself asleep every night. And when there really drunk, daddy and some of his sex partners would abuse me by anything that they could find. But a few weeks ago he decided to toy with me. Ha! Big mistake daddy. I snapped, I found a kitchen knife and when daddy was asleep I tied his ass to a chair. He tried to escape but couldn’t. I slowly ripped his flesh opened as he screamed and begged for mercy. But I was having so much fun. My fun ended quickly in about a week as Jim found out that I murdered daddy and I was sent here.” You grinned as he laughed madly.

“Well gorgeous… you and me have something in common. And I love your style… Maybe when we get out of here we should team up and do some killing and torture huh, gorgeous?” He asked as a wide smile appeared on his face. You smiled too thinking about his offer. 

“Sure Valseka… just two manics go on a killing spree.” You smiled as you thought about when you two get out and kill for fun. It would be a blast. A wide smile appeared on your face as you looked over towards Jerome. He had a wide smile as laughter came out. 

You saw him coming closer towards you as you didn’t care. You felt his lips brushed against your own. You instantly kissed him back as you couldn’t care in the world. The kiss ended as you felt his forehead against your own. 

“Not just two manics… but just two manics in love.” He whispers against your ear as you felt butterflies in your stomach. And hopefully one day you will get to go on an killing spree with Jerome. 

 (A:N hey guys so this is an Imagine for any Jerome Valseka’s lovers out there. I’m sorry if he wasn’t in character, sorry for any spelling mistakes and grammar, sorry if this sucked since this is my first imagine).


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jugramhaschwal  asked:

Oh , thank you very much, ! By the way , are you planning to do second part for the "The Clerk and the Boss" it will be awesome:)

Very good idea ! I just wrote it, but the end is like… not good at all ! xD Sorry about it ^^’

Sequel to The Clerk and the Boss : Breath and Keep calm !

 How are you supposed to get prepared for a dinner with your boss?! Was the question I was wondering non-stop in my head all day long while panicking like crazy. I was so out of it since the conversation at the cafeteria-gym that I actually ignored most of the people that were talking to me – because I didn’t even realized I was talked to in the first place. Oh, and I just turned in a clumsy employee bumping into everything and that was beginning to be painful.

 What on earth was going on?! I was basically lost, and confused, and my mind was threatening me to explode at any moment soon. I was just a plain clerk for god sake! I didn’t even know where he was intending to invite me to diner and… Oh my god, a diner.

“Okay Y/N. Breathe deeply and calm down. You can do it!” I mumbled, hopeful. “It’s only diner after all. Just pretend he is not your boss owning half the town and… Right! Just Lex! Just a friend! No boss after time work. Alright.”

By the time I realized it, it was past six and my day had been totally wasted. I hadn’t done anything useful today, just messed up with paperwork and earned blue mark where I hit myself. It wasn’t my style, but for now I just gave up and decided to go home for apparently I was supposed to prepare myself to go out for diner.

“You’re leaving early today, Y/N.” Noted Gary, surprised. “Everything’s alright?”

“Yeah, I just feel like I’m not doing a great work today, and don’t want to mess up anything else.” I laughed nervously.

“Well, that happen sometime. Rest well and tomorrow will be another day!” He cheered me happily.

“Thanks Gary. I’ll try to do that.” I smiled, then opened my umbrella and left in the pouring rain.

 Walking under the downfall helped me clear my mind and before long I was playing at dodging the puddle while searching in my mind my outfit for the evening. That was concrete, occupying me enough to keep me from going crazy. I took my bus, and walked home at seven o’clock with a very precise idea of what to do. First of all, I said hi to the cat, Y/F/D (favourite dessert) and feed him after hanging my coat in the kitchen to let it dry. Then I took a hot shower, taking my time to wash my y/h/c hair. Then I dried myself and put on some body cream at y/f/p (favourite perfume).

 Not knowing what to expect, I decided that I would just be myself and therefor choose my favourite dress with an artistic pattern of y/f/f (favourite flowers), with shoes of the matching colours.

“Okay. You’re as ready as you can be.” I said. “Don’t judge me, Y/F/D !”

 Ignoring me, the cat mocked me with a meow and then left for the bedroom, leaving me alone for the next fifteen minute. Well, if he was on time. Maybe he would be late. Or won’t come. Maybe it was just a joke and I misunderstood? My heart started to beat too fast and I panicked again. I didn’t even knew if I wanted him to ever arrive. Why was I going diner with Lex? Not out of the fear that he would fire me if I declined. He didn’t let me much of time to say anything, but if I didn’t want to go, no one could force me.

 So why? I liked indeed that coffee break we were taking together and the chit chat following, and Lex was nice and all. Well, he was more than just nice. Handsome would be more accurate. And the only reasons why I wasn’t day dreaming about him was because he was my boss, and because I thought that no one would ever see me as a possible girlfriend. I mean, I wasn’t that interesting, the only thing not random about me were my colourful outfit, and my ability to be nice and remember every face. But I didn’t have any close friends, just acquaintance that found me funny. No one ever really tried to see who I was below the surface.

 That was actually pretty lonely.

 Maybe I wanted to break that loneliness, and found a real friend that would actually know me?

 I didn’t have the time to think more deeply about it because the doorbell rang. My hands were shaking but I opened the door anyway.

“Hi again.” I said awkwardly.

 Lex had a satisfied smirk, apparently doubting that I would be ready – probably thinking that I would decline at the last second.

“Evening Y/N. That dress suits you.” He said.

 I noticed he was still wearing the same clothes but well, he was busy at works so that was understandable. And he didn’t have to walk home under the pouring rain either.

“Sadly enough, the flowers on my dress don’t drink water, so I had to change.” I justified myself, calming down.

 Right, there wasn’t anything to freak about. It was just like coffee break but with diner instead! Lex chuckled, and I thought that he seemed less stressed out than at work. Obviously, that remark was unnecessary!. Of course he’s less stressed than at work! Idiot.

“I won’t complain ‘bout that. I think than from all I’ve seen you with, that one is my favourite.” Lex said with a cocky smile.

 He was looking curiously at my apartment and this was making me embarrassed. I blushed and changed the subject:

“So hum… what’s the program?”

“Glad you ask! If you have all you need, we’ll be taking the car. It’s parked just in front of the building.”

“Well, then let’s go.”

 I took my bag and a coat and scarf, and shut the light before locking the front door and following him downstairs. The car looked more like a limousine for me but I keep that though for me and sat at the front, next to the driver place for it was obvious that Lex was driving.

“So, where are we going?” I asked.

“Well, obviously I’m driving you to a dark alley where I’ll murder you without witness.” He replied.

“Damn, why always a dark alley? Why not a colourful garden for a change? It’s so cliché!”

“Well I know my classic dear!”

 I finally completely relaxed as we kept joking until we reached the bay. He parked the car and we walked under the same umbrella to a little restaurant facing the water. It was an Italian trattoria, and the atmosphere was very warm and also intimate. We sat at a table by the window, and the waiter gave us the menu. I ordered y/f/i/f, and we kept chatting happily, about his tour of the state for the promotion of the company, the way of playing basket of some employee or even Italian art. At some point, I started to tell him about my childhood and my mother, and found that very comforting. Lex was listening carefully, and that was probably the first time that someone actually listened to my story. When I told him about her death, my voice broke and he took my hand softly.

“It’s hard to give up on someone. I mean, my father is dead, but I can still feel his presence everywhere, his judgment on every of my action…”

 Something in his tone, a gleam in his eyes made me realized that we were more close than I though.

“The hardest is to accept the fact that you weren’t important, without reason or justification. To understand that it wasn’t your fault but theirs if they couldn’t feel love, nor care… A child isn’t responsible for the cruelty of the adults, but he is always the one who suffer the most…”

 There was a silent, and Lex looked troubled, and somehow touch by those words. But then he just awkwardly joked it off:

“I-I didn’t brought you here for a free psychoanalysis you know! Give me a taste of your meal!”

 And so the solemn moment was closed, but that night a deep bond was created between us, for you were sharing the same hidden scars and pain.


I’m a huge football fan, and the World Cup is finally here so here’s Peeta, captain of Panem team


OOTD 02/09/14 

Dress- F&F @ Tescos

Kimono- Topshop

Shoes- New Look

Necklace- Topshop

Watch- Michael Kors

Bracelet- Primark