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how Hibari, Tsuna and Enma falling in love with a s/o is absolutely oblivious to people flirting with her?


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  • It was… hard not to love you.
  • You are a level headed, honest person with the guts to actually look him in the eye and tell him if you think he’s spouting bullshit.
  • But despite all that you were gentle with everything and everyone else around you.
  • You were gentle with Hibird. Even carrying around birdseed in your pocket to feed it whenever you could.
  • You were gentle with Kusakabe and was always polite to him, always asking if there was anything you could help him with.
  • You were even gentle with him. Always ready with a nice cup of tea after a long stressful day even as you finish checking and sorting all his emails for him.
  • He loved you. Loved you so much. He just wished he could make you understand that.
  • But every time he tried to make some sort of move you always think it was job related.
  • Standing too close only made you look at him like he was being odd.
  • Gifts made you smile but you always think it was a reward for being an efficient secretary.
  • Damn it, even during dinner dates you act like it was an ordinary evening out and always treated him as your boss.
  • He supposed he shouldn’t complain, at least it discouraged everyone else who seemed interested in you and once they could see you viewed them as nothing more than polite acquaintances they usually went away.
  • It was the persistent ones he usually had problems dealing with. Those usually need a good glare over your head before they nervously scuttled away.
  • All in all he wondered if he should try out Kusakabe’s suggestion and kiss you?
  • Hmm… Maybe it was worth a try.


  • He would not have noticed you had it not been for the fact that someone was always hovering around you trying to get your attention.
  • You seemed plain to him at first, not his usual standards at all.
  • But you were efficient and firm and you grew as fierce as a tigress when things got rocky.  Force to be reckoned with when the Famiglia was in danger.
  • It was during a raid to the mansion when you tried to defend him from enemies that he saw your true face.
  • After that he started going out of his way talking to you expecting you to get all flustered. Oh how wrong he was.
  • You were calm and so level headed it was hard to get passed your guard.
  • He tried everything he knew to get your attention but you always seemed so… clueless.
  • The gifts he sent to you you regard as something that was meant for someone else.
  • Leaning over and whispering directly into your ear was no good since you keep on working anyway.
  • Whenever he touched you you respond to by asking him if he needed anything. When he parried with something flirtatious you just act you’re confused and then offer to call Gokudera.
  • Tsuna was about ready to tear his hair out over you and he had thought that you just didn’t like him. But then he calmed down when he observed you were like this to everyone else.
  • Deciding he should be more aggressive he would put you in a position where you would ‘accidentally’ find him half naked.
  • He would have you assigned as the personal assistant who woke him up in the mornings and the one who helped him settle down in the evenings.
  • He had every faith he would be able to crush your defenses sooner or later.


  • Loving you was a frustrating and yet amusing endeavor.
  • He still couldn’t believe someone as paranoid as him would fall in love with a person who had almost no self-preservation tendencies whatsoever.
  • Adel advised him not to pursue you but fuck! How could he not?
  • Your smile was much too tender when you looked at him. Your soul too loving for him to ignore.
  • He was a selfish man despite being so quiet and he didn’t want anyone else to have that.
  • He made sure he was a constant presence by your side.
  • He spoke even though he hated it sometimes just to make sure you knew he was still there.
  • Taking you out to dinner was a little tricky. You keep insisting you won’t let him treat you to anywhere fancy and that she’d rather you split the bill with you.
  • Giving you gifts were problematic because you just returned them with another gift to show your appreciation.
  • What frustrated him the most was the fact that men just won’t stop hovering around you and that you were too clueless to tell them to go away!
  • So he had had to take matters into his own hands and mostly scare them away with glares of death, pain and destruction.
  • Still Enma was anything if not patient.
  • He had found something he liked, after all; and damned if he’ll ever let go.

Notes from AP Calc BC–lots of blue :)

I’ve had a pretty easy week in terms of schoolwork, but I’m taking the CM piano test (level 10) this weekend, so I’ve been practicing piano like crazy to prepare for it. I’m glad it’s all going to be over soon!

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Recently I’ve fallen into this slump and, honestly, I can’t tell you how I got here. But I can’t get out. 

We’re having such nice weather here and I’ve spent all week curled up under a blanket re-watching a show I’ve ready seen every episode to. Or I’m taking hour long showers which mostly consist of me sitting on the shower floor with the water turned as hot as it’ll go. And… I’m not sleeping a whole lot. My nights are spent overthinking or stress cleaning. 

I feel overwhelmingly sad and frustrated and I’m confused and unfortunately filled with so much self-hatred which leads to so much self-doubt which is why I can’t bring myself to talk to you… Or anyone. 

We sit next to each other in class and I can’t talk to you. I don’t know what to say because every time I think about opening my mouth I just want to blurt the truth. 

Tell you that my depressions getting super bad and it may or may not clear up in a couple of weeks or, hey, anxiety kind of rules my life and you make me really nervous so I don’t know what to say or how to say it but I want to say everything. 

You always message first and it’s been two days of silence and I don’t know if that’s because you’ve already grown tired of me or you’re waiting to see if I will message you first at some point. 

I would… I want to… But I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to do this… I don’t know what I’m doing. 

God, what am I doing? 


So um… I was just drawing a a random facial expression today, then the hair, and it started to look like America, so I kept going… This started during my first block which was science class, and I remember getting a comment on how good my art is… If only they had seen how this turned out XD. Basically Alfred’s a trendy boy, and is the coolest kid on the block. He got that Capri Sun and that mood ring that you get confused about, because right now it’s green so he’s romantic??. He’s also got those weed socks his persuaded his mom to buy, and them crocs with those socks of course. Trendy ass basketball shorts and Nike shirt (most common thing guys wear around my area). Slap Bracelets which every kid has gots to have. Temporary snake tattoo he got out of a 75 cent machine that’s at the front of the store, with a boss necklace that cost 25 cents at that same store in that same area where all the little toy machines are. This boy right here, is the perfect definition of a fuckboi in the making, around age 10 at least. (Honestly not joking around when I say this, but this is what a “cool kid” looked like during my younger years and as of now…I only like the Capri Sun and a Slap Bracelets xD) in conclusion this is the Coolest Kid on The Block. As @ask-random-lovely-characters it is my duty to create some sort of art, so I guess this counts.

A L F R E D   I S   A   C O O L   B O I