Não importa quanto tempo passe, eu sempre vou te descrever da mesma maneira: o cara bonito e diferente de todos os outros, que me conquistou com seu jeito de menino, o olhar capaz de entender coisas que nunca falei, o dono do sorriso contagiante, a paz que eu tanto precisava, a metade que faltava e o amor para toda vida que ouvi desde pequena em contos de fadas, mas que só você me mostrou que existia.
My Hero

Why was there no supercorp ending scene!?!? Here’s a quick drabble on how it shouldve ended…

The betrayal and disappointment that flashed across her mother’s face was almost enough to make her feel guilty. Almost. Even though Lena knew that Lillian didn’t love her, it still pained her to watch as she was handcuffed and forced into the back of a squad car. This woman was her mother albeit a cold and distant one, but she was her mother, nonetheless. She was all she had left and now she was going to join Lex, leaving Lena alone once again. The thought causes a lump to rise in her throat and she’s so caught up in her reverie that she doesn’t hear the approaching figure.

“You saved us.” It is not a question, it’s a statement and it causes Lena to turn around and to be greeted by the sight of Supergirl sauntering towards her. The heroine’s golden locks are tousled from chasing the missile and her cheeks are red with exertion, and Lena finds herself wondering how someone can look so beautiful after literally being bombed out of the sky.

“I did what had to be done,” Lena says setting her jaw and looking to the ground.

When she feels a strong hand lay gently on her shoulder, she looks up, and sucks in a breath when she looks into Supergirl’s eyes, eyes that shine bright like the stars that painted the dark canvas of the sky. “You’re not like your brother or your mother. You’re good, Lena, and I can’t believe that I let myself doubt that for even a second.” She lets out a humorless laugh and shakes her head. At Lena’s questioning stare she continues, “Everything just seems to be going against you, yet time and time again, you always do the right thing and, this time, I thought that you wouldn’t. I was wrong, oh thank Rao, I wrong. I admire that about you, it’s what makes you different, it’s what makes you a hero.”

Lena doesn’t know what possesses her to wrap her arms around the superheroine and she certainly does not know where the warmth in her chest blooms from once she does, but when she feels a pair of strong arms encircle her, she decides she doesn’t care. The weight of the day’s events seem substantially lighter once one of Supergirl’s hands starts stroking up and down on the length of her back.

She doesn’t know how long they stand there and she doesn’t even realize she had started crying until a thumb strokes away the tears. Supergirl smiles earnestly and says, “You are my hero, Lena Luthor.” And in that moment, gazing into grateful blue eyes, Lena realizes she made the right choice.