NS 256 - Adrian, Michigan by Tyler Pate
Via Flickr:
Norfolk Southern’s only TripleCrown Route that is still left on the entire system is here on Norfolk Southern’s former Wabash Line between Detroit, Michigan & St. Louis, Missouri. Today’s train is running about 11 hours behind scheduled, the eastbound (NS 256) is usually into Detroit around 1:30-2:00AM, my guess would have been the fog that delayed this train so far back, but who knows something else could have happened, lead by a former Conrail Dash-8, now painted into NS #8397. After missing a westbound Canadian Pacific mixed freight/stack train with a pair of CP EMD SD60’s as power at home, I decided, I was gonna go out and shoot something better than a pair of SD60’s, which was true, I ended up shooting this NS 256, (which is a normal night train around my area), passing NS’s MoW shed and former Wabash Depot along Maumee Street here in Adrian, Michigan, which is filled with new signals for the line between Montpelier and Detroit.