fábio santos


  • Name: Jack Santos
  • Nicknames: N/A
  • Age: Twenty-Nine
  • Occupation: Driver
  • Loyalty: Bobrovskova


    With a cherubic smile on his lips and a silver spoon between them, Jack Santos was born into privilege. However, he did not reside in the spacious estates with rolling lands and butlers and servants all about to tend to his every whim. He was raised in the city, Houston specifically. His estate was a penthouse loft with two floors. His butler was the doorman who let him in and greeted him each morning. The closest he ever got to a servant was the au pair who was hired to watch him and ensure he stayed out of his parents’ hair. Mr. and Mrs. Santos were both successful people in their own right. Jack’s father was a CEO for a huge insurance firm that operated all over the South. His mother was the lawyer that made sure all disputes were settled quickly (if not always legally). To all this Jack was blissfully unaware, caring only for the fact that he had the newest and best of everything.

    As the stories of so many of these poor little rich boys go, he began acting out when he got older, trying desperately to grab his parents’ attention, to make them look up from their contracts and lawsuits and care about him. Still, no matter how many benders he went on or how many schools he was expelled from, their attitudes did not change towards him. He couldn’t even remember the first time he fell into street racing. A friend of a friend told him about watching a race after a party one night, and he’d followed blindly. His eyes were opened to this fast-paced world of adrenaline and skill, and soon his own expensive cars slid up to the starting line with the other rich kids, gunning his engine, defeating them with a smile and a foot of space between him and the next car. He was alive and free and nearly always won. Nearly. Occasionally the soft swing of a dark-haired ponytail crossed the line before he did.

    Just like with so much in his life, the next step came accidentally. He was in his parent’s office, breaking into his dad’s safe for some extra hard cash, when he came across files dating back to before he was born. Files of lawsuits from hard-working middle class people who his father screwed over and his mother buried in paperwork and proceedings. His life, all his luxuries, they were all a product of the people making their livings honestly who his parents stole from. At that moment, impulsive as always, Jack took to his room and packed a duffel bag, just with anything he felt he needed to survive. He grabbed all the cash from his father’s safe, pressed about five hundred dollars into the hand of the doorman who had greeted him all his life and never would again, and fled in a car that had sped him racing towards a finish line. Never away from something. Not like this. But he was racing, cut off and alone, far from corrupt parents who’d never been there in the ways that mattered and a gilded life that was all he’d ever known. He didn’t stop racing, up and down the California coast, getting tanned by the beaches and skiing in the mountains, making money back by being the fastest and the best. Two years later, a woman named Sabina approached him with a proposition, a way to make people like his parents pay and make up for the sin of a privilege he’d never realized he had. Jack took it. Without hesitation. It’s years later, and still, to him, the most important road in his life is one towards a redemption he’s not sure he’ll never feel like he truly deserves.


  • Jack’s job in the Bobrovskova Crew is as the driver. He is all impulse and gut instinct, capable of making split second decisions in the heat of the moment.


Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Maps by Maroon 5

Titanium (feat. Sia) by David Guetta


Athena Gañero. Rival. You couldn’t even remember when it happened. It felt like from the first moment you rolled onto the racing scene, there she was with her brown ponytail, egging you on with sarcasm and snark. It was always her car you wanted to pull ahead of, her face you wanted to see in the rear view mirror. It didn’t matter if you came in fourth, as long as she came in fifth… Ok, that wasn’t true. You definitely needed to come in first. But that sort of constant push to be better, to do more, that didn’t fade when you both joined squads. Occasionally you’ll compare thefts, getaway routes, and paychecks, both nothing beats that moment when it’s the open road and you’re pulling ahead, and she knows it.

Madison and Maisie Hathaway. Sister Figures. You don’t know the specifics of what the other driver and her sister went through, but you do know that there’s an innocence in Madison, a sweetness, that you want to maintain. Maisie looks at you, and you look at her, and you just know that you share the same goal. So you two are comrades in trying to protect Madison, keep the worst of everything away from her, make it a game of sorts. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, Maisie will take care of you too. She might hide away things that’ll remind you of your parents or tell you of a really charitable way you might spend your money. They’re the little bits of family you wish you had from the start, but are all the sweeter because you have them now.

Sebastian Lam. Distrust. You will never be able to explain why you can’t trust him. Maybe you’ll like him one day, if you stop feeling unease every time his eyes slide to you, but for now, you keep your distance. People try to understand the animosity between you two, but you can only give vague half-answers and fierce generalizations. You don’t care to know what he says about you. But you don’t dare say, you don’t even dare admit to yourself, that you only understand how much you had looking at him. That when you look at him, you truly feel like the poor little rich boy stereotype. Because you both had families that weren’t enough, and you both ran to the wrong people to fill that hole in your life… But you always had more options and opportunities than he did. You had a choice. Oh well, another sin to add to the ever-growing list of things to do penance for.


JACK SANTOS is portrayed by BOB MORLEY, and his face claim is NON-NEGOTIABLE. He is OPEN.