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blurb of jack g showering with you?

you step into the steamy shower, the warm water engulfing every inch of your exhausted physique. you let out a sigh of relief as you feel the hot liquid soothing your body and loosening your tense ligaments. you had a long and demanding day at work and it feels so unbelievably relieving to finally be freed from your piles and piles of papers. you hear footsteps entering the bathroom over the sound of the pummeling shower, but you ignore it, keeping your eyes shut in bliss as the warm water continues to graze over your soft skin. the shower door suddenly opens creakily, and you feel a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around you from behind. you smile to yourself as you lean against the bare, toned chest of your boyfriend. the water drenching the two of you, jack kisses the crook of your neck and mumbles, “i missed you.” turning your head towards him, you flutter your eyes open as you place your hands directly on top of his on your hipbones. you smile at him through wet eyelashes as the hum of the shower persists, “i missed you more, jack.” he shows off his million dollar smile as he slyly turns your body around to face him. one of his hands finds the small of your back as the other caresses your wet face, all while his eyes remain solely fixated on you. he leans in and presses his lips to yours, the water still pounding relentlessly on the two of you.