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Preference 23: You're Dominant
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  • Requested (They’re closed again for the school week)
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  • Frick; All of these involve riding him forcefully in some way or another because that is pretty fucking hot

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heistborne  asked:

"God. Do y'have any idea how much I love you?"

         how much yori loved him ? god — it was synonymous to his own love he held for him, where not even words could truly convey how he truly felt. ( maybe not for yori though, he had a silver tongue and a way to charm people over with a snap of his fingers, luke especially. ) they exchange affections so often that he was never insecure about it. still, he can’t help but grin widely, lips tugged side to side as he leans down, nuzzling against the side of yori’s face.  ❛ you should spell it out to me ~ . ❜ luke teases, pressing a kiss on his cheek.  ❛ i’m sensitive, y’know. hearing you tell me would mean the world to me. ❜ and he flutters his eyelashes at him, laughter bubbling from the back of his throat.

       though, he’d be a liar if he said that it wouldn’t touch his heart.

        ❛ —— just kidding ❤  !!terrible. luke presses kisses against the corner of his lips, calloused digits reaching to slip between slender ones, fitting perfectly against each other.  ❛ buuuuut i think i may have a rough idea on how much you love me. i know it when the first thing i see when i wake up are your pretty eyes, when we make breakfast for each other and exchange kisses in each other’s clothes. i feel it when you walk me to class like a good upstanding boyfriend, ‘nd even when you force me to eat veggies —— even the bell peppers. whenever we go for dance ‘nd when we win a game, the way your eyes light up so gorgeously when they meet mine. yori — your love for me is like bigger than the distance between here and the sun, and i saw it when i —— ❜ he’s cut off, eyes falling onto the ring resting against his chest. hazel hues soften, free hand reaching up to cup the back of his neck, playing with the chain that held the ring.   ❛ — when i asked you to marry me, with that ring. you had every right to reject me — since it’s just my promise ring — but when i looked into your eyes i saw nothing but love and a forever and god, yori i love you so fucking much. ❜

       was luke going to tear up and cry ? mayhaps. what a sap.

       but he powers on, corner of his eyes crinkling with how wide he was smiling.  ❛ i feel your love all the time —— you — you do so much for me, yori. ❜ from preparing homecooked meals and caring about him to — .  .  . luke’s gaze ducks down, remembers how the first time he saw him in the hallways drenched in blood, eyes icy blue. how yori told him that he was doing it for his safety, that he was protecting him. digits tighten around yori’s, bringing it up to press a soft kiss on his knuckles.  ❛ you’re .  .  . everything  to me.  ❜ and luke was selfish. he took in every part of yori with open arms. when he met teddy and distinguished him from yori, luke already swore that he’d stick by him and support him no matter what  —  and he definitely was never going to back down from that. to return the amount of love that he receives from yori on a daily basis —— it’s all he ever wants.

       ❛ do i know how much you love me ? absolutely. and i love you back, just as much. ❜ and he seals it with a kiss, heart threatening to leap out of his chest as he kisses yori hungrily, stealing his breath and kissing him messily.

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Good Boy [Sub!Calum Hood Smut]

Requested: No

Description: Calum has a long day so when he comes home he tries to be the dominant one but you take control instead and have him begging for you to let him orgasm.

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Rating: R

Word count: 2,925

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A slight draught wandered through the house as I sat in silence. I was going through Twitter on my phone, patiently awaiting Calums arrival. The same old thing happened; Calum said he would be home by 6:00 for dinner with me but I had already finished and cleaned up my plate, leaving his in the microwave for him when he arrived. It was 6:45 and there was still no sign of him being outside, nor had he even sent me a text to say he was late but that he was leaving the studio. Nothing. I didn’t like the silence in the house, but I wasn’t uncomfortable in the situation. I wished that he was next to me, apologising for being late again. I wished that his lips were on my neck, leaving soft kisses along the skin. I yearned for his touch. It had been a while since I actually got to spend some proper time with him. He needed all the time he could get at this point in his career though. He was working hard on getting another album out for his fans. His adoring fans. I liked them and they seemed to be starting to like me quite a lot. I was going through my mentions on Twitter and just talking to them. Of course, there were a few hate comments here and there but that happens with everyone on the internet, no natter who you are. I just ignored them and moved on to the nicer ones, replying to a few and smiling at their reactions. I had seemed to get lost in what I was doing until a familiar noise awoke me from my state. The front door creaked open and I heard a single pair of shoes enter, before the door closed again. I sighed and pushed myself from the couch, walking out to meet Calum.

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For May the 4th I decided to make a set of some of my favourite scenes from the whole series. Some of these are obvious and some of them aren’t, but they are the moments I feel the most emotionally connected to.

(Continue for long-winded explanation of why these scenes in particular.)

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His Favourite Picture of You


You were weird, but that is what Mikey loved the most about you. It was a particularly cold day out, but you still insisted that you and Mikey got slushies together. You, of course, got the blue one so that the colour of your tongue would change. You childishly stuck your tongue out at Mikey. You looked away for half a second and he quickly snapped the shot, setting it as his phones new lockscreen.


It was a hot day in your home town and both you and Luke were extremely hot. This causing Luke to go out with no shoes, thinking that it would be nice against his feet. The whole day you laughed and messed about with each other, causing trouble here and there. But in the mid-afternoon you both decided that it was too hot to be out so you would go back to your house. But you had walked out so you wanted to get the bus back. You were both waiting by the bus stop and Luke was teasingly taking pictures of you. But then a bird pooped and it landed on his foot. You looked down and cracked a smile. Luke thought that you looked so beautiful, just smiling at the ground, that he took the picture. Then his attention quickly went back to his foot and he began to laugh.


You and Calum were very mischievous and adventurous people. He had flown you from your hometown to Sydney to visit him and you both couldn’t be happier. You were on the beach, just walking and talking, when you started to reach the edge of that particular beach. The ground was becoming slimmer and soggier, more rocks coated with moss as you walked on. Calum suggested on turning back but you just giggled and kept going. You were barefoot thought, so you needed to be careful on where you stood, unlike Calum who was wearing shoes. You continued to make small talk with him as he cheekily took the photograph and tweeted it out later on in the night.

“@Calum5SOS: Spent the day exploring with this trouble maker”


It was in the morning and you and Ashton had spent the last night you had alone in a hotel. You stayed in a hotel because you arrived from the airport the night before extremely late and you didn’t want to disturb your family. You were looking at some outfits that you had laid out on the bed before you. Ashton walked into the room from the bathroom and smiled as he saw your naked figure looking down at the clothes. He came over and kissed your cheek, making you grin happily. He quickly grabbed his phone and took the picture. He smiled at your beauty and wonder how in the world was he lucky enough to have found someone as amazing as you.

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How He Teases You


His lips. Using his soft, delicate warm lips - and those only - he can drive you crazy. Just the soft little flick of his tongue across them and you’re ready to devour him. Or when he bites his lip ring, pulling against his own mouth, only to break into a small smirk, knowing that your heart rate is increasing with every move that he makes.


His fingers. He knew that you loved them. You loved how they moved, no matter what he was doing. He would always run the tips of them along your arm or thigh, massaging them gently. He would gently pull on the sleeve of your shirt or the hem of your shorts (when you’re wearing shorts, that is). But he would always leave you numb of his touch after a few moments. Acting innocent when he would stop was his best skill.


His teeth. As weird as it may sound, in a heated moment Michael always new how to get things moving a little faster. Sitting next to each other would turn into kissing, kissing would turn into licking and licking would turn into small nips at your neck, which drove you wild. When you and Michael would be at your peaks he would bite down on your shoulder. He made everything ten times better, just by using his teeth.


His arms. The way they moved, the way they looked when he flexed, or stretched or just spread them when he was lying down. He knew they were sexy to you. He would always put his hands behind his head and casually lean back in a moment when you couldn’t have him and he knew it clearly. He loved to tease you and just slowly tear away at the seams, testing your patience and seeing how much self-control you could really muster. Often, when around family or friends he would stretch upward, giving you a clear view of everything you loved. His shirt would lift up slightly with his movements and that’s when you would more than likely crack.

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On The House [Michael Clifford Smut]

Requested: Yes

Anonymous: Can you do a smutty 5SOS imagine where you go to the tattoo parlour to get your nipples pierced and you end up fucking the worker?

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Rating: R

Word count: 2,010

A\N: I’m sorry if you didn’t want Michael but if you want just leave another request.

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Today was just another regular day for me. Wake up in my white sheets and spread my fingers out onto the soft material that was all around me. I lived alone in this apartment and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. At times it was fine because I could blast all the music I liked and ignore the neighbours complaints, but today was different. I found myself rising out of the bed, letting the covers fall from my now naked body. I reached onto the bedside locker and grabbed the bottle of vodka that was sitting neatly on the wood and brought it to my lips. I swallowed a few times before pulling it away and scrunching my face at the stinging sensation in the back of my throat. But I liked it. I placed the bottle back in its place and moved myself over to the closet. I went through the clothes and finally settled on some black skinny jeans with a grey tank top that pressed against my skin. I pulled on some vans and straightened my hair before leaving and locking the front door behind me.


Pushing the glass door open, I entered slowly. There was only one person other than myself in the room and it was a pretty girl sitting behind a table. She looked up at me and smiled. I approached her and noticed that she had a lot of piercings on her face and ears along with tattoos that stemmed at her collar bones and grew down to her wrists.

“Can I help you?” She asked kindly.

“Uhm, yeah. Could I make an appointment to get a nipple piercing?” I bit my lip slightly. The room almost smelled like weed scented incense and the mellow and chill feeling that it gave me was taking over my will. 

“Yes, of course. In fact, we don’t have anybody booked in for the next couple of hours so would you like to get it done now?” She seemed very open to the idea of me stripping off the top half my outfit right now because I watched her tap her pen against the desk.

“Would you be doing it?”

“No,” she chuckled. “That’s Michael’s job”. I licked my lips as I ran the idea through my mind for a moment before agreeing.

“Sure!” I was suddenly full of enthusiasm. The smell must have gotten to me. 

“Great. Just wait here for a few minutes”. She typed something into the computer in front of her before going into a room in the back. I looked around for a few moments at all the crazy designs on the walls. They ranged from butterflies to skulls to pictures of girls and their shadows. A few moments had passed before she came back out, but this time she wasn’t alone. A tall guy - about six foot three at least - followed behind her. But really caught my eye was his hair. It was a royal blue colour which I had to admit was pretty hot, but I said nothing.

“Come on in”. He told me, motioning me into the room. I followed him in and closed the door behind me. “Sit down”. I did as told and sat in the chair that he showed me. There was a silence as he prepared a few things and washed his hands but he turned around he looked me up and down. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just let him do it. When other people would ‘check me out’, if that’s what he was even doing, it felt weird. But this felt different. It felt right. He cleared his throat. “You’ll need to take your shirt off for me, Darling”. My heart jumped at the name. I swallowed and gladly obliged to undressing for him.

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