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Preference 23: You're Dominant
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  • Requested (They’re closed again for the school week)
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  • Frick; All of these involve riding him forcefully in some way or another because that is pretty fucking hot

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Good Boy [Sub!Calum Hood Smut]

Requested: No

Description: Calum has a long day so when he comes home he tries to be the dominant one but you take control instead and have him begging for you to let him orgasm.

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Rating: R

Word count: 2,925

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A slight draught wandered through the house as I sat in silence. I was going through Twitter on my phone, patiently awaiting Calums arrival. The same old thing happened; Calum said he would be home by 6:00 for dinner with me but I had already finished and cleaned up my plate, leaving his in the microwave for him when he arrived. It was 6:45 and there was still no sign of him being outside, nor had he even sent me a text to say he was late but that he was leaving the studio. Nothing. I didn’t like the silence in the house, but I wasn’t uncomfortable in the situation. I wished that he was next to me, apologising for being late again. I wished that his lips were on my neck, leaving soft kisses along the skin. I yearned for his touch. It had been a while since I actually got to spend some proper time with him. He needed all the time he could get at this point in his career though. He was working hard on getting another album out for his fans. His adoring fans. I liked them and they seemed to be starting to like me quite a lot. I was going through my mentions on Twitter and just talking to them. Of course, there were a few hate comments here and there but that happens with everyone on the internet, no natter who you are. I just ignored them and moved on to the nicer ones, replying to a few and smiling at their reactions. I had seemed to get lost in what I was doing until a familiar noise awoke me from my state. The front door creaked open and I heard a single pair of shoes enter, before the door closed again. I sighed and pushed myself from the couch, walking out to meet Calum.

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For May the 4th I decided to make a set of some of my favourite scenes from the whole series. Some of these are obvious and some of them aren’t, but they are the moments I feel the most emotionally connected to.

(Continue for long-winded explanation of why these scenes in particular.)

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