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Lt. Col. Matthew Vedder, 63rd Fighter Squadron commander, sits in the cockpit of an F-35 Lightning II after landing March 20, 2017, at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. Vedder flew the squadron’s flagship F-35 for the 63rd FS from Fort Worth, Texas, marking the 51st F-35 at Luke. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman James Hensley)

On The House [Michael Clifford Smut]

Requested: Yes

Anonymous: Can you do a smutty 5SOS imagine where you go to the tattoo parlour to get your nipples pierced and you end up fucking the worker?

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Rating: R

Word count: 2,010

A\N: I’m sorry if you didn’t want Michael but if you want just leave another request.

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Today was just another regular day for me. Wake up in my white sheets and spread my fingers out onto the soft material that was all around me. I lived alone in this apartment and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. At times it was fine because I could blast all the music I liked and ignore the neighbours complaints, but today was different. I found myself rising out of the bed, letting the covers fall from my now naked body. I reached onto the bedside locker and grabbed the bottle of vodka that was sitting neatly on the wood and brought it to my lips. I swallowed a few times before pulling it away and scrunching my face at the stinging sensation in the back of my throat. But I liked it. I placed the bottle back in its place and moved myself over to the closet. I went through the clothes and finally settled on some black skinny jeans with a grey tank top that pressed against my skin. I pulled on some vans and straightened my hair before leaving and locking the front door behind me.


Pushing the glass door open, I entered slowly. There was only one person other than myself in the room and it was a pretty girl sitting behind a table. She looked up at me and smiled. I approached her and noticed that she had a lot of piercings on her face and ears along with tattoos that stemmed at her collar bones and grew down to her wrists.

“Can I help you?” She asked kindly.

“Uhm, yeah. Could I make an appointment to get a nipple piercing?” I bit my lip slightly. The room almost smelled like weed scented incense and the mellow and chill feeling that it gave me was taking over my will. 

“Yes, of course. In fact, we don’t have anybody booked in for the next couple of hours so would you like to get it done now?” She seemed very open to the idea of me stripping off the top half my outfit right now because I watched her tap her pen against the desk.

“Would you be doing it?”

“No,” she chuckled. “That’s Michael’s job”. I licked my lips as I ran the idea through my mind for a moment before agreeing.

“Sure!” I was suddenly full of enthusiasm. The smell must have gotten to me. 

“Great. Just wait here for a few minutes”. She typed something into the computer in front of her before going into a room in the back. I looked around for a few moments at all the crazy designs on the walls. They ranged from butterflies to skulls to pictures of girls and their shadows. A few moments had passed before she came back out, but this time she wasn’t alone. A tall guy - about six foot three at least - followed behind her. But really caught my eye was his hair. It was a royal blue colour which I had to admit was pretty hot, but I said nothing.

“Come on in”. He told me, motioning me into the room. I followed him in and closed the door behind me. “Sit down”. I did as told and sat in the chair that he showed me. There was a silence as he prepared a few things and washed his hands but he turned around he looked me up and down. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just let him do it. When other people would ‘check me out’, if that’s what he was even doing, it felt weird. But this felt different. It felt right. He cleared his throat. “You’ll need to take your shirt off for me, Darling”. My heart jumped at the name. I swallowed and gladly obliged to undressing for him.

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You could hear the party from the second you climbed out of the car, it was loud, there were cars parked up and down the road. It was probably the biggest party that had been held at your house to date. Well of course it was. Your brother Ashton’s hockey team had just won championships. And it only made sense for the captain to host a party to celebrate. After the game you had gone to a friends, hoping to miss out on most of the party that had been going on at your house. But it seemed that it wasn’t slowing down anytime soon. You made your way inside your house and began pushing past people to get to the stairs so you could go up to your room. You bump into someone, they stumble then turn and look at you. You smile slightly, seeing it was just your brothers teammate. “Sorry Luke” you take a step back but his lips curve into a large smile. “Y/n! I was wondering where you were..” he reaches out, grasping your hand before tugging you closer to him. Ashton had given all of his teammates a big talk about staying away from you. But Luke neglected that, he made it clear how much he liked you and he flirted with you quite a bit. He honestly couldn’t care less about what Ashton thought. He stayed persistent, always making sure you would be at the hockey games and asking you to come to their practices. He would always invite you to hangout with him when he was at your house and of course Ashton wasn’t very happy about it but he seemed to accept it for what it was. “I was out at a friends” you tell him, “trying to stay away from all of this” you wave your hand around, gesturing to all the people around the two of you. He chuckles and his thumb rubs the back of your hand, “hangout with me for awhile” he suggests and you shake your head. “No this isn’t really my thing. I think I’m just gonna go upstairs and try to sleep or something” you shrug. Luke pouts and shakes his head, “nooo, please y/n?” he lets go of your hand and rests his hands on your waist, backing you up into a wall. “I don’t wan’t to stay down here” you pout right back at him, resting your hands on his shoulders. “Then why don’t we both go up to your room” he whispers and before you know it his lips are on your neck. You roll your eyes and press against his chest, pushing him away. “Nice try Luke. But not this time”. You step forward and stand on your tippy toes to kiss his cheek gently before walking away, towards the stairs and up to your room.

         It’s not too much later that you’re laying in bed, listening to your music through headphones to try and drown out the noise from the party. You’re laying with your back to the door and your eyes were shut. So you don’t notice Luke come into your room until you feel someone else sit on the bed, making it dip down. You roll over and tug out your headphones, looking up at Luke. “Well hello again..” you smile and he smiles back. “Hey there”. You sit up and run your fingers through your hair, he holds out his hand and you see a jersey in it. You roll your eyes and take it reluctantly. “You did not..” you look up at him then down at the jersey, and sure enough, it was his. “Oh but I did.. and don’t worry. Its a clean one.” he smiles at you and chuckles softly. “Put it on” he nods and you roll your eyes again. “It’s like you’re trying to claim me as your own.” You pull it on over your head then slip off the shirt you were wearing, pulling it out from the jersey. “That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. The other guys always talk about you and I figured you could wear this to the games” he shrugs and stands up, reaching his hand out, “C'mon, lets see how it looks”. You take his hand and stand up, “I hope you do realize that we aren’t dating Luke”. The jersey falls down to your mid thigh, covering the shorts you had been wearing. “Not yet.” he puts emphasis on yet and smiles as he looks down at you. “Perfect” he mumbles, letting go of your hand and wrapping his arms around you from behind, leaning down so he can rest his chin on your shoulder. You look into the mirror and smile slightly, biting your lip, “Ashton’s gonna have a cow” you whisper. “You know I don’t give a fuck about what he thinks y/n.” his fingers rub your waist gently. “I know” you mumble, turning around in his arms, you reach up and wrap your arms around his neck. Slowly you rise up onto your tippy toes and your lips press against his. He reacts quickly, his hands grip your waist as he pulls you closer to him. You tangle your hands in his hair and he squeezes your hips. And as you pull away from him you laugh quietly, opening your eyes again. “This wasn’t supposed to happen” you whisper, “but I’m glad it did” you add on a second later. “Me too” he smiles before picking you up and placing you down on your bed. “Ill be right back” he walks out of the room. He comes back a few minutes later, wearing sweats and a teeshirt, the clothes he was wearing in his hands, he tosses them down before walking over. “Took them from Ashton’s room” he shrugs, laying down beside you. Your arms wrap around him, and his wrap around you. A few minutes pass, and you’re practically asleep but he speaks quietly, and its the last thing you hear before falling asleep “We may have won the game tonight.. But winning you over was a much greater accomplishment”

f u z z ; {luke}

“I’m home!”

Jolting up from your sprawled position on the couch and abandoning the soap opera you had been completely engrossed in not too long ago, you stumble over your own feet as you run towards the front door, heart thumping against your chest from the sound of his voice.

Once his figure meets your eyes, a smile tears your face in two and you watch as he lets his bags drop to the floor and holds his arms out to you with a huge smile to match.

“Luke!” You shamelessly fling yourself towards him and throw your arms around his neck, inhaling his musky scent and burying your face in his favorite leather jacket as his arms find your waist and lift you up from the ground with ease, twirling you for a few seconds in the air before letting you down so he can hug you properly.

“I missed you,” he murmurs in your ear. His lips soon find your neck and kisses the sensitive spot beneath your ear softly.

You tighten your arms around his neck. “I missed you too,” you sigh contentedly. You missed his smell, his voice, the way your body fit perfectly with his, his touch, and his… fuzz?

You blink and pull your head back to look at his face. You brush your knuckle along the side of his face and tilt your head to the side. He smiles fondly at you, about to lean in for a kiss on the lips until you cover his mouth with your hand. Brushing against your hand are flecks of stubble strewn about his usually smooth skin.

“What?” he whines.

“When was the last time you shaved?” you inquire, inspecting his face as if he was some strange alien.

“I don’t know,” he shrugs, still holding you in his arms, “didn’t have time. Does it matter, though?”

“Not really,” you pull away and raise an eyebrow. “It’s kind of hot, though.”

“Of course—”

“But you’re too dorky so it completely undermines that.” You brush your knuckles against his stubble again.

“Dorky?!” He frowns and grabs your wrists. “Ah, you know me too well.” He leans down and captures your lips with his, erasing any thoughts from your mind as you melt into his lips. It’s been too long since you’ve kissed him — let alone see him, for that matter — and you suddenly begin to wonder how you lasted three weeks without his kisses.

When he pulls away, you open your eyes and pat his cheek. His fuzz is prickly against your palm and you can’t help but laugh.

Maybe he shouldn’t shave more often.