f u johnny

“Yuta will be leaving Abnormal Summit to focus on his near debut!”

“Johnny’s been a trainee for too long! Obviously he’s going to debut now.”

“Hansol featured in the SOYD teaser! Don’t worry, he’ll be in the unit.” 

“haha u guys complain too much !!! meanwhile look @ this nct-u video :)” 

but did y'all see him?

my husband dj johnny was really out tonight y'all and im so emotional rn

and then key was really feeling himself and he was getting it like yes boy you better do a damn thing

and then amber and luna being the beautiful human beings that they are just snatched my soul

and jungmo was looking all types of good and slayed me boi


The gang as "LIKE MAH STATUS" quotes
  • Ponyboy: Like my status if you love tiSSUE! *blows nose loudly*
  • Sodapop: Do you like this booty? Like my status!
  • Darry: If you like my serious face, like my status. Dis my serious face. *serious face*
  • Dallas: Like my status if you don't give a f u c k.
  • Johnny: Like my status and I won't do i t. *holds up a knife*
  • Two-Bit: Like my status if you love slinkies. loOK AT THAT SHIT GO! *chucks a slinkie*
  • Steve: Like my status if you think I'm s e x y. *does various poses on a bed to a song*