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I shouldn’t do this because I’m terrible at all forms of roleplaying and as a rule I tend to only want to do ships that I’ve written out like this in actual groups, but…………….here’s a list of m/f ships I’ve been working on for a while that I rly wanna do and if u wanna do one (or more) with me please please please im me, I will be absolutely ecstatic~~~~~

So, I decided that I’m not going to wear hijab anymore. It was three years of not being myself at all and trying too hard to fit into the brown/Muslim/Libyan crowd. It’s not just wrapping a scarf around my head but my attitude & personality as well, I’m done altering myself. I never really had a purpose behind it except as a big F U to all of the white racists (which I will miss) and being accepted by the Muslim community. Maybe one day I’ll take it more seriously and have my Creator in mind, but this is what feels right and what I feel is more authentic to my true self. I don’t know if I should make like a “coming out” type of announcement or just go with the flow? LOL! How does this all go? I had a whole monologue in my head about how I’m going to explain my decision but honestly ef everyone else, this is my life. If anyone asks, I’m finally just being me :) I have a super supportive family and I’m sure my close friends will be the same. I’m turning 21 next month so this all kind of feels like I’m turning the page to begin a new chapter <3 


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit


good vibes only - listen

13 kpop songs that give off an ambient, dance-y feeling


An AU where young Keith, a Filipino-Korean, moves to the USA; on his first day at school, he refuses to talk, partly because he’s not exactly very sociable but mostly because he’s incredibly embarrassed about his English and lack of proficiency in it. O and shiro walks in

TRIPS OVER MY OWN FEET oh my god this was supposed to be black and white but then i wanted to paint but then gave up andCHRIST. my art style changes 600 times during this comic its dISGUSTIGN. THEN AGAIN it was rly rushed i just wanted to get this idea outta my head before school starts.


gif battle vs @nanssagajii ❤︎
↳ round 11 -
mystic x iara, mãe d’água.

the ‘mother of the waters’ is the beautiful mermaid that lives in the amazon river.

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Prompto just wants a pretty picture of you with a pretty flower. It's such a rare opportunity to see that side of you.

Fine. Here.

shit his fucking smile


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a few noticed that in the last comic corrin wasn’t wearing any of the shoes he stole lol (i didnt think it was necessary for the story??) so here, have some corrins in shoes

also wanted to try drawing f!corrin/kamui aaa her hair is so funn

Surprise on Stage

Request: Hey!!! Can u write an imagine where y/n is also a famous singer

a/n: gonna start doing the requests in this type of format instead of writing them under the ask!! I want people to know that I’ve gotten their request and that I’m not ignoring them! So I thought this was a good way :)


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Seeing your face on the cover of a magazine on the streets didn’t bother you as much as it did when you first started out in the music industry.  A few years ago, you would always pick up a magazine with your picture on it, buy it right on the spot, and immediately read what the tabloids said about you.  But as you’ve grown as an artist, you’ve met certain people along the way that have changed you, for the better.

One of those people just so happened to be your boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.  The two of you had only just recently made your relationship public, but in the year that you’ve known him as a person, and as a great friend in the industry, he taught you that 98.7% of what the media writes about is fabricated.

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