f u

This shit pisses me off so much. It should be called “pros to dating straight trans men from a Cis straight woman’s perspective”.

This post COMPLETELY erased trans men who sleep with men. Like are you kidding me?

It also assumes all trans guys are ok with periods ….. And have good hygiene. Well let me tell you… I know more trans guys who can’t handle periods because of the trauma they went through before they got on hormones. Also good hygiene. Lol. Ok yes all Cis guys are nasty and tran boys r so hawt hehe XD

Like. No.

ALSO assume the only women dating trans men are Cis. “No pregnancy scares” oh Mann I know so many trans women who have sex with trans men. Both are pre op. Do. The. Math. It happens to other people too. Not just straight Cis couples. Jesus Christ.

ALSO LOL YES LETS POINT OUT that trans men look like fucking children before they get on t omg this post is making me so angry I can’t