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okay idk who has heard florence and the machine’s “third eye (demo)” but if you haven’t please listen to it bc it’s like the most hauntingly beautiful thing i have ever heard

and also, all i can think abt is, in the trc tv show, this song playing when blue and gansey find noah’s remains and figure out what happened to him, especially bc i relate the normal, upbeat song to noah so i feel like this demo track would really fit idk

🎇 Florence + the Machine Spell List 🎇

a short list of my florence + the machine inspired spells for pop culture witches

💏 💔 ‘Lover to Lover’ Spell 💔 💏

inspired by florence + the machine’s “lover to lover”, a spell for when you feel you’ve been messing up and need a fresh start and reassurance

There’s no salvation for me now, no space among the clouds,
And I feel I’m heading down, but that’s alright

💏 best performed outside, under clouds, or near your bed, a pair of shoes. 

💔 gather: black candle, red candle, crossroads dirt/stones. something to represent your heart and  something for the soul. 

💏 light the candles, one in front of each shoe. 

💔 place the heart and soul pieces, one in each shoe.

💏 rub crossroads dirt on the bottom of each shoe. 

💔 blow out the candles

💏 let the shoes sit under you bed for the night. 

💔 play the song while you perform the ritual, dance and sing along if you like. 

May 2017 be the year that we are blessed with new music from PVRIS, Paramore, Lorde, Elle King, Hayley Kiyoko, Fall Out Boy, Halestorm, Halsey, Florence + the Machine, Hozier, Imagine Dragons, Marina and the Diamonds, Marmozets, The Neighbourhood, Nicki Minaj, Sky Ferreira, St. Vincent, + all of your guys’ favs!!!