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Santana Lopez, the shipper

List of things kpop idols can't do

• date (“our fans are my girlfriends/boyfriends”)(“don’t cheat on us until our next comeback ;)))”)
• get caught dating
• smoke (drinking is fine tho)
• make eye contact w/ opposite gender
• get within a 3 meter radius w/ opposite gender
• swear
• say personal opinions
• be too loud
• be too quiet
• be themselves in general
• complain about career
• laugh annoyingly
• frown
• look tired
• watch porn
• make human mistakes
• be confident in themselves
• have low self esteem
• look ugly
• get plastic surgery
• be less enthusiastic in front of their fans
• be stupid
• be too smart
• be too fat (48kg+ for girls, 65kg+ for boys)
• be too skinny
• have acne or other obvious skin troubles
• be tan (applies for most korean fans)

“All that the fans wish for idols to be is to be happy”
“But within the range of still satisfying the fans’ desires”

Being an idol doesn’t immediately strip that person of their basic individual rights as a human being. i don’t get how most fans in Korea can’t comprehend this??? This is shit you learn throughout your 12 mandatory years of schooling like wtf what do they teach you in ethics classes in Korea? Fucking calculus?? Smh