f the bullshit

  • 50% of the Killing Stalking fandom: uwu friendly reminder that this obviously unhealthy content is bad. Let me reiterate this 900 more times. Don't ship anything or you're problematic.
  • 40% of the Killing Stalking fandom: Damn B I'm so dirty and messed up for liking this??? Like I've never seen a horror movie in my life. This is the first sin I've ever committed. So dirty, so bad.
  • The other 10%: pls stop, I just want to see some content.
First Words Soulmate AU


Alfred: So, hey, I heard that you were a Russian and I also heard that, like, Russians, always drink vodka- for like every meal- so, how flammable are you?

Ivan: Oh God, I’ve always dreaded this day.

*from personal contact with @maplemadame  


buzzkill season ” .    nancy wheeler instagram aesthetic , ft. steve , jon , and barb . 


If you feel the need to go to a M/ Vore artist, and demand them to draw F/ vore when they make it clear they don’t want to, while ignoring the fact that there are COUNTLESS artists who will exclusively draw that exact kind of content -

And then proceed to get butthurt and demand even more or shame them for daring to not

Consider the following -


  • Yato: There's a fly in here
  • Yukine: ...
  • Yato: ...
  • Yukine: ...
  • Yato: ...
  • Yukine: Don't you da-
  • Yato: S E K K I

When you have to do a role accord at your personality…

EunGab (Jin Woong): Look at that. What kind of girl has tattos all over her arms?

Joy (Amber): Aren’t you going to stop saying things like that? Why can´t a girl do it when guys can? You have the wrong ideas about gender roles

EunGab (Jin Woong): Cover then at least. All visitors ask me whether you’re a girl or a boy. I’m so tired of answering them. Get a tattoo saying you’re a girl

Joy (Amber): Darn it

“#I mean she’s worthless #but yeah sure”

those were tags on a post about keiko and honestly fight me ??? she’s one of the few anime childhood friend love interests I’ll defend to the death. this is the normal ass human girl who despite being scared out of her wits went to demon world to support yusuke, sure she got scared and froze up sometimes but given she was fourteen at the start of the series what she accomplished was pretty fucking amazing.

She was patient, and waited for yusuke but didn’t tolerate being toyed with either. She made her feelings known and went on to live a hapoy life with yusuke. like she didn’t play the biggest part in the story but she literally, canonically is yusukes reason to live, and fight.

She and Kuwabara kept yusuke grounded, and human. She never questioned the demon thing, she just loved Yusuke no matter what and wanted to go home and grow old with him.

She never got in the way, and when she was told to hide or run, she would listen cause she’s not stupid and knows not to put herself in danger ( most of the time - but she’s a little girl trying to protect the boy she loves )

so like honestly fucking fight me keiko is great, is she the deepest character in the world? nah. but her influence hangs over the series and our own protagonist probably would have died a lot sooner had it not been for her

Keiko may not have, story wise, changed much with her own direct actions but the story certainly wouldn’t be the same without her. Is she perfectly written? no but useless is an ass pull of a statement

to borrow a term from the flash, keiko is yusukes lightning rod, she always brings him back, and that’s beautiful

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Fate/30 days challenge - day 26

A question you have that isn’t answered in canon | How do Emiya timelines work?

Fate/Extra’s Archer is described as being of the same ‘existence’ as the Archer of Fate/stay night, but not the same 'person.’ Furthermore, the 'True Name’ under which he attained effective functionality as a Heroic Spirit differs from that of Fate/stay night’s Archer as well

Just... Why

Why is it when I see a post or something about the ages of the Hetalia nations, America is 19, then England is 23, and Germany is 20, which is all really accurate according to canon, but then it gets to China and it always says 4,000, like- WHAT. REALLY? I know according to canon China’s age is roughly around 4,000 years old, but that’s his AGE, not his AGE APPEARANCE. There is a HUGE difference between the two. If you’re going to list the age that corresponds with physical appearance, do it for everyone. I mean seriously America, as a country, sure as Hell is not 19 years old. If you’re going to list China’s physical appearance as 4,000 FUCKING YEARS OLD, we all might as well just make fanart of him as a whispy plume of dust with a spectral glow in the background, because that’s all that would be left of him.

(F)ive (F)or (F)riday

1. (F)uck this bullshit.
2. (F)or the love of everything holy, make it stop.
3. (F)inally, a small break may make things easier.
4. (F)orget the fact that we’re about to increase payroll, a lot.
5. (F)igure out a way to get it all done with the inexperienced people we have. Break down. Train. Rebuild.

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Tagged by: @bloodywaluigi Rules - copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your own. when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person that tagged you….most importantly, have fun!
a / age - 18 cause I’m fresh af
b / biggest fear - being eaten alive.
c / current time - 7:37 pm
d / drink you had last - Vanilla tea, 10/10 would drink again 
e / everyday starts with - me wishing to grow wings and fly away from my bullshit
f / favourite song - five finger death punch- tragic truth (super edgy)
g / ghosts are real? - Yes, mmmm bb.
h / hometown - Alberta, Canada 
i / in love with - cats .Waluigi, memes, my boyfriend, mkaylss talent, and everyone in the waluigi fandom.
j / jealous of - nobody I am top trash. 
k / killed someone - probably.
l / last time you cried - crying is for the weak aside from when I got hit from 2 blue shells in the same race in Mario kart. I cried out in frustration.
m / middle name - Lorraine. 
n / number of siblings - one younger brother. 
o / one wish- waluigi to have his own fucking game.
p / person you texted- my sugar daddy. (My boyfriend.) 
q / questions you’re always asked - do you don’t ironically love waluigi? 
r / reasons to smile - cats, art, Waluigi, food, friends, snakes, abridged series, memes.
s / song last sang - wait for it- Hamilton 
t / time you woke up - 8:40 am because Walmart tortures my soul
u / underwear color - Red with the blood of Christ
v / vacation destination - Japan - those blossom trees look thicc af
w / worst habit - Procrastination and laziness. 
x / xrays you have had - Lung infection, I had to do many tests, and X-rays on my broken kidneys.
y / your favourite foods- lasagna, chocolate, sushi, banana bread , souls of the innocent, waluigis waluweewee, pulled pork sandwiches, cookie dough, chicken Alfredo pasta and red velvet cookies
z / zodiac sign - Cancer (because my existence is Cancer)
I tried on this, thanks for the tag!

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YOU don't hate EXO, What you hate is:
  • The attention SM is giving them rather than FX
  • The money SM uses on them rather than other artists in general
  • How everyone likes EXO, and you feel like your bias group needs attention like that also (may or may not be totally true, your own opinion) 
  • The way people always compare other groups to EXO
  • How they got popular really fast, and you feel like they HAD to start from the bottom though it honestly doesnt have to be like that

Honestly STOP blaming EXO for their popularity they didn’t force it on themselves, it was SM’s idea to promote them really big and make them like that. Do i feel like EXO shouldn’t have some of the things there given? Yes because i feel like its super unfair how badly F(X) is treated. And the biggest thing that needs to stop is the comparison of other groups to EXO. I know EXO is super talented and have gone very, very, very far. But every group has their own style/concepts stop comparing everyone to EXO, or even in general stop comparing groups to each other! Most of the time the group doesn't even get to decide what concept they do because the company almost always forces to on them. SM made EXO big, but thats not the only reason, EXO is a very talented group of men, and even after going through a difficult time of losing two members, they were able to stay strong and pull through. Just because SM gives them attention that doesn’t mean they’re not treated badly, just like every other artist in SM. Stop hating on the group and blaming the group for everything that happens, it not their fault but the company.

I think I’m going to start a campaign against people shipping m/f pairs that aren’t yet canon. Really, how gross is it to make such beautiful friendships into something dirty by suggesting that they have romantic feelings for each other? People need to grow up. Men and women can be friends, you know. They can hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes and flirt without it meaning something. It doesn’t have to be sexual all the time. 

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"I will wear my antis' crown with pride" this is so funny! Antis don't even have a real thing to blog about, just how proud they are of their anger toward larries

uh i have loads to blog about thank u very much

a) danielle being the best human

b) my cat freddie (the cat)

c) freddie tomlinson the cutest baby

d) louis tomlinson, liam payne, harry styles, niall horan - you might have heard of them?

e) my amazing life which includes dying my hair and going to the beach

f) calling out larrie bullshit

i really don’t think i’m lacking in anything tbh