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Proposal for an Alternate Grading System

As my profession is that of being a teacher, one of my concerns has always been the efficiency of assessing student’s knowledge. Some ideas (standardized tests) simply do not work. However, as a fellow mod has pointed out, the grading system itself is not an efficient measure to a student’s knowledge of application of any particular subject.

The main problem with the grading system (to be defined as the system that gives grades like A’s and B’s) is that it creates a caste system for students. You get the students that receive A’s, those who generally get B’s, and so forth. The A students are then touted around as being geniuses with hope for the future, while the F and D students are treated as failures by the faculty, which in turn leads their fellow students to treat them as such as well. Further, this grading system is nonsensical when you stop and think about it: there’s a distinction between an A(100%-90%) and a B(89%-80%), but why not a distinction between an A that scored 91% and one that scored 98%?

I propose abolishing this system and replacing it with one that is much simpler; one with a mere 3 grades. I call it the PNI System. There are only three grades total: P for Pass (received a score between 100-75%) and N for No Pass (lower than 75%). The third and final grade, I, stands for Incomplete (speaks for itself). Those who receive a P are allowed to move on to the next lesson/grade as normal, while those who get an N are either given tutorial sessions and a make-up exam (if the N was for an exam) or made to repeat the class (if the student does not pass a sufficient number of exams). Those who get an I are allowed a chance to defend their reasons for not being able to complete their exam/class, which will then be reviewed by the faculty. In cases of physical conditions that prevent the student from finishing the lesson or class, the faculty shall negotiate with the student a manageable and convenient schedule that will allow their to finish the class or retake the exams.

The former system is not only inefficient, it sends the student the wrong message regarding education. An ‘A’ typically stands for excellent work, while a B means above average. This can (and has) lead to various students who typically receive A’s to suddenly have panic attacks when they get their first B. Getting a B isn’t bad, we’re often told, but many parents refuse to accept that their straight A student got a B, and so they increase their work load. A C is an “average,” meaning that there is nothing inherently wrong with the grade. But a C student is seen as an underachiever, someone with no hope of being anything more than “just another face in the multitude.” Getting D’s and F’s are seen as signs of failure. It shouldn’t be like this!

The system I propose is much softer on students. Getting a P means you Pass, you’re ready to keep on going. Getting an N doesn’t mean you fail, it means you are not yet ready for the next lesson, try again. There’s something you did wrong or something you didn’t understand, find out what that is so you can Pass next time. The I merely indicates the student is not yet done with the lesson and needs an accommodation. The previous system teaches kids that they only get one shot at success in life; mine teaches that you can get back up if you ever fall down.

Which system sounds better to you?

German vocabulary from Duolingo [part 4]

Es gibt - there is
Zählen - to count
Frühstücken - to have breakfast
Kochen - to cook, to prepare food, to boil
Geben - to give
Zeigen - to show
Sagen - to say
Kosten - to cost
Kaufen - to buy
Gewinnen - to win
Besitzen - to own, to possess
Überweisen - to transfer
Helfen - to help
Gehören - to belong
Danken - to thank
Folgen - to follow
Drücken - to press, to push 
Einkaufen - to shop
Verkaufen - to sell
Fliegen - to fly
Nehmen - to take
Handeln - to trade, to deal, to act, to take action, to be about
Lassen - to allow, to permit, to let
Rufen - to call
Bleiben - to stay
Legen - to lay, to lean, to lie down
Sitzen - to sit

Die Nummer (Nummern) - number 
Die Zahl (Zahlen) - number
Die Summe (Summen) - sum
Die Hälfte (Hälften) - half 
Das Dutzend (Duzende) - dozen 
Die Telefonnummer (Telefonnummern) - phone number 
Das Frühstück (Frühstücke) - breakfast
Die Nuss (Nüsse) - nut 
Der Honig (Honige) - honey
Die Butter - butter 
Die Marmelade (Marmeladen) - jam, marmelade
Das Müsli (Müsli/Müslis) - muesli  
Das Mittagessen (Mittagessen) - lunch
Das Rezept (Rezepte) - recipe, medical description
Der Pilz (Pilze) - mushroom 
Das Hähnchen (Hähnchen) - chicken 
Die Zitrone (Zitronen) - lemon
Das Getränk (Getränke) - beverage, drink 
Die Speisekarte (Speisekarten) - menu
Die Bohn (Bohnen) - bean 
Die Vorspeise (Vorspeisen) - appetizer, starter
Das Hauptgericht (Haupgerichte) - main dish, main course
Der Knoblauch - garlic
Die Zwiebel (Zwiebeln) - onion
Der Senf (Senfe) - mustard
Der Salat (Salate) - salad, lettuce 
Der Nachtisch (Nachtische) - dessert 
Das Abendessen (Abendessen) - dinner 
Der Löffel (Löffel) - spoon 
Die Gabel (Gabeln) - fork 
Das Messer (Messer) - knife 
Der Kuchen (Kuchen) - cake, pie 
Das Geld (Gelder) - money
Der Euro (Euro/Euros) - euro 
Der Cent (Cent/Cents) - cent
Der Preis (Preise) - price, prize 
Der Dollar (Dollar/Dollars) - dollar 
Der Geldautomat (Geldautomaten) -  ATM
Das Trinkgeld (Trinkgelder) - tip 
Die Tante (Tanten) - aunt 
Der Onkel (Onkel/Onkels) - uncle 
Die Nichte (Nichten) - niece
Der Neffe (Neffen) - nephew
Die Verwandte (Verwandte/Verwandten) - relative (f)
Der Verwandter (Verwandte/Verwandten) - relative (m)
Der Cousin (Cousins) - cousin (m)
Die Cousine (Cousinen) - cousin (f)
Der Zwilling (Zwillinge) - twin
Der Urenkel (Urenkel) - grandson 
Die Urgroßmutter (Urgroßmütter) - great-grandmother 
Die Partnerschaft (Partnerschaften) - partnership
Die Hochzeit (Hochzeiten) - wedding
Der Halbbruder (Halbbrüder) - half-brother 
Der Körper (Körper) - body 
Der Kopf (Köpfe) - head 
Das Haar (Haare) - hair 
Das Auge (Augen) - eye 
Das Ohr (Ohren) - ear
Die Nase (Nasen) - nose
Der Rücken (Rücken) - back 
Der Mund (Münder) - mouth
Der Zahn (Zähne) - tooth 
Der Hals (Hälse) - neck, throat 
Der Arm (Arme) - arm 
Die Hand (Hände) - hand 
Der Finger (Finger) - finger 
Die Schulter (Schultern) - shoulder 
Die Brust (Brüste) - chest, breast
Der Magen (Mägen) - stomach
Das Herz (Herzen) - heart 
Das Bein (Beine) - leg 
Die Haut (Häute) - skin
Der Fuß (Füße) - foot 
Das Blut (Blute) - blood
Das Gesicht (Gesichter) - face
Die Bäckerei (Bäckereien) - bakery 
Der Marktplatz (Marketplätze) - marketplace
Der Laden (Läden) - shop
Das Geschäft (Geschäfte) - shop, store, business
Der Kunde (Kunden) - customer (m)
Die Kundin (Kundinnen) - customer (f)
Der Supermarkt (Supermärkte) - supermarket
Der Einkaufswagen (Einkaufswagen) - shopping cart
Die Kasse (Kassen) - checkout 
Die Tüte (Tüten) - bag
Der Gutschein (Gutscheine) - voucher
Das Einkaufszentrum (Einkaufszentren) - shopping center, shopping mall
Die Apotheke (Apotheken) - pharmacy  
Das Sonderangebot (Sonderangebote) - special offer
Das Auto (Autos) - car
Der Urlaub (Urlaube) - holiday, vacation, leave 
Das Fahrrad (Fahrräder) - bicycle 
Der Zug (Züge) - train
Der Bus (Busse) - bus 
Österreich - Austria
Bayern - Bavaria
Wien - Vienna
Ferien - vacation, holiday
Afrika - Africa
Frankreich - France
Hamburg - Hamburg
Die Reise (Reisen) - journey, travel 
Der Pass (Pässe) - pass, passport
Der Zoll (Zölle) - customs 
Das Visum (Visen/Visa) - visa
Spanien - Spain
Der Stadtplan (Stadtpläne) - city map
Die Sehenswürdigkeit (Sehenswürdigkeiten) - sight, tourist attraction
Der Reiseführer (Reiseführer) - tour guide, travel guide  
Der Tourismus - tourism
Der Weg (Wege) - way, route
Der Schweizer (Schweizer) - Swiss person 
Schweiz - Switzerland 
Der Mietwagen (Mietwagen) - rental car 
Die Strecke (Strecken) - route 
Der Verkehr (Verkehre) - traffic
Das Motorrad (Motorräder) - motorcycle 
Die Fahrt (Fahrten) - ride, journey
Italien - Italy
Großbritannien - Great-Britain
Die Bahn (Bahnen) -  route, trail, rail, train, tram
Das Boot (Boote) - boat 
Das Abenteuer (Abenteuer) - adventure 
Die Tour (Touren) - tour 
Schweden - Sweden
Die Bushaltestelle (Bushaltestellen) - bus stop
Der Besuch (Besuche) - visit
Die Fähre (Fähren) - ferry 
Die Verspätung (Verspätungen) - delay
Der Meter (Meter) - meter 
Das Prozent (Prozente) - percent  
Der Liter (Liter) - liter, litre  
Die Farbe (Farben) - colour 
Der Beruf (Berufe) - occupation, profession 
Der Arzt (Ärzte) - doctor 
Die Ärztin (Ärztinnen) - doctor (f)
Der Bäcker (Bäcker) - baker
Die Bäckerin (Bäckerinnen) - baker (f
Der Koch (Köche) - cook 
Die Köchin (Köchinnen) - cook (f)
Der Student (Studenten) - (university) student 
Die Studentin (Studentinnen) - (university) student (f)
Der Lehrer (Lehrer) - teacher 
Die Lehrerin (Lehrerinnen) - teacher (f
Der Schüler (Schüler) - pupil
Die Schülerin (Schülerinnen) - pupil (f)
Der Geschäftsführer (Geschäftsführer) - managing director 
Der Arbeitgeber (Arbeitgeber) - employer
Die Arbeitgeberin (Arbeitgeberinnen) - employer (f)
Der Arbeitnehmer (Arbeitnehmer) - employee 
Der Händler (Händler) - trader, merchant
Der Meister (Meister) - master 
Der Bürgermeister (Bürgermeister) - mayor 
Der Senior (Senioren) - senior 
Der Autor (Autoren) - author 
Der Trainer (Trainer) - trainer, coach 
Der Chef (Chefs) - boss
Die Chefin (Chefinnen)  - boss (f)
Der Architek (Architekten) - architect 
Der Verkäufer (Verkäufer) - seller
Die Bedienung (Bedienungen) - service 
Der Fahrer (Fahrer) - driver
Die Feuerwehr (Feuerwehren) - fire department  
Der Bauer (Bauern) - farmer
Das Glas (Gläser/Glas) - glass 
Der Sand (Sande/Sände) - sand 
Der Stein (Steine) - stone, rock 
Die Wolle (Wollen) - wool
Der Beton (Betons) - concrete
Das Plastik - plastic
Die Pappe (Pappen) - paperboard
Das Papier (Papiere) - paper
Das Leder (Leder) - leather
Das Holz (Hölzer) - wood
Die Mauer (Mauern) - wall 
Die Baumwolle (Baumwollen) - cotton 
Das Metall (Metalle) - metal
Das Gold - gold 
Das Silber - silver
Das Kupfer (Kupfer) -  copper
Der Stahl (Stähle) - steel
Das Eisen (Eisen) - iron
Die Mathematik - mathematics

Salzig - salty
Sauer - sour
Scharf - hot
Schwanger - pregnant 
Bunt - colorful
Rot - red
Grün - green
Blau - blue
Gelb - yellow
Schwarz - black
Weiß - white
Braun - brown
Grau - grey
Pink - pink
Ähnlich - similar

Ohne - without
Um - around, about, at
Gegen - against
Durch - by, through
Für - for
Entlang - along
Welcher - which, what, that
Seit - since, for
Von - from, of, by, about, on, with
Mit - with, by
Bei - at, with, by, near
Nach - after, to, towards
In - in, within, at
Auf - on, onto, upon
Über - above, over, by, via through, accros, during, for, about
Unter - under, below
Zwischen - between, among
Vor - before, in front of, ago, because of
Hinter - behind
Neben - near, next to, beside
Ab - from
Während - during, at the time of
An - on, upon, at, in, against, by, near, close, next to, to, for
Wegen - for, because of
Einschließlich - including
Außer - except, besides, apart from

Irgendwas - something
Irgendwer - someone
Irgendwo - somewhere
Irgendwie - somehow

Eins - 1
Zwei - 2
Drei - 3
Vier - 4
Fünf - 5
Sechs - 6 
Sieben - 7
Acht - 8
Neun - 9
Zehn - 10
Elf - 11
Zwölf - 12 
Dreizehn - 13 
Vierzehn - 14
Fünfzehn - 15
Sechzehn - 16
Siebzehn - 17
Achtzehn - 18
Neunzehn - 19
Zwansig - 20
Dreißig - 30
Vierzig - 40
Fünfzig - 50
Sechzig - 60
Siebzig - 70
Achtzig - 80
Neunzig - 90
Einundzwanzig - 21
Dreiundzwanzig - 23
Zweiunddreißig - 32
Vierundzwanzig - 24
Hundert - 100
Hundertdreiundzwanzig - 123
Tausend - 1000
Million - 1,000,000
Milliarde - 1,000,000,000

Erste - 1st
Zweite - 2nd
Dritte - 3rd
Vierte - 4th
Fünfte - 5th 
Sechste - 6th
Siebte - 7th

ilvermorny / remus lupin

Anonymous said: Can I have a one shot where you’re from Ilivermorny or whatever and you transfer to Hogwarts and James (or Remus) is asked to escort you to your classes and such until you get used to it oml Im in love with this idea😍😍😍   

the gif tho. fUCK

word count// 1,353

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Dumbledore’s office was quite intriguing. Tall shelves of books stretched to the ceiling and the quirky gadgets that scattered the room sparked your interest. Your fingers ran along the columns as you ascended the few stairs that led up to his desk, admiring and soaking in each detail. As you drew near the polished desk, your eyes met those behind a set of half-moon spectacles belonging to a long bearded man. His eyes were gentle and amused and you suddenly felt embarrassed for gawking at everything.

“Your office is sweet,” You exclaimed excitedly and your fingers itched to run along the spines of the hundreds of books.

The headmaster chortled gleefully and appeared puzzled. “I hadn’t a clue an office could be sweet, but I’m delighted you think so!”

You giggled and shook your head, forgetting you weren’t in America any longer. “No, sir. In America, people use the word sweet to describe something that’s cool or really nice.”

He ‘ah’ed’ and nodded in understanding, his eyes squinting as he smiled. “Y/F/N, the transfer student from Ilvermorny. We’ve been expecting you for awhile,” He informed and held a yellow candy out towards her. “Lemon drop?”

Brows furrowed, you accepted the candy and smiled at the peculiar man. You slid the lemon drop into your mouth and shifted awkwardly, waiting for him to continue and unsure of what to say. 

“Since you’ve no idea of your way around, I have spoken to a student whom is willing to escort you to your classes. He should be here any moment.”

“What’s this student’s name, Professor?”

Dumbledore carefully chose another lemon drop before replying. “His name is Remus Lupin. He’s in the Gryffindor house, as are you, and he’s a very bright wizard.”

Just as he finished and you had pursed your lips, mulling the newfound information in your mind, footsteps sounded from behind you and you spun around curiously. You had to refrain from giggling as the boy you assumed was Remus Lupin stumbled ungracefully up the few steps. When his eyes quickly flickered to you, his head ducked but you still caught sight of the pink tint to his cheeks. He tousled his messy hair further as his long, slender fingers raked through it and a giggle finally escaped when he kept beating his eyes toward you, but never for longer than a few seconds. 

“Ah, Remus!” Dumbledore exclaimed and rose from his seat. “You finally arrived.”

Remus rubbed the back of his neck and nodded sheepishly. “Sorry about that, Professor.” He smiled nervously.

“Not to worry, Mr. Lupin. This is Y/F/N, a transfer student from Ilvermorny.” He gestured to you and the attention in the room turned towards you.

You smiled politely at him. “Hi,” You blurted and sent a small wave his way.

He tried not to gape at your enthralling smile and after blinking a few times to make sure you weren’t a figment of his imagination, he smiled weakly. “Hi,” He replied, but it was less bubbly and sounded like he’d ran a marathon beforehand.

The headmaster clasped his hands together and a creamed colored piece of parchment glided from within his desk when he flicked his finger wordlessly. It flew into your grasp smoothly and your eyes scoured over the words while Dumbledore explained, “This is your schedule. I have put you in the same courses as Mr. Lupin to make him escorting you much easier on both of you. Seeing as how it’s Saturday, Remus, you may show her around the school today if you please. Now, you two can be off!”

After the meeting in Dumbledore’s office, your tour of the school commenced. Your mouth remained parted as you walked the corridors alongside Remus, your eyes taking in as much of the surroundings as possible. He had led you to the grand staircase and you heard him chuckling as your head tilted back to admire the portraits lining the walls. The marbling of the stairs as well as the architecture of the arched doorways was simply breathtaking and you found it hard to take in all of the subtle details. 

A palm landed on the small of your back, urging you toward the staircase. He couldn’t stop his eyes from training onto your awestruck face and smiling in amusement. You looked as if you’d never experienced magic in your life as you studied the moving portraits when you passed them on the ascend up the marble stairs. 

Deep within your own thoughts, an abrupt squeak elicited from you when the staircase began to move, gliding through the air to connect in a complete opposite direction. Your body swayed dangerously and Remus instinctively caught your waist to steady you from falling backwards. Your hands gripped onto his biceps and your stomach lurched when his muscles flexed underneath your palms.

“I think you failed to mention that the stairs move,” You joked breathlessly and you weren’t sure if the pounding of your heart was caused by the moving stairs or him touching you. 

Remus licked his bottom lip and bit it, his eyes darting from you for a split second before returning. He smiled sheepishly. “The stairs move.”

You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t bite back a smile. “Thanks for the heads-up.” You laughed and dropped your hands from his arms, placing your firm grip upon the railing instead. “Anything else I should know before I go any further? You know, so I can avoid plummeting to my death.”

“Right. Some of the stairs disappear or will make you leg sink through,” He informed as he continued on guiding you upstairs before pointing at a particular step that you both were approaching. “Like that one, for example. You’ll learn which ones to jump. Eventually.”

“Eventually?” You cried and widened your y/e/c eyes. “Is this school trying to kill it’s students?”

He chortled and hopped over the step with ease. “Hogwarts is one of a kind, love.”

His hand extended for yours which you gratefully accepted. You stretched your leg over the pesky stair and hopped onto the same one Remus stood on. Your landing wasn’t as smooth as his and you stumbled into him a bit. His hand that wasn’t curled around yours went to your waist for the second time and you flushed pink, giggling off the clumsy act. He smiled down at you gently and you swallowed nervously, his close proximity heightening your nerves. 

“Erm, we should probably head to the common room,” He said lowly and your belly fluttered. “It’s getting late.”

Pulling away from him, you tucked a hair behind your ear and nodded. “Lead the way, Lupin.”

The Gryffindor common room didn’t disappoint. 

A fire burned brightly in the fireplace, crackling and popping soothingly. Red couches and armchairs scattered around the room, but the small window seat caught your utmost attention. It had it’s own little nook, little plush pillows perched on top of the seat with a throw blanket folded neatly along it. You could vividly picture yourself practically living there with a book or homework assignments or perhaps charcoal pencils to sketch the view. It was cozy and warm to welcome you as soon as you entered into it. 

“The girls dormitory is that way and the boys is over there.” Remus pointing in the correct direction of the dorms and you watched in amusement as his face flushed. “Not that you needed to know where the boy’s dormitory is unless–”

You nudged him and he closed his mouth immediately. “Maybe I’ll visit you in your dorm sometime,” You teased and winked suggestively, thoroughly enjoying him so flustered.

“R-Right! I-I mean-”

“I’m kidding, Remus.”

“I knew that.”

Smiling up at the messy haired and brown eyed boy, you pushed yourself onto your toes and pressed your lips to his reddened skin. “Goodnight, Remus,” You hummed and just as quickly as it had happened, you had slipped out of sight towards the girl’s dormitory. 

Remus grinned goofily in the direction you had left in. 

He could still feel your lips on his face even as he laid awake in bed that night. 

New Classroom Management Technique:

Walk up behind students and whisper, “I know you want to be doing the right thing.”


- Sometimes works

- Stays positive

- Freaks the f— out of stoned students

anonymous asked:

How about an imagine where f student and m tc are going on an overseas class trip? they sit next to each other on the plane and shenanigans ensue.

TC Plane Imagine.. NSFW!

July 2017, an overseas class trip was planned for 15 students. You were heading to Spain for 2 weeks. It was a relatively loosely planned trip, there were a few scheduled tours, and a few dinners; but the students attending were allowed free roam. So long as they checked in and stayed with at least one other person. You would be going to Barcelona; and, as luck would have it your crush would be attending…As a chaperone.  Your crush just so happened to be one of the 3 teachers who would be supervising the trip. The flight would take about 10 hours from the state you lived in. You arrived at the airport last, laughing nervously as your teacher smirked at you, teasing your for being late. You stood next to him, nudging him with your shoulder. The teachers led their groups over to security checks, making sure the children assigned to them were all together. The security process was rather dull, but your [TC] being there made it bearable.

Once that was over, you trekked across the airport to hopefully make it your gate on time. The teachers in charge of group numbers 1 and 2, went through boarding first. The plane this time was 4 seats across the body of the plane. Your teacher sent in the first 4 students in the group into the plane first, as though to make sure you two had gotten to sit next to each other. The plane was rather cold, but that was to be expected. You zipped up your light hoodie, as you pressed your way into the plane, closely following your teacher. In your row, there was an elderly couple; already looking sleepy. You sat closer to the window, and your [TC] on the chair next to you of course.

It took around 30 minutes until the plane was off the ground. The cabin was dark, most of the windows shuttered and most lights off. It was a 10 hour flight, and most everyone was settling in to sleep. The people across the aisle were already leaned against each other, peacefully sleeping. You noticed your teacher was still awake, scanning the plane seeing who was sleeping and who wasn’t. You decided to settle in too, pulling out the fleece blanket you had brought along. You reached up to flip off your own light; and close the window. You tapped [TC/N]’s shoulder, and lifted up the blanket. He smiled and nodded, spreading the blanket over the both of you. He gave you a mischievous look, a smirk spreading across his lips. He leaned his head against the back of his chair and used his hand to lean your head on his shoulder. You, welcomed the movement burying your face into him. He smelled so sweet as usual.

You felt his right hand rest on your thigh under the blanket, his left flipping off his own light. His fingers gently traced patterns onto your thigh, idly slipping closer and closer to your inner thigh. As he got closer you sighed softly, eyes meeting his gaze. He grinned at you and slid his hand between your legs. He rubbed the back of his hand against the outside of your jeans, safely hidden by blanket. You gasped, and bit your lip.. Understanding what that look he gave you early met. He raised an eyebrow, asking if you were alright with what he was doing~. You nodded, biting your lip.. The thrill of being caught only added to the experience.. Your spread your legs- allowing him to rub against you more. The warmth of his hands felt so good on your sex.. You couldn’t help but sigh sweetly against him. He looked over at you, planting a kiss atop your head, enjoying playing with you..

His fingers trailed up to your zipper unzipping your pants to allow himself more access..  He pressed his large hand against your panties, feeling the arousal growing in your pants.. He rubbed harder against the thin material, earning a soft moan from you.. You brought a hand to your mouth, not wanting to be caught.. Your [TC] grinned at you, and slid his hands down your panties, rubbing circles against your clit. You sighed heavily, shifting your hips against him. His fingers slipped closer to your entrance, noting the way you sighed and squirmed under his touch. His finger slid inside of you.. You let out a quiet moan as he curled his finger against your sweet spot, adding another finger. His fingers pressed in and out of you..

You were breathing rather heavily, heat pounding, an ache growing in the pit of your stomach. His thumb continued to rub your clit as he fingered you under the blanket. You felt yourself getting closer to climax.. His hand felt so good against your sex.. You gasped as you felt a lovely orgasm pass through you. You shuddered, toes curling in your shoes.. Waves of pleasure rolled off of you; you buried your face into your [TC’S] arm, covering up the whimpers coming from you. His hand continued to rub and press against you, as your rode out your climax.. He continued his movements for a moment before sliding out of you, making sure to zip your pants up.. He rubbed his hand once more over your jeans, before replacing his hand at your thigh..

You looked up at him, face flushed from the previous events.. He kissed your forehead and smirked at you.. He moved his hand from your thigh and around your waist. He tugged you closer to him, letting you rest against him more. You kissed his neck, before laying against him. You slowly walked your fingers over to his crotch, feeling his arousal with your hand… ;)


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Catalan: school vocabulary

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Inspired by this post. I’ve also added some info about Spain’s educative system as well as the situation of Catalan in education (it’s different in each area).

l’escola (f) - school

el col·legi - school

l’institut (m) - high school (in Spain we do not have middle school)

l’estudiant (m & f) - student

la universitat - university

el professor - teacher

el mestre - teacher (normally from primary school)

el catedràtic - professor (university)

l’educació - education

l’educació primària - primary school

E.S.O (Educació Secundària Obligatòria) - secondary school (the first four years)

el Batxillerat - Equivalent to UK’s A levels.

(les) Matemàtiques - Maths

(la) Biologia - Biology

(la) Física i Química - Physics and Chemistry

Plàstica - Art

(la) Informàtica - IT

(la) Música - Music

Tecnologia - Technology

(les) Ciències Socials - Social sciences

(les) Ciències Naturals - Natural sciences

(la) Religió - Religion

(la) Llengua i Literatura - Language & Literature

(l’) Anglès (m) - English

(l’) Educació Física (f) - Physical Education (PE)

Llatí - Latin

Grec Clàssic - Ancient Greek

Filosofia - Philosophy

(la) Història - History

(la) Història del Art - History of Art

(la) Història del món contemporani - Contemporary History

(l’) Economia (f) - Economics

Geografia - Geography

el material - material

el pupitre - desk

la llibreta - notebook

la calculadora - calculator

el mapa - map

la carpeta - binder

el clarió - chalk

el llapis/la llapissera - pencil

el bolígraf (boli) - pen

els deures - homework

el diccionari - dictionary

la goma (d’esborrar) - eraser

el projector - overhead projector

el llibre - book

l’estoig (m) - pencil case

el paper - paper

la motxilla - backpack

la pissarra - blackboard

la pissarra digital - digital blackboard

la classe - classroom/lesson

l’aula (f) - classroom

la biblioteca - library

el bibliotecari - librarian

el hall - hall

la sala de professors - staff room

el vestuari - locker room

els banys - toilets

el laboratori - laboratory

el gimnàs - gym

el pati - the playground

l’esplai (m) - the break

el director - the headmaster

el menjador - dinning hall

l’alumne (m) - pupil

aprendre - to learn

debatre - to debate

l’uniforme (m) - uniform

l’examen/el control - exam

alçar la mà - to put one’s hand up

fer una pregunta - to ask a question

escriure - to write

apuntar - to write down

llegir - to read

el text - text

l’AMPA (f) (Associació de Mares i Pares d’Alumnes) - Association of Students’ Mothers and Fathers

C.E.I.P (m) (Col·legi d’Educació Infantil i Primària) - Pre-school and Primary education school

In Spain, children start school at the age of 3, in a level called “Eduació infantil”, which lasts until you are 6, when you start “Educació primària” (primary school). Most children spend infantil (as we call it) and primària in the same school, which means that we spend 9 years in the same school. Primary school has 6 years, and every two years your teacher changes. You have the same teacher for every subject, except for PE and some other subjects which can be more specific.

At the age of 12, Spanish students start high school. If you went to a public primary school, that means that you will study secondary education in a different place. Private schools, though, tend to have all the years, so most students start there when they are 3 and leave at the age of 18. Uniforms are only used in private schools/high schools.

The first four years of high school are compulsory, and they’re known as ESO (literally “that”, in Spanish), or Educació Secundària Obligatòria (Compulsory Secondary Education). You finish at the age of 15/16.

Then, students can study el Batxillerat, Formació Professional or they can start working. El Batxillerat is divided into el Batxillerat de Ciències (Baccalaureate of Science), Batxillerat de Ciències Socials (Baccalaureate of Social sciences), Batxillerat Humanístic (Baccalaureate of Humanities) and Batxillerat Artístic (Baccalaureate of Arts). It lasts two years, and it is not compulsory. Afterwards, at the age of 18, students can take the national exam needed to go to university PAU (Proves d’Accés a la Universitat). FUN FACT: There’s a huge rivalry between students from el Batxillerat de Ciències and el Batxillerat Humanístic.

Formació Professional (FP) is another path students can take. It focuses more on practical stuff, rather than theory. Students can go to university once they finish 4 years (or two, if they have studied el Batxillerat before) of FP.

University lasts four years, except for some degrees, such as Medicine, which take longer.

Catalan is compulsory in the Spanish regions where it is official (Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia). In Catalonia, students take all the subjects in Catalan (except for Spanish, English, etc.), while in Valencia and the islands students can decide whether they want to study all the subjects in Catalan (except for Spanish, English, etc.) or if they want to study everything in Spanish (except for Catalan, English, etc.). In Andorra, Catalan is the only official language, so it is obviously taught. In France, though, the language is not official. However, students learn the language, but they cannot study other languages in Catalan. In France, there are private schools where everything is taught in Catalan, and the number of students is increasing. Interestingly enough, these students often speak French at home. In Italy the language is not taught, as well as in the Spanish regions where the language is spoken but it does not hold an official status.

I just realized that with as much as I’ve been gone here lately, I didn’t tell anyone the good news!!!

:D i got a full time teaching job!! I’ll be teaching high school English!!

I’ll still be working a lot, but at least my work day won’t be 15 hours long, so I’ll actually be able to rest and write and be here more.

I’ve missed everyone ;-;


Arabic Vocab List: SCHOOL


مدرسة :Madrasa = School.
جامعة: Jāme`a = University.
كلية: Kollīya = College.
درس: Dars = Lesson.
معلم(ة)/مدرس (ة): Mu`allem(a) *or* Mudarres(a) = Teacher (m/f)
مدير/ة: Mudeer/a = Principal (m/f)
ساحة: Sāha = Yard.
طالب/ة: Tālib/a = Student (m/f)
إختبار/إمتحان : Ikhtebār/Imtehān = Exam + Test.
حضور: Hudoor = Attendance.
غياب: Ghiyāb = Absence.
طاولة: Tāwila = Desk/Table.


دفتر: Daftar = Notebook.
قلم: Qalam = Pen.
مرسام: Mirsām = Pencil.
ورقة: Waraqa = Paper/ Sheet.
حقيبة: Haqeeba = Bag.
آلة حاسبة: Āla Hāseba = Calculator.
محاية: Mahhāya = Eraser.
مسطرة: Mustara = Ruler.
مقص: Maqas = Scissors.
ملف: Milaff = A File.


جغرافيا: Jughrāfya = Geography.
علوم: `uloom = Science.
رياضيات: Riyadhīyat = Math.
تاريخ: Tārīkh = History.
الفنون: Al Funoon = Arts.
لغة: Lugha = Language.
الأحياء : Al Ahyā’ = Biology.
الكيمياء: Al Kīmya’ = Chemistry.
الجبر: Al Jabr = Algebra
الفيزياء: Al Fīzyā’ = Physics.
قواعد: Qawā`ed = Grammar.
الأدب: Al Adab = Literature.

Imagine Obi-Wan finding out that you love him

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It’s Not Nice to Eavesdrop, Master Jedi - Obi-Wan Kenobi X Female Reader

Written by: @sakuraaeris1497

(Y/F/N) - Your First Name

(Y/L/N) - Your Last Name

(H/C) - Hair Color

(E/C) - Eye Color

(Y/N/N) - Your Nickname

(Y/F/B) - Your Favorite Book

Author’s note: This was another anonymous request made to intergalacticimagines.tumblr.com, but now I am a contributor to their blog as a Star Wars imagine blogger. Therefore, I decided to help them out by writing requests that they couldn’t get to. Please enjoy! 😉😊🙂😍😘

It had been many years since (Y/F/N) had last seen her old best friend, Padmé Naberrie. They were in the same politics class in their childhood until Padmé was elected as Naboo’s Queen, while at the same time, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) became a schoolteacher for politics after the old teacher who taught her and Padmé passed away. And how were these facts known? Well, the two women kept in close contact through messages on their datapads, but these news were also announced all over Naboo for all ears to hear and understand.
During her time as a teacher, (Y/F/N) loved her students and they loved her back, which meant that her life was overall very good. She was well-paid and well-known, and she was also very beautiful, kind, and intelligent. Why would someone not like her?

It just so happened that Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker were coming to offer Padmé protection but also pay her a visit in Naboo. At the same time, (Y/F/N) was also visiting her old friend as she met Padmé outside the gates of the palace. Dressed in her finest frock and high heels, Padmé ran into the arms of her old friend as she grinned from ear to ear, “(Y/N/N)!”

“Mé!” (Y/F/N) replied back with her own hug and smile as she used the nickname she had developed for her best friend. As soon as the two young women had their fill for affection, the elegant dames walked with their elbows linked together as they began to sight-see and talk about all of the things that they had forgot to mention in their frequent messages to each other. Sometimes, the two women would even make each other laugh as they teased each other and slapped each other on the arms playfully before speaking again about other important matters.

After a few minutes of walking through the gardens, Padmé and (Y/F/N) managed to cross paths with two special Jedi as the former monarch approached one of them, Anakin, first. With a hug and a kiss to his cheek, the two star-crossed lovers greeted each other before (Y/F/N) tenderly hugged the younger man, remembering him as the little slave boy during the Battle of Naboo when she herself participated as a starship pilot before becoming an educator on politics. But what made the visit even better was to see Obi-Wan again.

Truth be told, (Y/F/N) had not seen Obi-Wan in ages since they were much younger. He was only a Padawan and she was only a pilot when they first met, but they were both entranced with each other all the same back then. To her, Obi-Wan was the most handsome man she had ever had the pleasure of knowing in all her life and she was still infatuated with him. The way the man’s auburn hair fluttered soft and thick in the breeze or the way his silver-blue eyes twinkled like Northern stars seemed to make (Y/F/N)’s heart pound deeper in her chest as she felt breathless and weightless with love coursing through her veins. Even just grasping and shaking his large hand in greeting again almost made (Y/F/N) slap herself across the cheek to regain her composure as she gave him a grand salutations with her own tender hug.

And after a welcoming supper, the young women decided to turn in for the night as they departed to Padmé’s bedchambers. In the meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-Wan would be standing guard as they offered protection to the former Queen and her special, attractive guest with the heart of gold. Once inside, the two women took turns bathing before they dressed in their nightgowns, pampered themselves with soothing treatments such as self-induced facials and massages, and then sat down on Padmé’s mattress. Lying down on her stomach, (Y/F/N) began to read her and Padmé’s favorite book, (Y/F/B), from off of her datapad. At the same time, Padmé began to detangle the strands of (H/C) that rested delicately against (Y/F/N)’s scalp before she ran one of her hairbrushes through the silky tresses. Then, with nimble fingers as gentle as a dove’s feather, Padmé began to braid small sections of (Y/F/N)’s hair as the young woman continued to read.

After a few minutes of braiding, Padmé started on another section of hair before she asked her best friend, “So, I noticed something during dinner and I was kind of hoping you could help answer a few things for me…”

“What? Did you imagine the hot body under Anakin’s uniform, Queen Amidala?” (Y/F/N) teased while wiggling her eyebrows flirtatiously before Padmé giggled while she narrowed her eyes and teased back, “Ha, ha. Very funny…But seriously, I really did notice something…between you and a special…Jedi Master…”

“What are you going on about? You know how I hate it when you beat around the bush, Mé.” (Y/F/N) asked as she raised her head slightly from her book to look towards Padmé before the brunette smirked with wiggling eyebrows, “You have a little obsession with the Jedi, and I don’t mean Ani…I mean Obi, the bearded hottie.”

“Padmé, shut it!” (Y/F/N) gasped as she placed her index finger over her lips before she shushed her friend in fright, “What if he hears us?”

“Come on, he’s a Jedi. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, then he needs to work on his use on the Force…But honestly, I think it’s cute. You two would make a good couple. With his comedy and your intelligence, you’d be unstoppable.” Padmé admitted honestly with every hint of sincerity in her tone before she clasped her hands together in a prayer position while also puckering the air with her plump, pink lips as she playfully teased her friend further. At the same time, (Y/F/N) decided to play along as she flopped down on the mattress with her back flat against the soft cushioned bedding before she placed one hand over her forehead as if she were about to faint. Then, she feigned the voice of a damsel in distress as she laughed with her hand cupped over her heart, “Oh, what was that, Obi-Wan?…Marry you?! A schoolteacher marry a Jedi?!…Oh, yes, I will marry you, my knight in shining armor!”

“Well, then, come here, baby. Let me give you a kiss.” Padmé suggested with a lowered tone of voice so she would sound just like Obi-Wan before (Y/F/N) gasped playfully, “Oh, what a maverick you are!…Breaking the sacred Jedi code. You would really do that for me?”

“If my Padawan can do it, then I can too, my darling. Besides, I would do anything for you. I’m infatuated with you, so much so that I can’t stop thinking about you.” Padmé replied in her deep voice before she grabbed (Y/F/N)’s chin while she stroked her fingers down the side of her friend’s face and continued playing along in her low tone, “I love the way your hair feels like silk in my fingers, even the way your skin feels so soft that I can’t stop touching you for fear that I’ll never feel such softness again…And your (E/C) eyes just make me not want to turn away…But your lips…Oh, they’re my favorite bodily part, along with any others that I have yet to explore.”

However, before Padmé could even begin to ‘kiss’ (Y/F/N), the latter female pushed her best friend’s lips away by pressing her fingers against the smooth muscles while shaking her head, “We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we, Master Jedi? If you wanted more than a kiss from me, then you’d need to take me on a date to dinner first.”

“Of course. How shameful of me…I shall do anything you ask, my sweet.” Padmé teased before she cleared her throat. Then, the former Queen of Naboo reverted back to her original tone of voice as she asked, “Just admit it, you like Obi-Wan!”

“Alright, already…I do like him very much…I’ve always liked him since the Battle of Naboo when I was a pilot…But I’m so shy, I wouldn’t know what to say to him.”

“Well, I know that Anakin likes me and I lIke him back, so we’ve dropped some subtle hints to express how we feel about each other…I honestly don’t know how you and Obi-Wan could ever drop subtle hints because it’s so obvious that you two like each other that it’s not even funny…But, if you’d like any help from the lady of love, I’d be willing to offer my assistance.”

“I think we need a dating expert, not a former monarch, to tell me about the language of love.”

“Okay, go ahead and laugh. Maybe if I do get married with children alongside Ani before you, then you’re going to have to start listening to me.”

“Fine, you got yourself a deal.” (Y/F/N) nodded as she shook hands with her best friend before she commanded, “Hop up, your highness. It’s your turn to get your hair done.” With that, Padmé moved from her current seat as she moved into (Y/F/N)’s lap before she made another small jest, “With your hair-dressing skills, I’ll probably look like a Nexu.” That only earned Padmé a slap to her back as (Y/F/N) gave a swift ‘Hey’ with a giggle before the brunette giggled too. The whole rest of the night, the two girls talked about their crushes and how they would tell their men that they loved them if those Jedi didn’t gather their gumption and fess up. After talking until the wee hours of the starry midnight, the two girls bid each other goodnight before they got under their covers and slumbered peacefully.

The next morning, when the two dames were properly dressed and ready to start their day, they departed downstairs, elbows linked together, before they sat down at the table. At the same time, Anakin and Obi-Wan were courteous to the two women as they pushed in the lady’s chairs first before sitting down in their own seats. As they had breakfast with each other, Obi-Wan began to stare more at (Y/F/N) as the young woman blushed while giggling against her palm, as not to spew her breakfast all over the table, before the auburn-haired Jedi giggled too. He was even smiling more while Anakin looked on cluelessly with narrowed baby blues and a scowl on his boyish face, wondering why in the Force his Master seemed more cheerful than normal.

After finishing breakfast, Padmé and (Y/F/N) were about to go for a walk when Obi-Wan requested to escort the latter female, just the two of them. With a reluctant nod and a blush trying to creep onto her cheeks, (Y/F/N) decided to go with Obi-Wan while Padmé teased them from behind, giving her best friend a double thumbs-up with a grin on her face from ear to ear, which only made (Y/F/N) shoo Padmé away with a wave of her hand. Linking elbows with (Y/F/N), Obi-Wan was able to get a whiff of her sweet-smelling perfume as he complimented its scent upon her skin, which made the schoolteacher thank the Jedi for saying such sweet things to her, before he sarcastically suggested, “So, shall we continue with our walk, or should we engage in other activities today…my sweet?”

At once, (Y/F/N) inwardly cursed Padmé for Obi-Wan somehow finding out about her crush on him, even the intimate things that she had told her best friend about him. How the Jedi knew, she didn’t know. But then again, he was a Jedi, so it was no wonder that he found out to quickly. He WAS guarding the door, after all, so he might’ve overheard something if not everything she had said. Regardless, (Y/F/N) couldn’t deny it because she had said it and meant it, every single, solitary word, and he had heard it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be implying anything subtly.

Therefore, (Y/F/N) followed her heart as she looked into Obi-Wan’s eyes with her own (E/C) before she stroked his stubbled cheek with her smooth fingers. Grabbing her hand in his gargantuan one, Obi-Wan accepted the warm gesture before he made another jest, “So…are you going to kiss me or shall I have to take you on a date first?” At once, (Y/F/N) giggled as she kissed Obi-Wan’s lips while she wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. After the two broke away for air, (Y/F/N) shook her head before she answered, “No, sir, you don’t…But, it’s not nice to eavesdrop, Master Jedi.” With a tap of her index finger against his nose, Obi-Wan chuckled low in his Adam’s apple before he admitted, “You never cease to amaze me. No wonder I fell for you the first time.”

“And I with you…Shall we walk?” (Y/F/N) suggested as she linked hands with Obi-Wan while they walked through the palace grounds together. Moments like this were rare for them, but on their miniature ideas of vacations, they seemed to admit their love for each other as their bond grew ever-stronger and ever-present like the living Force. To them, it was so peaceful as they began to lean in for another kiss under the rays of the Sun with the flowers as their only witnesses…

But, it was only a short while later when Anakin found out the truth from Padmé before he raced down the hallways, his lover trailing behind while rolling her eyes and muttering “Oh, dear Force!” Then, the younger man pointed an index finger at his Master and (Y/F/N), eyes wide and mouth gaped open, as he ruined the moment with a shout of, “I knew it!” At once, Padmé slapped her palm over her forehead before (Y/F/N) buried her head in her hands while Anakin smirked at his teacher, arms crossed over his chest and back leaning against a pillar, “So, how does it feel breaking the rules, Master?”

“Bye, Anakin.” Obi-Wan suggested through gritted teeth before Anakin continued on, “Oh, you want me to leave?”


“Did I ruin the moment?”

“Yes, my Padawan…Bye!” Obi-Wan waved as Padmé grabbed Anakin by the arm and led him away before (Y/F/N) let out a fit of giggles while she admitted, “Well, that was embarrassing.”

“Now that he’s gone. Where were we?” Obi-Wan asked as he pulled his lover in for another kiss as Naboo seemed to grow more beautiful just for them. Hues of pink and red seemed to be ever-present around the two as they kissed a second time on this lovely day. It was one day that they’d never forget for as long as they both lived and they wouldn’t change their lives for the world. They had each other as lover and that was all that mattered now.