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18th Street NW, Washington D.C., March 19, 2016

Rayburn House, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., March 22, 2016

Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C., March 19, 2016


“Sleeping in on Saturday mornings are like rent controlled apartments or lasting in uncomfortable heels through the night – very rare to experience as you get older in life! Unfortunately, I was not able to sleep in today but the cool trade off was that I got to cook my very own brunch, which everyone knows is my favorite meal on earth.  Joining me as well as making fun of me through the morning was my precious gf, Flor Militar, and the ever so stoic, Andrew Howard. Aside from the obvious of paying to cook your own food, the experience was excellent! 

Each cooking station required two people, which was a great idea because it allowed you to partner up with your friends or a complete stranger, like myself, who turned out to be pretty cool. The staff passed out a Bellini and a Bloody Mary for us to sip on while our chef taught us how to make it in our very own home. Who knew that instead of ordering a $12 cocktail, I can buy the ingredients to make a few drinks for myself for less than 10 bucks? Moving on and more importantly, we got to cook 3 dishes!

Yes, three and livingsocial was kind enough to let us keep the recipes – Eggs Chilaquiles, Maple Sausage and Sweet Potatoes Hash, and Eggs Benedict.  The event was well planned out by the staff as they were clearly organized, prepared with most of the ingredients already pre-cut and our instructor – Chef Egg was informative and entertaining.  Lastly, my friends and I created a hardcore healthy cooking competition that of course, I lost. Viva la brunch! 

LivingSocial’s Brunch Cooking Class Location: 918 F St NW, DC | Top: Hollandaise Sauce | Middle Left: Poached Eggs | Middle Right: Eggs Benedict | Bottom: Bloody Mary | For The Record: $60.00/2.5 hours cooking class