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It's almost like Isayama hates e//reri

Because he literally went out of his way to NOT show them directly interacting or interacting without a third party.

What, Levi handed him a tissue once?

He punched him in the face while trying to save ERWIN?

He broke up an intense heart to heart INTENSE EYE CONTACT moment between Eren and ARMIN?

You can call these things e///reri moments.

If you’re delusional.

I just find that suspicious, Isayama almost definitely KNOWS about the ship.

He’s confirmed that he likes to keep an eye on his fandom, both international and domestic.

He’s run into it, no doubt, because you bloody heathens throw it everywhere.

He knows it’s popular, he could pander to it.

But Isayama, my man, is not the pandering type.

He never has female characters in compromising positions and he never throws in any homoeroticism except, of course, eremin, but that’s more like homoromanticism cuz those two are pure, damnit.

I have faith in Isayama.

I have faith.

I hope season 2, since he had a hand in it, doesn’t cut out any eremin moments (although I think the point it will probably get to didn’t have many, if i recall correctly) and doesn’t add any goddamn pandering.

Whether that includes sexualizing Christa or throwing in some bullshit yaoi pandering OR tossing in the Hetero ship where it doesn’t belong.


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #8 - farkle minkus & riley matthews 

you’ve always been riley, that’s your permanent record. // you’re farkle and it’s a state of being. there’s only one. 

Me: “Okay Google, what is Clexa?” - Google: “Canon, Legendary, One of a kind.” - Me: “Okay Google, what is Bellarke?” - Google: “Shit.” #CaseClosed

Have fun knowing that if Bellballs ever kisses Clarke he’s tasting Lexa’s pussy and it’s only because the woman Clarke said “I WANT YOU!” to is dead, so she’ll just settle for whatever’s left since she knows she’s about to die Lol 

My ship may be dead but your shit ship never even lived Lmfao :D