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Did you see Jin playing with his captain america shield? It was so cuteee. He had lots of energy during their trip haha

My dear anon friend, Jin has so much energy SO MUCH.  That energy just spills off of him like his glorious plushness, and we are just - so lucky to see any of it, seeing Jin bounce around makes my whole entire day makes my WEEK.   He really is a brick house AND a bounce house, and he’s just fucking remarkable.  

The scenes of him and that shield were too fucking cute.  FAR too cute.  I don’t know how Jimin didn’t combust with all the cuteness, because Jin was ON FIRE.  I’m sure there are gifs by now, but heheheh THIS CUTIE

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Memory (A)(F)

Graduate (F)

Stay With Me (A)

Crossfire: 1 2 3 

You (A)(F)

Traveling (F)

Lilacs (F)

Just (F)

Rap Monster

UNI (A)(F)

Red Strings Series: Namjoon Route (F)

Of Mutant Cats and Supernovas (A)(F)

Once Upon A Time (F)


Oceans (A)

Serendipity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (V)

Home Sweet Home (F)

Twenty-Three (F)


The Airplane Playlist (F)

Sheep Among Wolves: 1 2 3 4 5 (V)

Photograph (F)

Commercials (F)

Same Soul, Different Eyes (A)(F)

Checkered Pasts (A)


Christmas Oneshot: Throw a Snowball (F)

Pictures In The Park (F)

Rings / Rings II (A)(F)

Mama (F)

Saudade (A)


Christmas Oneshot: Coffee With Cream (F)

Wings - Short Series 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (W)

Birthday Surprises (F)

Senior Year (A)(F)


Christmas Oneshot: Snowflakes and Kisses (F)

Tomorrow (A)

No Hope (F)

Escape (F) 


Red Strings Series: Prologue  

Homesickness (W)

Butterfly: 1 2 3 4 5 (W)


When You’re Going To An EXO Concert/Meet-up (Ki)

When You Break Up With Them (Ki)

Attending School With Them (Ki)

When the Boys Try To Set You Up With Jungkook (Ki)


Sheep Among Wolves (Lee)

Serendipity (Lee)

Crossfire (Lee)

Dreams Do Come True (Lee)

Text Posts

Surprising Jimin Backstage (Risa)

Jungkook’s Hoodie (Risa)

Cooking for Maknae Line (Risa)

Cooking for Hyung Line (Risa)


Film Photographer Spotlight: Zach Heaton

Name: Zach Heaton
Age: 30
Location: Atglen, Pennsylvania
Photographing For: 6 years

Camera: Nikon F5, Mamiya C3, Minolta X-370N.
Favourite film:  Kodak Ektar 100 (135/120), Kodak Gold 200, Fuji Acros 100, PRO400H, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta, Kodak 400tx, Kodak TMAX100, Kodak Porta160, Arista ULTRA 100

Zach on why he shoots film: “I believe there is a true art to shooting film, it’s not just a click of the shutter and I’m finished here’s my pretty picture. There’s an entire process to it, from the time I take the picture to when I get to see my images. A certain mystery bringing me closer to the magic of it all. I love the emotion that goes into it and how powerful the connection is between myself and my pictures. I love spending time in the darkroom listening to some albums while I develop a few rolls. I can’t get that feeling with digital photography. It’s all about the moment.  Something you can have when your hard drive crashes on you. A manual sense of accomplishment. I believe I have a much stronger connection to my film because I develop on my own, I give it life, without me it would just be an image on a roll. developing your own film gives you a better relationship with your photography. When it’s something your heart is truly in too you practice and practice every day and think nothing of it because you love it and will give it all you have to be great at it.”

Find and Follow Zach Heaton:

{Want to share your film photography portfolio? Submit your work to I Still Shoot Film}


2013 Ford F-Series Super Duty Platinum

“The F-Series Super Duty Platinum is the latest expression of Built Ford Tough truck luxury,” commented Brian Rathsburg, F-Series Super Duty Marketing manager. “It has a distinct appearance and a long list of features to deliver a superior experience. Along with that, it has all of the capability F-Series trucks are famous for.”

The Platinum model is available only in the Super Duty crew cab as an F-250, F-350 or F-450 pickup with either a 400hp 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine or the 385hp 6.2-liter V8 gasoline unit.

On the outside, the flagship truck model gets a unique grille with a satin chrome surround and perforated mesh inside, a monochromatic bumper and chrome tow hooks, plus bespoke 20-inch polished-aluminum wheels with painted black inserts. More chrome can be found on the door handles, mirror caps, running boards and exhaust tip as well as on the “Platinum” badges,

The more lavish interior is slathered in leather and wood trim while there’s also a new storage area on top of the dash that includes two USB ports, audio-video connections, SD card slot and a 12-volt charging port for cell phones and other digital devices.

Other extras include a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, the MyFord Touch telematics system that includes navigation and a new 8-inch, high-resolution touch screen display, power-adjustable pedals, rear view camera and a universal garage door.

Sales of the 2013 Ford F-Series Super Duty Platinum will start later this year.

(vía Carscoop)


Once you start looking for stuff for a blog like this, you have trouble stopping.

Take this fourth generation Ford F250 (I think 1965 or ‘66), for example. I was in the Fan, heading to Carytown for lunch with a friend when I saw it and it fits all my favorite criteria: big, old, truck.

There were a lot of pine needles on the hood which indicated that it doesn’t move much. I sure hope someone’s driving it regularly.