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honestly how can people homestuck-shame in 2017 like. i get that 2012 homestuck era probably sucked for people who didnt like it but its 2017 and homestuck still offers the best representation for wlw i’ve pretty much ever seen in any fiction ever, still has some of the best written female characters, and a perfect 1:1 ratio of f:m, the story and general concept is interesting and funny and the music and art and the flashes are really damn good too. not to mention the fandom offers an unusually wide range of headcanons and so much amazing fan content and really good analysis so like. its not as if homestuck is, by any accounts, a bad comic or anything. (hussie being a giant weenie and the general opinion of the retcon and act 7 aside.) i’d say it’s pretty fucking good, for a random quirky scifi comic about four friends destroying the world. what i’m trying to say is that like…. i unironically love homestuck and i genuinely don’t get why people say ‘homestuck is so fucking CRINGEY and BAD’ in 2017 because not even the fandom is that much anymore? lots of people have left and the current fandom still creates some truly amazing stuff? well sue me for getting excited over two fictional ladies i love so much and whom ive watched grow over the course of thousands of pages get literally married. like, enjoy your damn tv shows or cartoons or anime or whatever but don’t look down on like…..literal kids who were probably too young to read homestuck when it was in its prime who are just getting into the fandom now for getting into a thing that is actually pretty great. don’t look down on people who still derive enjoyment from something that was already condemned in 2012 and like, we get it already

ever get the feeling straight girls just pretend to like f/f ships so they can pull out their one (1) f/f ship to go “hey look!! i dont fetishize gay ships i just dont see gender :)))) all love stories are good :))” even tho their m/m ship to f/f ship ratio is like 50 to 1

Zankyou no Terror: Decoding The Title Cards [COMPLETE]

Four episodes in, I assumed that the title cards were simply catchy titles that highlighted the A’s and &’s (as & stands for ‘and’, and therefore another way of highlighting the ‘A’).  It wasn’t until the release of the sixth episode that I became suspicious, and the release of the seventh episode title that I began to consider that the title cards had a purpose as well. Granted, it is very plausible that there is in fact no meaning to the title cards, that it was simply because it made the title cards look cool and give it an “edgy” look. However after watching the episodes thus far and noticing the enormous amount of symbolism and alliterations, something in the back of my mind is telling me otherwise.

Disclaimer: This is all speculation. Once again I do not know if there really is any meaning to the title cards, nor do I know if this is the right mindset to approach analyzing them even if there is meaning. Nothing is for certain unless otherwise stated by the creator, but here is my crack at analyzing the title cards.

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Insectoid Alien Species | Sexes Physical Dimorphism

F: On average taller, larger in mass, horns more varied, arm/leg/chest scaling (not shown), body colouring muted.
M: On average shorter, vibrant body/vibrant colouring, smaller muscle mass.
F&M: Acute sense of smell & sight. Weak hearing & vocal abilities.

Why the Dimorphism?: Species believed to have been similar initially, however selective breeding and higher F birth-ratio resulted in physically stronger F’s over time. M’s smallest attributed to body’s focus on toxin development over stature.

Cultural Implications: Males and females are believed to be polar opposite spiritual forces, constantly clashing to overpower the other. “A male should give despair and a female must conquer it.” - Common Proverb

Some parts of the Fallout fandom love “reminding” fans who make m/m and f/f content that some companion characters are bisexual or pansexual in order to “remind” us that their favorite m/f ships are still as important and needs just as much attention!! It’s not like ao3′s Fallout 4 numbers basically have m/f at #1 or anything!!

Usually these “reminders” come from people who exclusively ship and only make/reblog m/f content. What a surprise!! I know the person who complained about this also complained about the fact “Boone was shipped with Arcade and male couriers more than female couriers.” Which, you know, is a lie because check ao3 and the ancient fnv days of the kmeme. Using Danse with a female sole survivor as an example is even more hilarious, because Danse paired with a male sole survivor is the most popular m/m ship for Danse and a male sole survivor. It’s one of the few companion pairings that is roughly equal in m/m to m/f ratio (m/f still wins). As soon as that ratio starts getting “too close” to 50/50, it’s just TOO MUCH GAY!! And the false flag, borderline concern trolling reminders of “a reminder that ALL the companions of Fallout 4 are bisexual or pansexual uwu” emerge. You never see it when people put out their headcanons or post in the character and or Fallout tags that they think a Fallout 4 companion is “mostly straight”.

When some dipshit on the kink meme said that Hancock was “incredibly straight” no one said shit outside a few running jokes. Where was the flooding of his character tag with the reminders that Hancock is bisexual, can actually flirt with male NPCs in the game, and can be romanced by a male sole survivor? That he is bisexual and shows attraction to men and women? Commentary on biphobia? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Stop using using bisexuality and or pansexuality when you want more het content. I, and probably we, can see through that shit.

i like/love channing tatum because

(a) he is often funny and has actually done some solid dramatic work (really!)
(b) he has a lumbering dancer’s grace
© he is, by all accounts, exceptionally nice, humble, hard-working, and unpretentious. can definitely roll with hollywood’s nicest and most genuine (matt damon and keanu).
(d) he has been so beige for so long that it becomes impossible not to acknowledge his beigeness. his beigeness actually distracts from everything about him that is genuinely interesting: his life story, his successful career management, his fully-formed talent as a dancer (and growing talent as an actor), his self-awareness, his actually pretty fun personality, etc. his ability to coast on mediocrity totally reflects his privilege, but he owns his beigeness and fights to transcend it in a totally honest way. and that makes it easy to root for him—so much more so than most other actors, whose mediocrity or unoriginality nobody recognizes (i’m talking to you, james flacco). there’s nothing wrong with being beige (most celebs are), but if i’m going to root for someone who has done a lot of mediocre work, it might as well be the dude who is actually super nice, doesn’t deny it, always strives to be better, and is really less beige than he appears, right?
(e) i’m fascinated by his 1:1 face-to-neck ratio
(f) very passionate about funfetti icing
(g) my children’s children will probably read his iconic e-mail “F YOU TED !!!” in their u.s. history textbooks, under the chapter dedicated to the interview fiasco of 2k14

i hope he gets an oscar nom just for the narrative satisfaction (and because i want to see the internet burn). i read a review of foxcatcher (which i still haven’t seen yet) that was like “what other actor of this caliber can so easily execute a one-handed backflip” and i actually teared up a little bit, i was so verklempt, like hell yeah channing tatum is an actor of a certain caliber

real talk i think he is my favorite american celeb