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Name Numerology

Every letter of the alphabet matches a number from 1-9. The number can be calculated by the digit sum equaling the place of the letter in the alphabet. E.g. ‘K’ is the 11th letter, the digit sum of 11 is 2, so ‘K’ equals the number of 2.

Alphabetical number table:

1      A      J      S

2      B      K      T

3      C      L      U

4      D      M     V

5      E      N      W

6      F      O      X

7      G      P      Y

8      H      Q      Z

9       I       R

For the calculation of your Name, Personality and Heart number use your complete name(s) with first, middle and last names as it is written on your birth certificate! (This will bring the most accurate results.)

Here’s an example of how to calculate the Name number:

                          J   E   F   F   R   E   Y         L   E   B   O   W   S   K   I

                          1   5   6   6    9   5   7         3   5   2   6    5    1   2  9

add together                     39                                          33

build digit sum                3+9=12                                 3+3=6

                                       1+2= 3                                  stays 6

add together                                           3+6=9

NAME NUMBER IS                                     9

What your Name number indicates:

(1)    A leadership personality with frontier spirit, strength, independence and determination.

(2)    A diplomat and peacemaker who is sensitive towards the own and other people’s emotions.

(3)    A master of words, always appearing to be youthful who is able to do many things at once and who becomes more self-confident in the process of getting older.

(4)    A practical person who works hard, is patient and possesses a sense of detail.

(5)    A freedom-loving traveller who appreciates diversity and change and who is able to do many things at once.

(6)    A harmonious person who loves a peaceful home, family and all things beautiful and who is responsible as well.

(7)    An analyst who is wise to use his time for reading and writing and moreover doesn’t miss the forest despite of all the trees.

(8)    An organiser who gains power and success when being in charge of one’s own fate.

(9)    A true humanist who loves art, music or voyages. You give generously and need recognition.

For calculating your Personality number you do the same as above only using the consonants of your name(s).

E.g.  J E F F R E Y     L E B O W S K I  —  J F F R Y    L B W K S                       Personality number: 6

Your Personality number indicates that the people surrounding you see you as:

(1)    daring, independent, original, strong-willed, competitive

(2)    receptive, sensitive, empathetic, cooperative, diplomatic

(3)    friendly, optimistic, eloquent, happy-go-lucky, entertaining

(4)    disciplined, practical, hardworking, reliable, loyal

(5)    astute, versatile, active, adventurous, modern

(6)    affectionate, adaptable, helpful, responsible, fair

(7)    restrained, self-confident, critical, analytical, trust-worthy

(8)    modest, disciplined, efficient, powerful, successful

(9)    gentle, generous, helpful, tolerant, influential

For calculating your Heart number you do the same as above only using the vowels of your name(s).

E.g.   J E F F R E Y     L E B O W S K I   —   E E     E O I   —   Heart number: 3

Your Heart number indicates that your deepest inner feelings, wishes and skills motivate you to:

(1)    use your own ideas to lead and guide others exemplary.

(2)    collaborate with others and to use your sensitivity and diplomatic skills to be a joy to the people around you.

(3)    express your optimism and creativity.

(4)    bring sacrifices to reach tangible results for all your hands-on plans.

(5)    seek adventures and to live life on the fast lane.

(6)    create harmony and a peaceful atmosphere.

(7)    spend time alone seeking for the truth and to reflect on the meaning of life.

(8)    take things in your own hands and to use your energy to gain money, power and success.

(9)    use your knowledge and compassion for the benefit of others.

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Um...I've been stanning B.A.P for point 5 seconds, and I have like no idea who anyone is, I have to many other groups in my head...mind helping me out?

Member wise SURE, btw you made a good choice stanning B.A.P they are lovely people ANYWAYS 


Bang Yongguk 

Originally posted by daehyunny

Leader - Rapper - oldest - awkward dad - Tigger enthusiast 
Yongguk writes and produces like all of B.A.Ps music, people who don’t follow B.A.P usually find him intimidating but he’s actually so incredibly soft and sweet and shy. He’s an introvert at heart that is scared of going over 30 MPH on his bike. Is a soft man but writes the darkest music, Has a small dog he must protect! Biggest Sleepy/Untouchable fanboy probably. 
-How to tell him apart is music is his deep ass cave voice
-How to tell him apart from the group he’s usually the quiet shy one who awkwardly smiles and laughs at everything in the back. 

Kim Himchan

Originally posted by stanbap

Visual - Vocal - Gorgeous - Aesthetic mom - Bunny teeth ;;; 
Himchan is loud and adorable and needs to be protected. A Soft adorable man who cares about his fans sososososos much, Visual king, like he’s so pretty in pictures but irl??? fucking f l a w l e s s. Wine mom, his instagram is just the most beautiful thing you’d see ever. his vocals are sosososo neat ;; 
-How to tell him apart in music: voice is a lot more horse than the other members, in their heavier songs his voice SHINES but usually his voice is a lot deeper than the others in the vocal line 
-How to tell him apart in group He’s usually fighting with Daehyun, or loving up and being really soft with Jongup, “Dance Machine~” and just honestly usually loud all the time. :D 

Jung Daehyun

Originally posted by daehdream

Main Vocal - Face of group - Baby advocate - Adorable - Professional bias wrecker - Back tattoo that everyone fucking craves to see help. 
Daehyun is honestly the cutest human alive???? lives and breathes for B.A.P, spoils the fandom/his stans with content. Vlive king, inhales when he laughs, gushy lovey greasy boy. His instagram is selfies galore, deletes everything honestly. B.A.Ps biggest fan, Yongguks hype man, honestly a blessing (he’s my ult bias I’m sorry)
- How to tell him apart in music: high notes that make you actually want to cry????
- How to tell him apart from group: L O U D, singing in the background of any video, Hearts everywhere, Picking on Jongup or fighting with Himchan or gushing over Youngjae. 

Yoo Youngjae

Originally posted by zellestial

Lead/main vocal - apple cheeks - King of aegyo - Original snake
Youngjae is the sassy fuck we need in this world, the most extra when around Daehyun or Zelo, Super greasy with fans, Inventor of chokers, COLLAR BONES!!!!!!!!!!, honestly he is so soft and cute, quiet on SNS usually so when we get IG posts from him the fandom collectively cries. Constantly throwing shade at everyone, B.A.Ps appointed MC for everything. Also a loud son. Just such a precious boy. 
-How to tell him apart in music: amazing vocals usually a bit more nasally, On stage he squints his left eye, like alll the time every song no matter what it’s a blessing. 
- How to tell apart from group: fluffy hair no matter what, throwing shade at Daehyun, probably standing next to Zelo and looks extra small. He is actually small tho protect. 

Moon Jongup 

Originally posted by 55kumamons

Vocal - Main dancer - Snake 2.0 - Choreographs B.A.P dances - Shake shake and Chocolate Milk advocate 
Jongup is the quiet awkward one that makes everyone cry. Actual angel, Has not one bad bone in his body, is actually high key rude asf and throws the hardest shade at everyone, no one is safe from his smartass shit. Literally a fucking meme. “Look at this precious boy” you’ll say, “He’s so adorable and soft” wrong, He has the rudest stage presence. His solo songs are dirty and we love it. Likes Anime and Manga and being naked and dong coptering around the dorm before showering, I’d say “Protect Jongup” but Himchan has that covered. Everyones favorite son. When he laughs everyone stops breathing for a while. 
-How to tell him apart in music: I actually get him mixed up with Youngjae often I’m so sorry, but he has some amazing vocals during his verses, stage wise is completely different. ALSO HAS SOME BAD ASS POSE TO FUCK US UP WITH AND DOES LOTS OF BACK FLIPS.
- How to tell him apart from the group: Awkward, does weird fucking shit sometimes that make us go ?????, looks and acts like an angel, Probably being teased by Himchan. 

Zelo (Choi Junhong)

Originally posted by ab1004

Rapper - main dancer - Maknae - Tallest small - Choreographs BAP dances - Will skateboard over your dead body while salt bae-ing - 3am Vlive king - Only member with a stage name and we don’t know why (and neither does he)
Zelo is everyones favorite son, “Dont’ call him a child>:(>:(>:(”, Lowkey greasy, Buff as fuck, TEASE ON STAGE, Meme off stage, Instagram lives are his aesthetic, has a small dog he loves more then himself. Has an instagram for his small dog. Yongguks biggest fan, Was literally raised by B.A.P into the most respectful son ever. One of the fastest rappers in South Korea, not as loud but is HELLA EXTRA, illegally drinks in America bless. 
-How to tell him apart in music - Rapper who doesn’t have a cave voice, On stage is probably spinning at high speeds or humping the stage, or doing a air gutar move, really any of those
- How to tell him apart from group : T A L L A S F U C K, a massive goof ball, He does this face a lot that when you see it you just go “Damnit Zelo”. Usually with Youngjae and they are loud together. bless

Their newest MV really has them shine the most in each of their positions, plus the visuals are beautiful so like yeah. ENJOY B.A.P MY FRIEND YOU’RE IN FOR A HELL OF A TIME


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H E A D C A N O N S   F O R   A L L

How They Cuddle

D R A C O   M A L F O Y 

New Sides: (Name) has a clothing incident which leads to a flustered Draco and a sweet ending.

Do Re Mi(Name) and Draco have a toxic relationship that can’t be fixed. Finally, (Name) leaves without a care in the world. Based off of the song Do Re Mi by Blackbear.

Connected: Modern AU. Draco had ended it with (Name) years ago after being in a relationship for years. What happens when they reconnect in a hotel bar and live the scenarios they thought would never happen again after their separation?

Draco Malfoy Crush Headcanons

Draco Malfoy Girlfriend Headcanons

Being married to Draco Malfoy would include…


 Break Me: (Name) gave everything to him, but he wasn’t willing to give back. (Chapter One)

Help Me: Second chapter to Break Me.

Redeem Me: Third chapter to Break Me.

Regret Me: Fourth chapter to Break Me.

Forgive Me: Fifth chapter to Break Me.

G E O R G E   W E A S L E Y

Heart Race: (Name) met George in her third year after being pushed down. After another year, what will happen when George has to find a way to keep his feelings for her in check?

The Challenges You’re Facing: (Warning: Depression)

W E A S L E Y  T W I N S

Being best friends with the twins would include…

N E V I L L E   L O N G B O T T O M

Every Part of You: Reader is insecure about her body.


to the one we’ve all been dying for to get updates of, and the one we’ll never stop waiting for and loving, aka everyone’s angel & meme, happy birthday!! 😩💜

just look at this angel

alongside with two other angels

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making others smile with that bright positive smile wow

i miss hansol too wow

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thank you for serving us with endless visuals, just look at that

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f l a w l e s s

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yeap he knows, and he’s proud of it

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also being such an adorable bun by being a living meme

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my jaeno ass will always wait for the both of them to reunite again

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boy stop

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happy birthday once again and we’ll never stop waiting for you!!! your health and safety is most important so we’ll praying for your full recovery before you come back!!

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who wouldn’t love this cutie honestly

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To the “Joshler” haters:

Since a lot of friends, artists and writers in general get TON OF SHIT for drawing or writing about the “Joshler” concept (resulting in, basically, censorship):

Can you just stop being a wuss over a ship we all know it’s not real (breaking news: like 99% of the other ships on the internet)? Here’s a life changing tip: let people fantasize to whatever the fuck they want. Don’t you have something more IMPORTANT and CONCRETE to fight? Even your fucking idols joke about it, g r o w  u p  a n d  d o  s o m e t h i n g  m o r e  m e a n i n g f u l  t h a n  b e i n g  u n n e c e s s a r i l y  a n g r y  (and that’s a whole new level of being a dumb child) at people’s fantasies.

ps. Jenna probably laughs at how triggered you are over her husband.

pps. you can apply this ^^^ to basically every “ship”.

Soulmate AU; Seokjin

Originally posted by sugaa

Summary; Soulmate au where every time your soulmate dyes their hair your nails change to the exact same colour

oh my gosh i haven’t written anything about bts OR seokjin in ages i’m hYPED YES YES YES



-so for the longest time 

-you could have sworn you’ve inhaled like 20 metric tonnes of bleach shampoo and hair spray 

-how are you not dEA D   Y ET 

-wait waht 

-but why have you inhaled 20 metric tonnes of bleach shampoo and hairspray 

-your family worked in a hair salon that was smack bang in the middle of “entertainment district!”


-your family’s hair salon was pretty well established and it was well known to a lot of entertainment companies like SM YG and JYP

-so you had idols coming into your family’s salon like 34/8

-non stop business

-you always hold the broom and say “pl E A S E     K I  L L   M E

-ah the rough times you had

-you know what else was rough for you?

-you had an amazing collection of nail polishes 

-there were so many 

-you had them ever sinc eyou were little

-but every time you put them on

-they turned into a different colour

-more specifically

-a dark-ish brown colour

-you really didn’t like this colour

-it didn’t suit your hands at all

-which made you sad because you just wanted a nice 

-you saw it every time you put some on

-”i just  w A N T   TO   W E A R    S P A R K L Y   B L U E    D A Y    D R E A M   F O R    O N C E    P L  E  A  S  E “

-and every time you wore it for school people would comment about how you’re being emo and stuff 

-and so you stopped wearing nail polish completely after that

-you were pretty upset about it

-by the time 2013 rolled around 

-you overheard your mum and dad talking about a new group client

-you were actually happy about seeing new customers because for the third time that month you put dyed at least every member of exo’s hair by then


-you overheard that they were from the company across the street

-which was big-hit


-you kind of heard their name too

-b…..tf? bts? something like that

-one morning

-you were sweeping the floors

-and as you stopped sweeping

-you see this group come in

-they look pretty young

-and tall too

-you were slightly intimidated by them 

-rushing to greet them your parents were slightly thrilled to have them in your salon

-your mum called you over to say hello

-and so you did

-they were actually pretty nice

-between the three of you

-you your mum and your dad

-you and your mum had to cut and dye two of the member’s hair

-while your dad took care of the other three

-you had the two youngest who were v and jungkook

-who knew you would be assigned to these two goofballs in the future wOW

-when everyone was finished

-you noticed that when you finally decided to put nail polish back on

-it was a kind of…lighter brown

-before it was a dark chocolate colour

-but it kind of just changed into a gingerbread colour

-you….were actually fond of this colour

-it looked pretty and reminded you of gingerbread cookies!

-for a while it stayed the same colour

-but as soon as the next comeback came around

-you happened to notice it changing colour again

-from that nice gingerbread to a chestnut colour

-your mum commented on how quickly you changed nail colours

-and you just replied with

-”i-it just changes…by itself”

-you mum started to laugh and poked you in the ribs a couple times

-and you’re confused


-you remember the way that your parents met

-her nail polish colour changed to the colours that her dad had his hair colour as

-so for example

-he once had a light-ish blond colour for his hair with bright yellow tips

- n O 

-your mum’s nail polish would change to a sunny yellow

-and while you had no other groups coming in for the mean time

-you soon realised that it may as well be someone in BTS

-dam you lucky 

-the most drastic change was when it went from that nice chestnut colour back to a dark rose colour

-then a couple months later you noticed it being a dark brown again

-and the only member that you noticed to have this kind of trend consisting of dark colours…………..was jin

-you rarely spoke to him because you never washed his hair or dyed it or did anything

-it was only when you went to say hello and goodbye and if he wanted anything to drink or eat while he had his hair cut 

-another drastic change was a year later when he had his hair become a light blonde

-and your nails changed to a light pastel yellow colour

-the colour reminded you of the colour of a lemon or mango macaron

-you had asked him if he wanted a drink and he actually said yes so you got him one

-and he kind of noted down in his head that you had the same colour nails as his hair

-and that he also noted that it was the dark brown colour he had before

-the last drastic change you noticed was when he dyed his hair pink

-he had asked for a drink again

-and just as you were getting it

-your nail colour started to change from the light pastel yellow 

-to a light pastel pink

-right in front of him

-just as he was about to leave with the other members

-he came back into the shop

-and was just looking at you sort the magazines out

-he was just standing behind you as he looked at you sort of the magazines

-you slowly turned around because you figured that someone was behind you 

-”hm? oh jin what’s up? did you forget anything?”

-”not exactly…i was just wondering what you thought of my new hair?”

-”it’s really nice my mum did a good job.”

-”she did. it’s also funny.”

“what is?”

-”your nails….they changed colour…from the colour i had on my hair before to the colour i am now. it’s like we’re magically matching soulmates.”

-you smile and turn back to sorting out the maga–

-but then you stop

-you turn back to him

-and he just

-gave you the warmest smile

-and you’re just a blushing mess

-maybe the colours you had on your nails

-really did suit you all along

“hey what if i put nail polish on and it changes colour too!”

“you could try jin”

“i’m doing it then!”


“how did it go?”

“well….you hair is still the same colour….my nails are still blue…..help”

“i’ll get the nail polish remover”

“thank you”


Sungjong Solo “ Adult ceremony” (HD)

If you are a new Inspirit, or an older one who would like to see this again.. I give you the -fabulous- Lee Sungjong doing “Adult Ceremony.”

Let me tell you that Lee Sungjong is one of the bravest, most talented, most darling of beings. There’s a reason we call him F. L. A. W. L. E. S. S.

I love him so much and I love this performance so so much.

Sometimes i forget I’m alone, it’s when i sit in the desk in a room that seems untouched by my hands, and paper with words that mean nothing but everything in a utter being, and all i could think is that the star’s love me, they will stay. and when i lean my chin on my hands and say “you know we won’t make this out alive.” and they shine, they shine so brightly with watery eyes, when i add “one of us must burn out.”

and they whisper back in a harmony. “i  w i l l  e x t i n g u i s h  m y  s o u l  f o r  y o u ”

-  excerpt: our love was a tragedy (J.D)

                                                  N E W       B L O G 

W H O  A M  I ?

Hannia. 18 years old. I just graduated high school and I´m going to Law School in less than a month.

W H A T  I S  T H I S  B L O G  F O R  ?

I have always liked the “tumblr life”. I like indie music and going to concerts, but mainly I like taking cool pictures and posting them to instagram. Also, I like updating my tumblr and being trendy.

This blog is for all of you, law students, future law students, studyblrs, or anyone who wants to see how I document my college life while trying to stay “tumblr”. You can help me and this blog to grow by liking, reblogging, and sharing this blog I just started and will continue to update through my journey in law school. :)

Oh, almost forgot. My Instagram, which I will be updating with different content of the same kind, is @theradlawlife, so you should follow me there too <3

( @reaper-dragon-megalo )

* Behind her was an armored dragon surrounded by even thicker black mist. Their eyes were glowing bright red, the light piercing through the mist as if it was nothing. The dragon, however, wasn’t particularly big, being roughly the size of a tall person. Their voice was probably the most intimidating thing about them.

-W e l l, w e l l, w e l l… G r e e t i n g s. I  a m  M e g a l o. S o, y o u  a r e  t h e  o n e  r e s p o n s i b l e  f o r  P h o e n i x  d i s a p p e a r a n c e? * Some black Megablasters emerge from the mist. -G o o d  r i d d a n c e. B u t  w h o  a r e  y o u?

“And the Phoenix abuse still continues!” She’s melting quite a bit, obviously afraid of Megalo. Or, maybe more startled, but still. Seems this is one way she’s trying to cope.

“And she’s gonna be back…in like…two and a half weeks…” She tries her hardest to not sound nervous, but the joker is failing quite a bit. “N-name’s Joker…” She was already starting up Phoenix’s ability of teleportation to get the heck out of there if anything happens.

FFXIV IC Class Knowledge

L’dhala doesn’t exactly possess any particular abilities. His skills are limited to field work and martial areas, with magical ability being particularly unimpressive.

D I S C I P L E S  O F  W A R

Gladiator || Paladin: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Marauder || Warrior: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Dark Knight: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Pugilist || Monk: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Lancer || Dragoon: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Rogue || Ninja: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Samurai: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Archer || Bard (former): | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Machinist: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

D I S C I P L E S  O F  M A G I C

Conjurer || White Mage:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Arcanist || Summoner || Scholar: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Astrologian:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Thaumaturge || Black Mage:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Red Mage:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

D I S C I P L E S  O F  T H E  H A N D

Carpenter:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Blacksmith:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Armorer:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Goldsmith:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Leatherworker:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Weaver:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Alchemist:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Culinarian:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

D I S C I P L E S  O F  T H E  L A N D

Miner:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Botanist:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Fisher:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

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SHINee In Dallas
  • A room of nothing but Shawols
  • *tears up*
  • The opening VCR = NOSTALGIA TO THE MAX
  • SHINee hitting us with everything they had for Everybody
  • I wasn’t ready
  • Key twirling that arm like the fucking boss he is
  • God bless dedication 
  • Shawols
  • The host 
  • The host’s sass
  • That girl that flew here from Tokyo omg
  • Honey, Korea is like, right next….. nvm
  • The boys singing Hello
  • Key cutting Minho off to talk about Pokemon Go
  • Key not understanding Pokemon Go
  • Minho looking fine af 
  • Like…… BOY
  • That one male Shawol that screamed his love for Jonghyun
  • And Jonghyun recognized him from the Chicago meet
  • Taemin asking if we’ll support a future U.S. solo tour
  • *intense screaming from everyone*
  • Kibum’s F L A W L E S S English
  • Onew’s weird elephant, horn noise that he wouldn’t stop doing
  • Onew being hella extra 
  • Shawols loving Onew
  • Key getting “movies” to act out and then getting last place
  • Jonghyun’s goldfish
  • Shawols
  • Taemin w/ black hair <3
  • That SHINee World video
  • The sea of baby blue lights
  • And pretty much every Shawol singing along to the songs in the vid
  • View fanchant
  • The love of Shawols
  • Replay
  • the vocalsT
  • Lucifer 
  • the most lit song of the night 
  • Jonghyun’s long ass note
  • Shawols screaming their lungs out
  • Key and Tae going so hard in the dance
  • Sherlock choreo
  • Minho owning everything
  • The bts for the View mv
  • Jonghyun being so flirty I want to jump off a cliff
  • the boys coming out before the video was done
  • everyone laughing at the boys
  • everyone crying because View starts
  • strong ass fanchants
  • Shawols <3333
  • Key looking so good in his outfit
  • Taemin being a reincarnated MJ
  • Taemin hitting those NOTES
  • Taemin slaying that song
  • Jonghyun’s “DOOOoooooWWWNnnnNN”
  • Onew being at the front 
  • Onew getting his life
  • SHINee saying goodbye
  • Shawols start singing Happy Birthday to Taemin
  • Tae being so. damn. surprised.
  • Key being confused and shady cuz
  • “Taemin, what day is it?” Not the 18th? Ok, then sit down.
  • Minho not wanting to leave the stage
  • SHINee loving us
  • Shawols loving SHINee

This was such a beautiful fanmeet/concert and nothing will compare to the night we all had. I feel so close to SHINee but I feel close to Shawols as well. Pure magic. 

F A M I L Y  L I F E ,,
Olivia was raised by a single mother along with her older sister. Her dad split a couple of years after her birth, and nobody ever heard from him again. Her mother was always incredibly devoted to her daughters and taught them very strong values and a firm moral compass. She has always found home to be the safest place, and where she feels most comfortable. Her family is everything to her; she holds her mom in the highest regard and aspires to be like her some day.

S C H O O L / W O R K  L I F E ,,
Having only just graduated from university as a psychologist, Olivia is still going slow with patients, but she already loves it and knows that she’s exactly where she’s meant to be. Getting through the layers of somebody’s personality to find their hidden depths is as stimulating to her as it is intriguing, and accessing somebody’s struggles and being able to guide them towards a better path for a more holistic and happy life is all the reward that she needs. She has a bright future ahead of her and is gaining a better reputation with each year that passes by.

R O M A N T I C  L I F E ,,
Olivia is a practical romantic, and she has been in love with her boyfriend, Adam, ever since high school. They both grew up in Saint Andrews and don’t have any intention to leave it. Adam (face claim Chris Evans) is exactly the kind of guy she needs: supportive, strong, and most of all kind. He is honest and genuine and doesn’t fall into what society expects of him, which she dearly values. They absolutely plan on getting married in the future, but they both want to focus on their careers first and grow as individuals so that they can provide a stable and happy family for their future children.

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|| I N  T H I S  W O R L D  O N L Y  O N E  O F  U S  C A N  B E  K I N G ||

An Aesthetic for a Radier Sans who wants to serve his fathers including glitching and dark colours for anon

I really hope you like it! This layout was really awkward to do but I think it was worth it.

None of the images are our own and requests are open and being worked through!!

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FFXIV Character Class Skills

A E R I K    T I R E L

D I S C I P L E S  O F  W A R

Gladiator || Paladin: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Marauder || Warrior: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Dark Knight: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Pugilist || Monk: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Lancer || Dragoon: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Rogue || Ninja: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Samurai: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Archer || Bard: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Machinist: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Aerik has absolutely no relationship with the Disciplines of War - being completely attuned to magical arts, he has never bothered to pick up any weaponry associated with any of these professions and his skill at being a Pugilist basically extends to “can actually fight bare handed and probably knock several people out due to his immense size and musculature.” He has no experience with the actual class profession.

D I S C I P L E S  O F  M A G I C

Conjurer || White Mage:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Arcanist || Summoner || Scholar: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Astrologian: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Thaumaturge || Black Mage:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Red Mage:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Aerik’s real talents in battle lie in his command of aether and the arts that draw from it. He is mildly attuned to the aetherical balances of Thaumaturgy and can conjure basic fire, ice, and thunder spells but rarely does not use this as a form of combat due to his lack of more precise control over the elements it wields. Aerik has also taken to studying astromancy to some degree, specifically being interested in its basis in divination and the Deck of Sixty. Arcanima has sadly always eluded the mage, as equations and calculations were never exactly his strong suit, similarly the Art of the Red is too new and fresh to him - and therefore he has no experience in attempting to wield its spellcraft.

However - Aerik’s command of Conjury and White Magic is one with little parallel. Not a true Master of the art, he nevertheless is very strongly attuned with the White and, being one bequeathed with the blessing of the Twelveswood Elementals, wields said magics with the precision and grace that White Magic embodies. He keeps his true talents and powers a closely guarded secret, lest he upset the balance of White Magic in the Twelveswood (at the behest of its elemental guardians) and therefore simply disguises his work as advanced conjury. 

D I S C I P L E S  O F  T H E  H A N D

Carpenter: | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Blacksmith:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Armorer:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Goldsmith:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Leatherworker:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Weaver:  | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Alchemist: | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Culinarian: | Unskilled |  Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Aerik has, over his travels, gained a small amount of trade skills to supplement his battle skills. Carpentry is something his only has a rudimentary grasp on, but he’s able to at least do some woodworking, and during his time with the Astral Agency, used what skill he had to help repair the Agency’s roof on more than one occasion. His Culinary knowledge far surpasses his rudimentary skill in Carpentry. Having learned basic cooking techniques from his mother, he eventually traveled to Limsa as a young man and studied under the Bismarck’s own Lyngsath in the Art of the Culinarian. The two became fast friends and Aerik still visits the Bismarck from time to time at Lyngsath’s own request for the two to catch up and cook a meal together. While not able to produce meals on the same level as his former mentor and friend, Aerik’s cooking is nonetheless still mouthwatering and delicious.

Aerik’s true passion in tradecraft shines through in his study and practice of Alchemy - the field of potionmaking and magic imbuing. After a discussion with an old witch during his first nights at the Agency, where the crone questioned if he truly was a healer in practice or only in name, he decided to study potioncraft and alchemy, to use as an extension of his White Mage skills. He found that the work was not too much different from his study of the culinary arts and was quickly able to master several techniques and create very high quality healing potions and tinctures for the people he worked with. He prefers to keep his tradecraft work secrets to himself however, and does not sell his potions on the wider market. 

D I S C I P L E S  O F  T H E  L A N D

Miner:  | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Botanist: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Fisher: | Unskilled | Novice | Adept | Expert | Master |

Working in the field is something that has been a part of Aerik’s life since he was a very young child. He knows enough about fishing to be able to catch decent fish for cooking on a regular basis, but beyond that has little clue how to land larger catches or even what fishing holes are the best to go to. And when it comes to mining, he chooses to leave that field of work to his husband - who works with the Mineral Concern out of Ul’dah. 

Aerik’s love and passion comes in the form of Botany - a natural extension of the skills he learned working on his parents farm growing up. Botany is the one thing Aerik excels at more than any other - he has true mastery over it and is able to easily find and gather up the highest quality plants, fruits, and vegetables while out in the wilderness. He uses his mastery of Botany as an extension of his Alchemy practices - using his vast knowledge of the various flora of the regions of Eorzea to help create his potent potions.

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I love- LOVE Rip Hunter and I cannot and will not ever get enough of him. This is the best Rip I’ve ever found. I adore them to no end. Just how I (me personally) think Rip is this person plays them. Their characterization is F L A W L E S S as well as glorious human that I will never, ever, ever, E V E R stop being totally creepy at. I hope I get more chances to post with them. Pretty sure I drop our post like the klutz I am.