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I have a problem with older generation Kpop fans that have an elitist mentality just because they’ve been around so long. I get that you guys have been through a lot with Kpop and I respect you immensely, but that doesn’t give you the right to mistreat and bash newer groups/fans. You’re not entitled to anything so get your heads out of your asses. Don’t forget, you were once new to Kpop as well


Rochelle’s pregnancy got off to a rocky start. She wasn’t quite used to all of the ups and downs of expecting a child. Rochelle had dreamed of having a baby for such a long time, that she had imagined everything going perfectly. She soon found out that being pregnant was less than perfect.

The aches, pains, morning sickness, that she could deal with. What she couldn’t handle was the constant shifts in her mood. She was excited to have a baby. This was her dream, and it had taken so long for her and Fiona to get pregnant.

A lot of her time was feeling apprehensive. What if she wasn’t cut out to be a mother? She didn’t have the best remodel growing up. Her mother was controlling and abusive. She hadn’t been one to show love and affection to her only child. She had viewed Rochelle more as a status, an object almost. She wanted to train Rochelle to be the proper lady, to marry a wealthy man and further their standing in society. Rochelle always feared turning out like her mother. Though Rochelle was a kind and gentle soul, she always worried that maybe there was a part of her that was horrible deep down. What if that came out when she had her children?

She also spent time feeling guilty. Why was she dwelling on the negative? She had wanted a child so badly, and now she was going to have one. She felt selfish and ungrateful for feeling anything less than happy during her pregnancy.