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Unless you can talk and read Korean perfectly, please do not mock idols when they speak English. Often they learn the language to better communicate with you and it is rather disrespectful when you make fun of them for making a effort. It is annoying to see intl fans being desparate for subtitles when idols make tv appearances but then when idols do speak English, unless it is perfect, it is not good enough. If you want to enjoy parts of Korean culture, please show respect to the people who make the content you consume.

“The crown, it weighs heavy
‘Till it’s banging on my eyelids

Oh who decides from where up high?
I couldn’t say. I need more time”
      -Florence + the machine, Too Much Is Never Enough

Told myself I wouldn’t draw Pink Diamond until her design was revealed if ever but I guess the hiatus got to me (shrugs)

It took me way too long to make but I’m hoping to make a speedpaint of it! 



‘beautiful’ is about accepting who i am: it took me a while to gain confidence to say, ‘screw it, i just wanna be me.’ ‘heights’ is about (this idea of), ‘now that i’ve accepted myself, where do i go?’ it’s a reminder if there’s ever a time i lose faith, i can get back up again. writing those songs was a big step for me.

Mi ricordo
ancora non sapevo
di cosa si trattasse,
se fosse amore,
o cos’altro
stessi provando.
Ma sapevo, ormai,
che in ogni mio pensiero,
in ogni mio gesto,
ci saresti stato.