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Clony headcanons and ideas (Sorry it's so long!)

-Tony is protective of Clay. Whenever someone has bullied or messed with Clay in the past, Tony has found them and personally “talked” to them.
-Clay still gets recurring nightmares and one of the times he has one, Tony is over for a sleepover. Tony wakes him up and rubs his back to comfort him as Clay catches his breathe.
- When Tony dropped Clay off in ep 11 he, proceeded to drive around the block and sit at the corner of the street to make sure Clay kept his promise about not doing anything stupid.
-Sometimes Clay forgets to eat and Tony has to remind him.
- Whenever Tony and Clay get into an argument Tony goes for a drive in his mustang and Clay goes on a ride on his bike. Tony usually cleans his head the fastest and then goes looking around for Clay. When he finds him he invites him into his car and they drive around while talking about their argument.
- Tony was terrified when Clay almost jumped off the cliff and he got a couple nightmares from the experience.
- Tony likes to call Clay babe and sometimes he likes to use a lot of romantic spanish terms.
- Tony secretly likes to snuggle and cuddle and show PDA whenever they’re alone but, doesn’t like to show PDA when they’re out and about.
- Clay shows emotion the easiest out of the two of them and has the most mood swings.
- Clay always breaks when Tony uses the “puppy dog eyes” on him.
-Whenever they go in for a hug or a kiss Tony has to stand on his tip toes to reach Clay.
- The two like to switch between big spoon and little spoon when they get the chance to snuggle.
- Clay is as clueless when it comes to boys as he is when it comes to girls.
- Clay can be super sweet and sensitive and he tends to turn red when Tony says something cute or embarrassing.
- Tony is extremely smooth when it comes to flirting.
- When Tony saw all the scratches and bruises on Clays face he inwardly freaked the f*ck out.
- Clay can be super clumsy at times.
- One day when Clays parents weren’t home they both ice skated around his house in their socks.
-Despite his small size and height Tony can dominate just as well (maybe even better) then Clay in the bedroom.
-Clay likes to geek out and rant about the different scenes in the movies they watch and Tony secretly doesn’t mind.
- Tony and Clay sometimes like to go to the park to swing and to casually talk about things.
- Tony sometimes finds it hard to look Clay in the eyes during arguments because his eyes are really expressive.
-Tony is the most responsible out of the two.

- Tony can lift up Clay and when he does this, Clay turns into a messy ball of emotions and embarrassment.
- Tony has tried to get over Clay in the past but couldn’t fully get over him.
-Tony has the best fashion sense out of the two.
-Clay likes to show Tony all his indie bands.
-Clay likes to curl up and hog all the blankets.
-Whenever Clay gets upset or starts crying Tony switches to overprotective boyfriend mode.
-Tonys family ships them harder then anyone.
-Tony is secretly the dancing queen.
-The both of them get attention from both genders and they both can get a little possessive of each other.
-The first time the two went swimming at the beginning of their relationship, Clay couldn’t stop staring.
-Every time Tony pulls up in his mustang he sees Clays eyes brighten a little.
- Sometimes Clay falls asleep in Tonys car and Tony gives him his leather jacket.

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Yup, you guessed it - this thing is still not over, I fear. After a long day of freaking out, panicking, calming the f*ck down and getting back to work - here it is. I wanna thank @safedork for helping me see clearly and being generally awesome. I owe you, girl. :*

Also I have to mention @ghostgetters and @elladoodles for basically giving me the perfect outline for this quite angsty reunion between Star and Marco. They still love each other, kids - they just have a lot of feelings bottled up and it’s time to let them out … (also sorry for the weird lighting change in some panels, long story)

Part 4 might take a little longer, because I have some school/family timez coming up, but don’t worry - it will come and it will be beautiful.

Again: this storyboard is 100% fanmade. Please share, reblog & spread this monstrosity so I can drag even more people down with me!

Love, Lima!

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For solangelo please can you write an almost first kiss? So they're getting really close but something interrupts them and Nico has an internal freak out like w t f just happened- and then awkwardnessss I'm a sucker for awkward solangelo

“Solace, get that away from me or else—”

“It’s just a bandaid!”

It’s a good thing the infirmary is empty save for the two of them, because they’re currently in a very compromising position. Will is leaning over Nico, struggling to stick a bandaid on the—tiny, barely even noticeable and definitely not bleeding anymore—cut on Nico’s nose. Nico struggles underneath him, trying to kick at him but Will doesn’t budge. There’s an arm braced against Nico’s chest, and his own arms are pushing back at the other boy wherever he can reach.

“What do you have against bandaids?” Will asks, chest heaving.

“I don’t need it,” Nico deadpans. “And that one is bright pink, which really clashes with the whole dark overlord look I’m going for.” 

“I think it suits you—oomph.”

Nico pulls his fingers back, smug while Will rubs his ribs. But then Will is eyeing him with that mischievous smile again, and Nico barely has time to throw his arms up before Will is attacking him with the bandaid again. Except this time, Will has a secret weapon: tickling.

“Will, no—!” Nico gasps, trying to dislodge Will’s hands around his middle, but he’s too busy shaking with laughter. He really hates Hazel for telling the boy about how ticklish he is.

“Will, yes!” 

Eventually, Nico grabs Will’s arms, stopping his movements. They both gasp for breath, stupid smiles on their faces, when Nico makes the mistake of looking up. Will’s face hovers above his own, freckles everywhere, a golden halo spilling from his head until it brushes Nico’s forehead. Blue eyes stare back. Then they flick down to his lips, and Nico forgets how to breathe.

“Hey, Will, another Ares kid got stabbed in the are—Uh. Did I interrupt something?”

Nico and Will spring apart, Will stumbling off the bed and Nico rolling over to face the wall. He listens to the sound of Will bumbling around for materials, ignoring Percy’s stare on his back as he tries to remember how to human. His face feels too hot. He can still feel the weight of Will on top of him, and the beautiful blush across freckled skin. 

“Nico? You alright?” Percy’s voice is amused behind him. “Need a little time to cool down?”

Nico slaps his hands to his cheeks, and groans.


  • a rlly fucked up age gap plot where a girl is giving up her baby ( 18 / 19 ). she goes through an adoption agency to find a couple. she ends up falling for one of the parents ( could be f/f or m/f ). lots of angst and sneaking around and freaking out when the due date gets closer because they want to be together. cold feet about the adoption. YES.
  • a married f/f couple decides they want to have a baby. they get their best friend to be the sperm donor. poly ? maybe ? angst ? 
  • everyone thinks she’s the perfect good girl but guess what ? she’s fucking her dad’s best friend. and oh uh, she’s pregnant. congrats. maybe her dad’s friend is married with kids already …
  • one last age gap … my wife and i have been trying to get pregnant for years and it’s taking a toll on our marriage. the cute intern at work seduces him. and as the title suggests, they make a baby.
  • i love you so much and i’m so glad we finally got together ( childhood friends ? exes who finally get back together ? ) … but i’m 12 weeks pregnant and we only started sleeping together a month ago.
  • the sweet angelic girl gets pregnant by the local bad boy. a classic. 
    • BONUS ROUND ! he’s a high ranking gang member and she becomes a target. oh the pain , the angst ! BONUS POINTS .. if she has no idea that he’s in a gang ..
  • the opposite … the local bad girl gets pregnant by the perfect golden boy .. he’s got a full ride for soccer and she couch surfs. they meet a party and she gives him some drugs and they end up fucking in the bathroom.
  • i told you i was having an abortion so we stopped talking. you run into me a year later with an infant that has your nose …
  • i gave up a baby as a teenager and i tracked them down to meet them and their dad / mom is so hot i’m sweating …
  • i didnt know i was pregnant ! TM .. we’ve been together for years and we’ve kinda decided we don’t want children. you rush me to the hospital when the weird pains get too unbearable and oh god there’s blood. “you’re in labor” the nurse says. “what?”
Musical Screening Q&A

 HUGE thanks to @jjosh-lyman​ / johnsfkennedys (twitter) for sending me her audio recording from the post-screening q&a. ** Please note: the first few minutes are missing and I transcribed this to the best of my abilities **

1. What’s it like working with Ginny?

Josh: It’s been… It’s been.. What has it been?

Ginny: Magical? (Audience laughs)

Josh: (laughs) It’s been magical.  No, it has, it’s been–

Ginny: The best thing that’s ever happened to you! (Audience laughs)

Josh: It’s been, it has been a magical situation. You’re working with another actor who knows you so well. You can be very vulnerable, you can be very open, you can be very brave, you can do all those kinds of things. So yeah, it’s a real gift.

Moderator: I’m feeling the feels, y’all, are you?

2. What is your favorite Disney character or movie?

Adam: This will sound phony, but it is Snow White. (Audience goes aw) 

Ginny: Right answer again!

Adam: It’s true!

Josh: I’m really glad we came to you.

Adam: It was the first movie that I remember seeing as a child and it clearly made an impression.

Ginny: I really like Zootopia because of um– (Audience laughs - can’t hear the rest of her answer) An equally savvy answer would be that we’re very partial to Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was my very first boyfriend and Josh, here, read the entire first Winnie the Pooh book to my belly when I was pregnant with my eldest and that was the first movie that Oliver saw. Then we accidentally bought Sterling Holloway’s house and he was Winnie the Pooh (note: he was the voice actor), so that’s kind of a crazy story. So yeah, Pooh’s got a whole thing. There’s a whole three-line of Pooh in our lives.

Josh: Or we stalk him. (Audience laughs)

Moderator: How about you, David?

David: I am fond of Maleficent and the whole Sleeping Beauty thing.

Moderator: Eddy?

Eddy: I’m gonna go with Alice in Wonderland and just because I like it. (Audience laughs)

3. Back to the musical, even though the songs are new and original, do you take inspiration from the Disney characters the actors portray?

Adam: It’s more like we’ve taken inspiration from the way our actors have realized these characters on the show. You know, we use the disney movies and animated films as a jumping off point, but every one of them has made it their own. So when we started this process, they sat down with Alan and Michael and we really all tried to work together to tailor everything specifically to who these characters are on our show and those guys did an amazing job with the songs and these guys did alright singing them. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: The idea was each episode has the tone of the character so a Snow/Charming episode is different than a Rumple. I think Alan and Michael really captured kind of the character, they were fans of the show, and then the tone & inspiration for each one.

David: Also it was about returning to a S1 feel for all of these characters, which speaks to how we were introduced to them and what the actors brought to those characters, kinda going to really the heart of when we met them and putting it into song.

Moderator: Awesome. So deep. (Audience laughs)

4. For Josh & Ginny, if you could be any other character besides the one you play currently on OUAT, who would it be?

Josh: I’ve always said Rumplestiltskin for sure. Just because Bobby, the actor, gets to play such a huge range. I just think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ginny: I would be Henry because I wouldn’t have to wear a wig and that would be the closest I would ever get to playing Harry Potter. (Audience laughs)

5. What’s your Disney favorite ride or attraction?

Ginny: Haunted Mansion.

Josh: Pirates.

Eddy: Pirates! Haunted Mansion too, it’s close.

Josh: I also like Indiana Jones.

Adam: It’s a tie between Pirates and Star Tours. There’s like 94 possibilities.

(Someone said Space Mountain - can’t tell who. Maybe David.)

Eddy: The Buena Vista Commissary. There’s a salad bar like right down Dopey Ave. (Audience laughs)

6. Which characters were the most exciting to create a song for?

Josh: (clears throat loudly) Answer honestly!

Alan & Michael (note: I can’t tell which is which): I mean, Zelena was… Yeah.

Josh: Alright, nice to see you (note: I assume he gets up halfway as a joke)

A&M: We had to test you there.

Eddy: It’s hard to say who.. It’s like your favorite child.

Ginny: Us obviously. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: I think, for us, it was really just exciting to do as many as we could. You know, I think we weren’t sure how many songs we could take on, we weren’t sure we could do any of it and, you know, literally these guys wrote 7 original songs and they started meeting in December so… if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, Alan & Michael~

Moderator: Anything to add, David?

David: Nope. (Audience laughs)

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BTS Reacting To Their Small S/O Being Protective

~Wahh sorry for the long wait anon..~

Originally posted by akaishinkirou

Seokjin: I see Jin being okay with you being protective of him, in regards to arguing and like being sassy. But when it comes to the point of you fighting someone on his behalf, he would freak the f**k out. ^^^^^ Just like that “JAGIYA WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” “Shut up I’M DEFENDING YOUR HONOR.” “jAGIYA NO” “jAGIYA YES.” He worries for you so much because you’re a smol bean, and he fears that you would get really hurt. He’s not called Eomma for nothing lol.

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Yoongi: Even though everyone assumes he would be all like “yeah that’s my boy/girl.” *LOUD OBNOXIOUS BUZZING SOUND* WRONG. Yoongi would be pissed if you got into a physical fight over him. arguments and squabbles over him, pfft he’s rooting for it. But no way in hell would he be supporting you fighting someone else with your fists. “Y/N, don’t pull this shit again. You think I like worrying if you’re going to be in the hospital?” Do not fight anyone while you’re with Yoongi. 

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Hoseok: I’m having a hard time deciding whether Hobi would be mega pissed to the point of trying to find the person who made you that angry, or like super upset that you even put yourself into that position. “Jagi… I don’t like to think that you’ll go out and let yourself get hurt for my sake…” He seems like one of those people who would take it to heart, as if he was doing something wrong. Or maybe that it was his fault. You would eventually feel bad and apologize because “Hobi, it isn’t your fault I just… I love you so much and those people don’t get how much you mean to so many people… I’m sorry but I just couldn’t let them say those things about you.” Hobi would nod in understanding but make you promise not to do that again. 

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Namjoon: This boy. Aish he would go on for ages like a parent would. “Y/n you shouldn’t be doing this. It’s not right to solve issues with violence…” It would get old real quick. “Aish okay Namjoon!” He would continue though until you actually looked him in the face and listened to reiterate what he said. Then he would kiss your forehead and help you bandage your bruised knuckles. 

Originally posted by bts-best-lockscreens

Jimin: We all know how he is. He’s a shy ittle mochim. But for some reason I feel like Jiminie would be the least upset about you getting into a fight. “Aish fight for a good reason. I don’t want to worry about you if it’s only me.” “You are the only reason I would fight Jimin. You’re so small I need to make sure that no one messes with you.” “Aish Y/n you’re tinier than me…” He’d still be shy and feel a little bad, but he would try and make sure that you wouldn’t need to be fighting on his behalf anymore. 

Originally posted by kinglywomen

Taehyung: Honestly, I feel like Taehyungie would be the most upset with you. He would sort of give you the silent treatment as he bandaged your hand and put ice on your knuckles. He knows you are fully capable of protecting yourself, but to go as far as to fight because of him? He would be really upset. “Y/n I don’t want you doing this again. I really don’t. Not because of something someone said or did to me. I can handle that. What I can’t handle is you getting hurt because you were upset about something to do with me.” He would sense your upset, but he would pull you in close. “I just… You’re my jagi. I should be doing this for you not you doing this for me…” 

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

Jungkook: I feel like Guks would be like “Huh, do they think I can’t take care of myself?” But also a little like “Yeah man, that’s my jagi. My jagi has my back.” I feel like he has that sort of mindset where he is impressed that you would go to those lengths. He’s a little cocky about it. But deep down as he’s holding your smol hand looking at the bruise he would feel bad that you felt you needed to do this. “I’m proud of you, Jagi. But please don’t make this a habit.” 

A/N: Honestly the boys don’t seem like they would be impressed by fighting. Or somehow gauge your ability to protect them. They seem hella chill like “nah fighting ain’t worth it. My face is too important.” But however if it were really important they would be squaring up homie. Hope you like it anon! Xxoo <3<3<3<3

Beguiling Bubbles

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Request where (Y/n) gets dosed with a love potion by someone else, but she accidentally falls for one of the twins instead
A/N: Sorry it’s been ages! It’s very late at night so this hasn’t been edited. Also, where I go into detail about how the first person the drinker sees is who they fall for, that was pulled directly out of my ass souly for the purpose of the story because the wiki didn’t have much on the other potions that weren’t amortentia so I made it up 
Squicks: little bit of swearing

~George’s POV~

He sort of blackmailed me into it. Seamus Finnigan knew about the shipments for the store that we were hiding in the Docks, and threatened to go to McGonagall if we didn’t help him out.

“Which one of you is the least crap at potions?” he had asked me and Fred, smiling while thinking of all the possibilities now that he had us under his thumb.

“Neither of us are shit at potions mate,” Fred stood up for himself, sneering down at the little stain who thought he could boss us around.

“Alright, if one of you can get a love potion to me by tomorrow night I’ll keep your little secret, howzabout it?”

We had no clue what he wanted a love potion for, but we didn’t really care. The less we had to spend dealing with that git the better.

You’re the least shit at potions,” Fred said to me once Seamus had buggered off, “do you wanna make it?” I groaned in response, honestly not wanting to go through the trouble of sneaking into Snape’s little pantry to get out some shit that I don’t even want, then go to the trouble of making this damn thing, again when it isn’t even something I want.

We stayed up that night making the blasted potion, Fred insisting that he was there for encouragement purposes. Not many people knew that I was actually alright at Potions, especially since Snape would never dream of giving me the marks to show it…

At around 3 in the morning, the stupid potion was done. We poured it into one of the empty bottles from the ingredients that we nicked, and snuck back up to Gryffindor tower. On our way back up to our dorm, we made sure to make a stop on the way. “Oi, what the f—“ Seamus started, freaking out at the sudden awakening of Fred shoving him, “There’s your perfume, now get off our backs,” I whispered sharply at Seamus, as he took the bottle and told us to piss off.

— — Morning (Regular POV) — —

Fred and George were at the Gryffindor table, their lack of sleep evident in their flippant attitude and tired looks. They broke out of this mood, however, when Seamus grasped their curiosity. He was whispering to Dean, holding the glass bottle filled with the cherry pink potion that George had made a few hours ago.

“What have you got, Seamus?” Ron called out, nothing his shifty behaviour as well as the unusual bottle. He was immediately shushed and shot an intimidating glare with wild hand movements, “Keep it down, Weasley! It’s a love potion idiot, I’m going to get Y/n to be all over me!” Seamus laughed, while Ron, Hermione and Harry all looked awkwardly and warily each other.

Fred’s eyes widened as he looked over at his twin, who had an angry expression on his face, mixed with fear. George, much like Seamus, had feelings for Y/n, and Fred knew about it because, well, of course he does. The two weren’t particularly close with Y/n, but that didn’t stop George crushing over her constantly.

Seamus and Dean laughed, as they nodded to each other, silently setting their plan in motion. Before George had the chance to do anything, Dean had started a conversation with Y/n, causing her to look away from her breakfast, while Seamus poured the contents of the bottle into her orange juice. George looked at Seamus with a panicked expression, only to have it returned with Seamus’ glare, wordlessly sending him a warning of what he’ll do if George blew his cover.

Fred quietly swore to himself, the gears in his brain trying to work out a solution, while George weighed out his options: lose Y/n or lose the shop. In these moments, the answer was obvious to George, but as he looked back at her, she was already bringing the glass to her lips.

“Y/N—!” George tried to warn her. As she drank the liquid she looked across the table at George, her eyes lingering on him. Seamus and Dean laughed and high-fived from behind her, as she put the glass back on the table.

Now would be a good time to take note on the assortments of love potions. There are five known assortments of love potions, each with assumingly different effects. George, having not opened up the shop with his brother yet, had not yet needed to test out these different types. Unlike Amortentia where the giver of the potion is the one the drinker will be infatuated with, it’s the first person that the drinker sees that they will be infatuated with in this case.

— — George’s POV — —

She kept staring at me, as if something was stopping her from looking away. A smile slowly formed on her lips, as she rested her head in her hands, still staring at me.

“Y/n? You alright there?” Fred asked, moving his head next to mine to try and get her to look at him. She kept staring, her smile big as she replied in an airy voice, “never been better”.

Seamus, clearly annoyed, sat directly next to Y/n and moved her head with his hands so that she was facing him, “Helloooo?” he said into her face,

“I’d rather look at George Weasley,” she giggled, looking back at me, her head resting in her hands again, “God, you’re handsome, isn’t he handsome, er, whatever your name is,” she said to Seamus, causing Fred and Dean to laugh and Seamus to look like he would explode with anger.

“Uh, how about we go for a walk?” I suggest quickly, standing up as more people start to pay attention to the small scene.

Y/n gasped with excitement, “yes! Let’s go on a loooong romantic walk together!”

I start to walk toward the door with Y/n walking on the other side of the table at the same pace, watching me still with that smile.

Fred nudged me, “George, mate, don’t get sucked into it, it’s the potion talking—“

“I know,” I say quietly back, “we’re going to the hospital wing”.

Walking all the way up to the hospital wing was nothing short of a nightmare. All I’ve wanted was for Y/n to have feelings for me, but there’s only so many compliments, hand holding, cuddles and heart eyes one man can take in the space of five minutes.

“What’s the problem?” Madam Pomfrey asked,

“Y/n’s been slipped a love potion,” Fred says, as I hold up my arm which Y/n is hugging.

“Ah, I see,” Madam Pomfrey says sceptically, “I hope you realise that love potions are banned from Hogwarts…”

I explained to her that I wasn’t the one to slip Y/n that blasted potion, but how I was the first one she looked at afterwards. She thankfully believed me, and sat the dazed Y/n down on one of the hospital beds and handing her an antidote.

“Isn’t he dreamy…” Y/n giggled, eyes back on me.

“I think it best that the two of you leave, or else the antidote will take much longer to work,” Madam Pomfrey explained, as Y/n flipped her hair and sent me a wink.

Fred and I both agreed, and we said good-bye to Y/n, to which she started crying. “Noooooo George, I don’t want you to leave, pleeeeeeease!” she whaled.

“It would make me really happy if you just stayed here and got some rest, alright?” I asked her, looking down at my hand that she had taken in her own. It stung that she was only acting as if she was in love with me because of a potion, and that she didn’t really have any of these feelings towards me, not really. I wanted to get out of there soon as possible so I wouldn’t have to think about that, but there was also something that felt perfect about my hand being in hers.

After a few hours, a healthy Y/n walked cautiously through the portrait hole of the Gryffindor common room. A few people saw her and giggled amongst themselves, embarrassment clear on Y/n’s face. A few hours ago she couldn’t keep her eyes off me, and now she couldn’t even bring herself to look in my direction, instead looking at the floor as she walked past the Gryffindors, towards the stair case leading to the dormitories.

“Y/n, hold up,” I say, taking hold of her forearm as we were half way up the staircase. She turned around, taking a moment before gaining the confidence to look up at me.

“Y/n, I know you probably feel like shit, and if there’s anything I can do I’ll do it, but I didn’t slip you that love potion, I wouldn’t do that to you,” I try to explain. I wasn’t trying to defend myself, I just wanted to ease some of the embarrassment that she was feeling. I repeat the story of how it all happened, and I could see her face soften. “I wouldn’t do anything to force you to have feelings for me, I know you don’t feel that way about me,” I say, not meaning to sound as deflated as I felt.

Y/n looked at me, not the same way as this morning, but with a curious look, as if briefly studying me.

“I do like you, George,” she said, smiling at the look of astonishment on my face.

“You… What?” is all I manage to say, causing her to laugh,

“Yeah, I like you a fair bit, maybe not crazy in love like this morning,” she smiles, “but there’s definitely something there. I’ve already made a fool of myself in front of you today, so I might as well admit it all now,” she says with a shrug.

I don’t say anything for a few seconds, because what do you say back to that? The girl who went from head-over-heels in love with me to what I thought would be her despising me, and now meeting in the middle to her fancying me, it’s a lot. So, with no words coming to mind to save me, I kissed her. I wrapped my arm around her, my free hand resting on her jaw, as she kissed me back almost immediately.

We parted, and I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew that Seamus being such a dick could’ve turned out this good?

PaleyFest NY

Yesterday was absolutely EPIC. It is always double-fun when you can share fan-girling experiences with friends, so me and @daragoldfitz had a blast hanging out with BAEs, and more than we expected to!

We first got tickets to The View when it was announced that Kerry would go there. Kerry switched things around last minute, and decided to go to Kelly and Ryan (or whatever that show is called). Dara got the tickets there for us last minute, and we should up super early (unreasonably early!) and stood outside for what seemed like hours waiting to get in (I just hate standing in lines, so I had very little patience for that). 

We finally got in, say down, and the recording started. It is always fun to watch how the live show is being recorded. Then before too long, Kerry comes on. 

They are chatting, and laughing and it is cool to see her and we are excited. Then a few minutes in, they start prepping for a game. Look at this MOFOs face, she KNEW we would all freak the F out!! 

(I think up here ^^ Ryan is explaining the rules, and Kerry is pumping up the audience). Then she starts saying that she needs another person on her team (since Kelly and Ryan are playing together), and that then announces that she asked “pretend Potus” to come in. I swear it took me a couple f seconds to connect in my head that she meant Tony. And then I remember turning to Dara and saying no way!

But sure enough, we watch on as Tony strolls in. We just SCREAMED. I am not even sure what Dara was doing, but I was almost knocked out of my chair :-))) It was the BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I could see that both Kelly and Ryan were surprised too, so that’s neat what Kerry and Tony did :-))

Above here Kerry as you can see have lost her shoes (she did say prior to the game starting and Tony showing up that it is slippery on the floor in heels). And here she is reminding him that they came to WIN :-))))

The game was HILARIOUS, though Kerry can’t draw for life, LOL. They were so CUTE and cuddly and funny and Terry together, we kept on turning to each other with Dara and saying “OMGOOOOD”.

Terry won of course (duh!), Tony keeps his eyes on his real PRIZE though :P

I very vaguely remember the end of the show because we were just floating on cloud 9 and still in disbelief. I can’t remember when T&K even came to the show together, just them?

Fat-forward to the evening and standing in another line (to get into Paley now), here we are, excited for more Terry :-)

We had to suffer through 2 hours of Scandal before panel began (I won’t go into details, but I am very happy I stopped watching the show and only follow through Tumblr to keep up with cute Olitz moments)…

We had a good seat (1st row!) but kind of to the side. I wish we were a bit more central, though it was still a bit surreal to sit SO CLOSE to them :)

I liked the panel, that everyone got to talk a little bit, and I thought the moderator did a good job preparing. I wish Tony/Kerry talked more, and the panel was longer. But they had to go live tweet and I bet they (especially T&K) were exhausted after this CRAZY week of promoting the finale, so I am glad we got to listen to them for as long as they could stay!

We finished the evening with more friends and sharing our impressions and views on the show that we don’t watch, HA. 

My absolute favorite picture (check @daragoldfitz‘s blog her her awesome pictures!!) is from the morning, here it is :-)

New Classroom Management Technique:

Walk up behind students and whisper, “I know you want to be doing the right thing.”


- Sometimes works

- Stays positive

- Freaks the f— out of stoned students

Girl Code || Part 5

(part one) 

(part two) 

(part three) 

(part four) 


y/n likes harry. so does y/f/n. so who’s going to be the first one to break the girl code? 


Shook, as the kids would say, couldn’t even begin to cover exactly how you were feeling in this moment. It was almost as if your brain had short-circuited, and the only thing you were capable of doing was to gawk at Harry and Y/F/N. 

“I would ask you to take a picture so it’ll last longer, but I’m not sure I’m very comfortable knowing that you would have pictures of my boyfriend on your phone.” Y/F/N raised an eyebrow, turning back to mutter something to Harry before she was trotting her merry way back over to you. (If it was helpful, you were still frozen in your ‘What sin am I witnessing with my own two eyes?’ state.) 

“I… How… What…?” After about ten more seconds of your malfunctioning, you turned to Y/F/N for some kind of explanation. Y/F/N was busy wiping down the countertops, humming to herself as she spritzed the cleaning solution onto the counter. 

“You know, you should be thanking me. Wiping down the countertops is your job, according to the chore chart that I came up with.” (Most of the chores on Y/F/N’s little chore chart had your name written underneath it. You never really understood why she was in a higher position than you.) “How about we go to the break room and read the chart? I’ll teach you how to read it so you can actually be on top of everything and not lose your job.” The next thing you knew, Y/F/N was dragging you to the back, greeting a couple people as you two weaved through the weight-lifting area. 

When did this happen? How did this happen? And most importantly, why did this happen? Harry and Y/F/N were not a good pair. Harry was charming, sweet, funny… And to put it as nicely as possible, Y/F/N was a mess. This wasn’t fair! Out of all the people in the world, why did Harry have to choose her? Sure, you sounded like the pettiest person alive right now, but… It just didn’t add up! Harry never seemed to like her before, so what the hell changed?? 

“All you have to do is find your name. I’m pretty sure you’re capable of reading, but if you’re not, we can go over the alphabet-” 

“I’m going to fucking fight you, you bitch.” Considering how calm you were with delivering that graceful threat, Y/F/N had to admit she was a little concerned. 

“I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.” 

“What else could I be talking about?!” You snapped, feeling the rage begin to build up inside of you. “I’m sick of this friendship, I’m sick of you! Our relationship has been like this for as long as I can remember. It’s always been so one-sided, where you take and take, and I give and give, and there’s never anything left for me! When I want something you always brush it under the rug! If I need advice from you, you tell me to suck it up and keep moving! You call it ‘tough love’, but the truth is, it’s not! It’s just you being a proper bitch!” You exclaimed, Y/F/N clearly taken aback by your outburst. “You never do anything for me! When something good happens to me, you’re never happy! You just become petty and conjure something up that’ll bring attention to you!” 

“You already knew I liked Harry. I told you to back off.” Y/F/N seethed, poking at your chest and yelping when you smacked it away harshly. 

“You also knew I liked Harry. So we could have sat down and had a proper, adult conversation about the problem instead of turning this into a whole high-school drama situation!” 

“I didn’t turn this into a high school drama situation, you’re the one who’s freaking out about everything.” Y/F/N shrugged, turning to write something on the whiteboard. “And because of this, you’ll be expecting some negative comments on your monthly progress report.” She hummed, scribbling your name under more chores. You didn’t even bother responding - All you could think about was how you could stand this demon spawn for so long. 

“I just don’t understand how it happened.” You breathed out, reaching up to rub at your temples. Christ, she was giving you a killer migraine. 

“You don’t seem to understand a lot of things, so I’m not surprised.” Okay, that was it. That was the last straw. 

“Fine. I guess I’ll just have to ask Harry myself. I’m sure he can come up with a more logical explanation as to why he’s dating the living embodiment of Satan.” The sound of your hand smacking against the table echoed in the room before you got up, taking note of the sudden panic that took over the once smug expression on Y/F/N’s face. 

“Our relationship is none of your business.” Y/F/N cleared her throat, clicking the cap back on the marker. 

“Oh, it isn’t? But I’d love to get to know the person who’s dating my dearest friend in the entire world. You know how much I love listening to first date stories. Unless… There’s something you’re not telling me? You’re starting to look as red as the whiteboard marker.” You began edging towards the door, Y/F/N doing the same thing. “Because I couldn’t help but notice the way Harry grimaced when you leaned in for a kiss earlier. It’s pretty funny that- Oh, hey Harry!” You looked over Y/F/N’s shoulder with a friendly smile, Y/F/N whipping around to see- Nothing. Wait, what? Harry wasn’t- She turned back around, about to ask you what the hell you were talking about when she realized - You were nowhere in sight, and the door was now closed. And then she heard your voice. 

Harry! Why don’t we have a little chat?


i think we all know i’m not the greatest at posting consistently so doN’T COME FOR ME 

Abuse ruins even the good parts of your memories. Like recently I’ve been trying to rewatch a show I liked as a kid and I can’t do it because I’ve had constant panic attacks from it. Anything that really strongly reminds me of childhood ends up making me sick.

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These are gonna be short and (sweet) retarded. I’m really sorry but you wrote that in caps and I really wanna do that. If you want something serious tell us! - Mod Feve

P.S- This is while they’re stll underground and have N O idea humans have bones. 

P.P.S- I THINK I’M FUNNY AND THIS MIGHT BE A BIIITT OFFENSIVE SO IF YOU’RE AGAINST THAT READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS. And yes I won’t mind if people start hating on me because of it.


He’d probably lose his sh*t. Like no more chill Sans he’s not in snowdin anymore he’s all the way in Hotland where nothing is chill and everything d i e s. He’s completely gone until either you scream at him to shut up and help you, or Papyrus’ll do it for you.


Intense Nyehing all the way to Hotland, too. Although he’s never been chill, seeing that you had a f**king bone sticking out of your skin, he’s just extremely freaked out, until he figures out that his theory about humans descending from skeletons is right, then he forgets. Until you tell him to gET YOU SOME HELP BECAUSE IT REALLY HURT S.


Yeah no this one legit faints. Might have gagged a bit. It’s not the fact that the bone is sticking out of the skin, but just that you b ro k e it. (vietnam flash backs for Sans) So… uhm, well after he wakes up and chill the heck down, he’ll try to help you, even if Pap’s (who can’t even look) trying to tell him that you should handle that yourself.


Now he can’t stand it. He tries to look all tough and scold you about breaking a bone, but listen, you’ve broken a bo n e. The base of your body brOKE. YOU ARE IN PA I N. So yeah, he’s uncomfortably nyehing under his breath, and he’ll somehow help you out. After scolding you to get rid of the gross feeling.


I’m pretty sure the whole town thought he was the one who broke a bone. His screaming is so freaking loud. He thinks this is just a dream and that you’re not hurt, that you can never be hurt (lil’ cinnamon bun). So well, Pap has to help you up and get you to the couch because Sans is up in his room rocking himself forward and backwards muttering the Sponge Bob theme song. 


LisTEN. THE CARROT IS S C A R R E D. He’s gonna help you get somewhere where you can lay down and try to stop the pain, but once he’s done everything possible, he’ll try to get somewhere calm (his room) anD S C R E M. Maybe he’ll need some therapy becauSE YOU BROKE A B ON E. A BBONE. BONY. BONY BONY BONE OH GOD THEY BROKE A BONE. 


Now he could have passed out from this the moment he heard the snap. But the only thing keeping him going is the fact that if he freaks out people will think he’s not so menacing. So, well he’s shivering and ordering Papyrus to get you to the couch, while he goes upstairs to check in his resources how to heal human bones. He’s actually trying to erase the memory out of his head with any method he can find. The best one yet is watching kittens and puppies be happy and play (no one SHALL KNOW. NO WITNESSES).

He hasn’t been out of his room for 10 hours. 


He’s been unconscious for about ten minutes, and he shows no sign of actually waking up. Well, he is tossing and turning on the ground, until he accidentally touches the spot where the broken bone is and you sCREM. That was a good wake up call. He sCREMS too and well he’s freaking out. You yell at him to help you (because come on we all do that when we’re feeling like that) and it’s only after you’re on the couch, slightly less in pain that he starts apologizing over and over and BAM. Back on the ground he goes. 

You can see that I have given this no effort at all i am so sorry I hope you enjoy

When their S/O calls to tell them something important and drops their phone

Thank you for your request, my dear!  It’s been a while since the last time I heard from you!  I always enjoy getting requests from you, so don’t be shy!

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Leader-man is a pretty calm person by nature.  Very easy going, very gentle.  However, if you call him out of the blue one day while he’s at work and tell him you have something important you want to discuss with him…and then the line goes dead, this guy is going to be both confused and concerned.  I don’t see him jumping to any conclusions one way or the other, at least not right away, but I feel like the longer it takes for you to get to another phone and/or come see him, his concern will grow and fester until he can’t sit still anymore and just seeks you out himself.  When he finally finds you at home fussing over a new phone, Hyunwoo is going to put two and two together.  “Ah, that’s why the line went dead.  Babe, please just call next time.  I was worried.”

Originally posted by hawkeyx

Okay, this poor honey bun is going to freak out.  F R E A K! O U T!  Hoseok will have been practicing in the studio when his phone goes off.  He’ll be all excited because you’re calling and the second he picks up you can expect a cheery greeting that tells you just how much he adores you.  Of course, the second he hears the hitch in your voice, he’s going to temper back and softly ask if you’re okay.  The dreaded words ‘I need to talk to you about something’ would make his heart plummet, but he’d swallow his emotions and say okay.  If the line suddenly went dead, he’d be in a panic.  Lots of ‘hello?’s and ‘Jagi!’s.  Honestly he’s going to think the worst.  His brain is going to turn into a raging tornado that flits between ‘omg she’s breaking up with me’ and ‘omg she’s hurt, something terrible has happened to her’.  It is going to take the whole of Monsta X to keep him from breaking down and dashing out the door in a blind flurry just to find you.  Even if they reassure him you would never break up with especially since there is no reason to, he would still center himself around the fact that you could be hurt.  Not until you show up at the studio, broken phone in hand, will he calm down.  Those arms of his are going to wrap around you so tightly and he’s going to crush you to his body.  His heart will finally be at ease when you tell him you’re definitely not going to break up with him, but that you got let go from work.  “Aw, sweetheart.  I’m so sorry.  Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.  Just promise me you’ll never scare me like that again.  I had no idea what to think!”

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“Skin” Jughead Jones Imagine

It was requested imagine but I can’t find who requested it. I’m so so soo sory baby! If you recognize it as your request please tell me so I can ‘mark’ you in it 

Imagine about: Reader got hurt really badly, and Jughead is the one who can help her since she’s scared of doctors and hospitals, but he really cares about her and he goes with her to the hispital and there some interesting things happened.  Expect some sassy reader and even better Jughead. 

(sorry english isnt my first language babes (’: ) 

WARNING! SWEARING AFF!! (not edited) 

When he woke up that night, he did not expect his phone to be ringing at this time. Pulling it out form under his pillow he qucikly unlocked the screen, showing 19 missed calls from his girlfriend Y/N. Their relationship was simple, and cute, with few public kisses. They preferred to keep it to themselves, And that’s how the magic happens. 

Jughead frowned and answered her call. 

“What’s wrong babe?” 

“Jughea-” Y/N gasped out loud as a pain shot through her stomach and spread out down her arms, like a burning fire igniting a pool of fuel. 


She bit down a cry of pain and looked down at her arms that were starting to burn “Jughead, somthing is wrong” She murmured quietly 

“I’ll be right there, don’t worry love, its okay” he spoke to the phone quickly getting up from his bed. He put his black jeans on and one of his t-hirts which was closest to the bed, and then his shoes.

 It only took a few minutes for Jughead, Archie who was was immediately notified, to find her. She was in her house, Which was located not more like 10 minutes from his house. 

He didn’t bother to knock, since Y/N perents leave the town today’s morning leaving her alone. But if feels like house for her, she was crawled up in a ball on the floor, shaking violently. 

“Oh my gosh!” Archie gasped and Jughead knelt down beside his girl. 

“She’s burning up” he muttered. “Call the doctor, tell him to meet us at the house” 

Jughead gritted his teeth, sliping his arms under Y/N and lifting her up. 
“Doc, is she in pain?” Archie asked the doctor on the phone” 

“She;s in a lot of pain. You need to bring her here as soon as possible!” The doctor muttered on the other side of the phone. 

Jughead rushed into his house and went straight to his bedroom. Y/N’s weight in his arms didn’t slow one bit. 

“Doc!” Jughead yelled, kicking the door open with his boot. 

“Doc, where the hell are you?” he laid her on his bed and turned just as a middle aged man with greying hair entered the room. 

“Oh my–” he looked at Y/N who was shaking violently and Jughead clenched his hands into fists. 

“Don’t just fucking stare at her, Doc! Help her!” He growled and Doc nodded, hurying over Y/N side. 

“She’s.. I don’t know.. She has a strong fever, her whole body is burning..” 

Y/N screamed out in pain as her stomach felt like it was being ripped apart by knives. She wasn’t unconscious, but she wasn’t in control of her body. She could feel herself shaking, but she couldn’t finde the energy to move any part of her body, All she felt was pain. 

“No fucking shit! I can see that, help her.” Doc coughed and nodded. 

“Her core temperature is rising” he said, not fazed by Jughead’s outbrst. He was used to him by now. “I need to cool it down.” 

“Then do it!” Jughead snapped and tensed when Y/N spasmed and screamed again. 

“She’s moving to much. I nedd to stop her from shaking that violently before i do anything else.” 

“Do it, Doc!” 

“I need to restrain her. She can cause demage to herself if it carries on. I need you to help me hold her down.” Doc said just as Archie, Kevin Reggie and Betty with Veronica entered the room. Propably informed by Archie. 

“Boys you can help.”
“Is she o-okay?” Veronica asked quietly starring at Y/N in shock.

“Does she fucking look okay?” Jughead hissed. 

“Veronica just stay back, he is on the edge of control right now.” Archie said a
and kissed her on the forehead before walking over to Doc and Jughead. 

“Jughead, hold her arms down,” Doc instructed “Archie hold her legs.” 

Y/N shook uncontrollably when Jughead hold her arms down he gitted his teeth, looking down at her face that was screwed up in pain. Archie pinned her legs to the bed and Doc quickly strapped Y/N to the bed. Jughead let her go and frustratedly ran his fingers through his dark hair.

 “She’s restrained,. Now Help her.” Doc nodded and walked over to where his bag. He took a syrigne out and walked back over to her. With one hand he steadiet her shaking arms and with the other he injected the syrigne. 

“What’s that?” 

“It will lover her body temperature,” he said. “Has she shoved any signs of illnes?” 

“Yeah” Jughead muttered. “She wans’t well a few days ago. She had a temperature, she was sick– That doesn’t explain why she is feeling like this.” 

Y/N gasped loudly and her eyes flew open. Jughead was immediately by her side and she looked at him in panick

“What is g-going on?” 

“Baby, you need to remain calm,” Jughead said sternly and Y/N looked down at the straps restraining her “What is this!” she panicked and groaned when a ripple of pain ran through her. “J-Jughead!” 

“Y/N please stay calm,” he begged. “It’s going to be worse for you if you panic. Doc is helpng you, you’ll be fine soon.” 

“Why is he helping me? Jughead what is going on!” She demanded, yanking at the straps around her wrists. 

“Why am I tied up?” 

“You were fitting violently, Doc said you could hurt yourself.” 

“Untie me,” she snapped and winced in pain.

“Doc?” Jughead looked at Doc who shook his head. “We don’t know yet what’s wrong with her, there’s no way to tell if you’re going to start fitting again. It’s safer to keep you restrained” Doc said as he looked through his bag. 

“I don’t give a shit!” she yelled. “Let me go!” 

“Y/N, calm the fuck down and stop freaking out!” Jughead demanded and clamped his hands over hers, stopping her from pulling her from pulling at the straps.  

“Untie me.” Y/N said through gritted teeth. 

“You asshole.” It was then when her eyes flickered around the room and landed on Kevin, Veronica Betty Archie and Reggie. 

“Now you go quiet,” Jughead said, chuckling when she narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m going to let go of you and you’re not going to pull at the restraints.Is that clear?” 

“Crystal,” she muttered and clenched her hands into fists as more pain ran through her body.

Jughead slowly let go of her and then Doc walked over to the bed, wipping Y/N’s neck with a sterile wipe. 

“W-what are you doing?” 

“I’m just going to give you a simple injection,” he shugged and her eyes widened. “It will hopefully help with the pain” 

“Hopefully?” she squeaked and tried her best to move avay from the needle the Doc was holding. Big was an understatement. “N-no! I don’t want an injection!” 

“You already had one,” Jughead shrugged. 

“I wans’t fully aware of what was going on five minutes ago!” Y/N hissed at him “Please, not injections!” 

“It will be over quickly,”Doc said soothingly”

“If you come any closer with that needle then I will stab it so far up your ass it will come out of your fucking mouth!”‘ Y/N growled and Doc raised his eyebrows at Jughead who smirked. 

“I can see why you two are together,” Doc commented

“Jughead!” Y/N screamed in panic “Please I don’t do well with needles.” 

“You’re scared of them,” Jughead said after a few minutes “Why?”

“When I was little i had accident and I got hurt real bad. I nearly died, the amount of needles I had–” 

“I’m sorry, but you’re in pain, love” he said and Y/N groaned. “Poin proven” he said and nodded at Doc. “Do it.” 

“No!” Y/N gasped and moved her head so Doc couldn’t inject her. 

“Y/N,”Jughead sighed and bently but firmly moved Y/N’s haad so her neck was exposed. 

“Jughead!” she panicked, “Please.”

“Stay calm,” Doc instructed as he neared closer to her neck with the needle. 

“Would you be fucking calm if you were in my fucking position!” Y/’N exclaimed

“You’re loud,” Jughead stated. “You’re angry.” 

“No fucking shit!” She yelled and tried to move away again, but Jughead hold her stil. 

“Jughead, if that needle gets any closer I am going to f-freak out!”

“Don’t look at it, love.” 

“That’s a lot harder than it sounds!” she snapped. 

“She’s starting to panick agai” Dock said 

“You don’t need to be a doctor to know that you fucking prick!” Y/N growled
and her heart started to race. 

“I don’t want her to start fitting again,” he frowned 

“Then fucking stab the needle in her neck.” Jughead shrugged “Quickly.”

Doc frowned and walked back over to his bag and took out another needle. 

“W-what else are you going to put in me!” Y/N groaned and whimpered as a new wave of pain flooded her body. “Ow” 

Doc grabbed her arms and stabbed the needle in before she could do anything about it. Immediately Y/N felt her body grow heavy and sh tried to speak but she couldn’t form words. 

“What did you do?”  Jughead asked.

“I thought it would be easier for both of us if she was unconscious,” Doc
shrugged and just as Y/N eyes were closing she felt a sharp pain in her neck followed by blackness. 

Just so you know.. Jughead and Y/N are having that love-hate relationship.

I know you might be confused why they had to tie her up but heyy  I know such a case when one girl had really bad stomach cramps and then she got fever and she died because of it. 

Guys I hope this wasnt shitty! I have writers block and I’m trying to get rid of it 
Tell me what you think 

Soon I’m gonna start to write imagines for cast of 13 reasons why! 


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I was at Barbes and boble and this lady and her son walk into the music sections the kid gets really excited when he sees the Hamilton Mixtape and begs his mom for it. Instead of being normal about it this lady freaks the f out and is like appalled sort of yelling at him “I will NOT buy this! How dare they ruin the original! I will not let you listen to Kanye!! I will only ever listen to what the creators and cast intended!!!1!” The kid looked so sad. The cashier and myself tried to tell the lady that no kanye is not on this Mixtape and that Lin (the creator of Hamilton) was in charge of putting it together and is on the Mixtape too, but she wouldn’t have it. I felt so bad for that kid. The mom definitely seemed like that “can I speak to the manager” type.

Surprise on Stage

Request: Hey!!! Can u write an imagine where y/n is also a famous singer

a/n: gonna start doing the requests in this type of format instead of writing them under the ask!! I want people to know that I’ve gotten their request and that I’m not ignoring them! So I thought this was a good way :)


Your name: submit What is this?

Seeing your face on the cover of a magazine on the streets didn’t bother you as much as it did when you first started out in the music industry.  A few years ago, you would always pick up a magazine with your picture on it, buy it right on the spot, and immediately read what the tabloids said about you.  But as you’ve grown as an artist, you’ve met certain people along the way that have changed you, for the better.

One of those people just so happened to be your boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.  The two of you had only just recently made your relationship public, but in the year that you’ve known him as a person, and as a great friend in the industry, he taught you that 98.7% of what the media writes about is fabricated.

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