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June 5th 1968: RFK assassinated

On this day in 1968, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was fatally shot in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy was a Democratic senator from New York, and previously served as US Attorney General under the administration of his brother, President John F. Kennedy. After his brother’s assassination in 1963, Robert briefly served as Attorney General under his successor Lyndon Johnson, despite the personal animosity between Kennedy and Johnson. Kennedy was the Democratic front-runner for the 1968 election until he was shot by Sirhan the night he won the California primary. Sirhan’s motives were supposedly due to his anger over Kennedy’s support for Israel; however, like the 1963 Kennedy assassination, a number of conspiracy theories have been put forward. Hubert Humphrey went on to win the 1968 Democratic nomination, only to lose to Republican candidate Richard Nixon, who had previously lost the 1960 election against John F. Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy died the day after the shooting in Los Angeles; he was mourned nationwide, a potent symbol of the chaos of the era, and a tragic continuation of the so-called ‘Kennedy curse’.

“Is everyone all right?”
- RFK’s last words after the shooting

SOMEONE ( @ain-individual ) tagged me in a nifty meme where you make a playlist (I guess?) out of songs that start with each letter of your username, but Ain tagged my (main) blog ( @colorfullyobsessive ) SO I felt I should do a playlist for that one (as a challenge, because it’s a longer URL) and three bonus songs for my personal blog, because why not? They both start with “colorfully” after all.

Prepare for the most random and ugly mix of music you guys.

C - Cassie by Flyleaf
O - Once Upon a December (Anastasia)
L - La La Latch by Pentatonix
O - Old Money by Lana Del Rey
R - Runaway Love by Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige
F - Fatal Lullaby (composed) by Adrian von Zielger
U - Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
L - Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off by Panic! at the Disco
L - Lone Digger by Caravan Palace
Y - You’re Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring
O - One (composed) by Adrian von Zielger
B - [The] Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice
S - Stop Dragin’ my Heart Around (covered) by O’Keffe Music Foundation
E - Emotional Anorexic by Svavar Knútur (*Note: This song is 90% of the time the quickest way to make me cry, and sometimes that’s a good thing)
S - Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
S - Safety Dance by Men Without Hats
I - idfc by Blackbear
V - Voodoo by Godsmack
E - Eggs by Mayhem (Album: It’s Murder)

M - Mother, I’m Here by Darren Korb (Bastion OST)
S - Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. Civil Wars

G - Girl in the Garden by SJ Tucker

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Shuffle music tag

tagged by @toshiirou

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs. No skipping!

1. Baepsae - BTS

2. Party Monster - The Weeknd (MY BABE)

3. ワタリドリ - [Alexandros]

4. 『6号室 』 - Lamp

5. BAE BAE - Big Bang

6. Storytelling - World’s End Girlfriend (damn this is old)

7. Holding on to you - Twenty one Pilots 

8. Save Me - BTS

9. Control - Halsey

10. W.D.Y.W.F.M? - The Neighboorhood

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Ask box is open? *O* then I must ask of you! Baby Morgan copying his mom and relentlessly wanting to kiss dad Fred always! Please!! Thank you!! Blessed soul!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It was morning when it first happened. Breakfast done, couple freshened up and leaving for work, baby in tow. Morgan, at seven  months strong, was much more observant than before, hence the situation you found yourselves in.

“You’re certain you’ll be fine on your own? I can always start training late.” Frederick’s concern, while overbearing, was always sweet. But you pat his shoulder gently, shaking your head to disagree.

“I’ve been fine every day you’ve asked, love. It’s been a month since you got back into working, anyways. I don’t think Chrom would take kindly to more time off.” You joked, his brow furrowing. He insisted he help during the six month maternity leave, which was a relief to trainees but bad for Ylisse’s defense.

“I only wish to ensure your wellbeing. But, if you’re certain you can handle him, then…” He trailed off when you nodded, and leaned up to kiss him, “I suppose I have my answer.” Frederick’s amusement was forgotten only when Morgan cried out, face scrunched.

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Spotify library shuffle

@a-letter-anastaysia tagged me to do the spotify library shuffle and write the first ten songs~ ty ty ♥

1) 5 fine frøkner - gabrielle (It’s SKAM’s fAUlt oKAY? More like Even’s fault.)

2) Our footsteps are music - World’s End Girlfriend

3) Rockin’ - The Weeknd

4) High and Dry - Radiohead

5) Started from the Bottom - Drake (X’D)

6) Paradise - Hyolin (SLAY Q U E E N)

7) a burning bullet - Last Alliance (junior high nostalgia ♥ T__T)

8) Pour Up - Zico, DEAN

9) Staying Up - The Neighbourhood

10) for him. - Troye Sivan

I tag @toshiirou @hoseoks-j  @f-fatality and whoever else wants to do it, yeap.

Your Heart

Midnight Cinderella Imagine
Alyn Crawford x Reader

“That coach… what a pain in the ass,” Alyn grumbled to himself as he headed to his classroom one late afternoon. After soccer practice had ended, he was told by the coach to remain so they could assess his development. Being the star player of Wysteria High’s soccer team, his coach was intensely focused on him. “He shouldn’t be giving special attention to me. There’s a reason it’s called a team. There’s no ‘me’ in team, well, if you jumble it,” he continued to grumble to himself as he pushed open the door to the classroom the moment he arrived there.

Only to get surprised when he saw that he wasn’t the only student left that afternoon. Crimson eyes narrowed when he recognised the two familiar figures standing so close to each other at the far end of the classroom. A subconscious scowl formed on his face, his fists clenched to his sides, as he watched the boy hand something that suspiciously looks like a love letter, to you. The scowl on his face deepened when the boy blushed and you giggled happily.

“Tch,” clicking his tongue, Alyn swiftly turned around and left the classroom, not interested in seeing any more progress. Forgotten homework, nagging coach and the girl of his dreams being snatched away by someone else. It absolutely wasn’t his day today. “What a definite pain in the ass.”


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awkward flirting with fenris and marian!

The prompt kind of turned into something slightly different ^^; 

Marian pursed her lips to keep her laughter contained. Fenris was glaring at the cravat she’d tied around his neck as though he were trying to set fire to it with his eyes. 

“These clothes are ridiculous,” he said, his voice a low rumble as though he were afraid of speaking too loudly. “They’re hard to move in and the sheer amount of layers is obscene. Why waste so much time dressing yourself each day?” 

“We still have the clothes you were wearing before if you’d prefer them.” Marian tugged at the clothes, smoothing them out. The servants had protested when she’d insisted on dressing the man herself–improper for a young lady, they’d said. Not that it mattered. She was the only one in the household who could touch him without him instantly drawing away. 

“No,” he said. “I will endure these instead.” 

She smiled at the dull acceptance in his tone. She glanced up to check his hair and flushed. He was staring at her. He’d stared at her before, of course, when she’d taken him from Danarius. He’d stared at her when she’d told him he was free, when she offered to let him stay with her family as a guest. His eyes had been harsh, studious, cautious to the point of accusing. But now–now they were curious and soft. She hadn’t noticed the ring of gold around his pupils before. 

“They suit you,” she said. Her hands fell away from her work despite the mussed strands of hair. In some ways, they added to his charm. He looked like some roguish hero from one of Carver’s adventure serials. “You look very… dashing.” 

“Dashing?” Fenris picked at the buttons that held his cuff shut. “I feel like a horse trussed up for show.” He cleared his throat and glanced away. “Not that the clothes are terrible. I appreciate the change. And I didn’t mean to imply that you were trying to make me…” He trailed off, his earlier scowl returning. 

“I know,” she said quickly, not wanting to lose the momentum of his speech. He’d isolated himself so violently, remaining quiet and withdrawn from her attempts to talk with him–she didn’t want to let him return to that isolation just yet. “We, um–we don’t have to go to the gathering. We could take a walk around the gardens. There’s supposed to be some lovely water features.” 

Fenris’ eyes lingered on her face for a moment and she could’ve sworn that his cheeks darkened. “And if I wish to go alone?” 

“Oh.” Marian blinked, trying to ignore the sinking pit in her gut. “Of course you can. I mean, it’s only natural that you’d want to have some time to yourself.” She tucked some of her hair behind her ear and took a step back. She had no right to feel disappointed with his desire to get away from people–away from her, but that didn’t stop her eyes from stinging. “You have everything you need, don’t you?” She turned to fetch some sovereigns so that he could hire a carriage if he chose. 

“I think this should be enough.” Marian counted the coins several times. When she looked up, hand extended to hand over the money, Fenris was already gone. “Or not.” 

She trudged into the dining room and plopped down into a chair. She ran her fingernail along one of the older scratches, grumbling to herself as she did so. She swung one of her legs idly back and forth, now wishing that she’d gone with the rest of her family when she’d had the chance. 

“Miss Hawke?” 

The chair clattered to the floor when Marian scrambled to her feet. She flushed and swept several fingers over her cheeks to tuck back any flyaway hairs. 

Fenris stood in the doorway. With his back straight, he was taller than she’d realized. His face was flushed and his thumb was running idly over his knuckles in a nervous tick. “I believe,” he started, words slow and measured. “I believe that I would prefer your company over being alone. If that’s all right.” 

“Yes!” She cleared her throat when the ghost of a smile cross his lips. “That would be perfectly fine with me.” She crossed to him with a slight bounce, grinning when he extended his arm. The gesture was awkward, seemingly forced by the slight grimace in his expression but he didn’t tense when she touched him. He drew her in to his side, muttering something in Tevene as they walked arm in arm toward the door. 

Fanfic recommendations vol. 1: Dragon Age

Do you want to read something good? Something about your favourite characters in the Dragon Age fandom? About fierce Wardens, Hawkes and Inquisitors, about their trusty companions, beloved NPC friends and dire antagonists? About adventures, love and battle, angst and fluff? Well, then try the awesome works collected here! You won’t be disappointed, promise.

(Note: This list will be constantly updated, since I read a lot of fic.)

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What does the f in flarp stand for I only remember vriska saying that she thinks it means fun but I'm not too sure

It’s been suggested that the f stands for fatal which makes sense but it’s never been stated in canon.